Contact your country’s Embassy in South Korea

We are asking you to contact your own country’s embassy or consulate in South Korea, to request that they make our campaign known to their counterparts in that country.

We believe that the main role of our own country’s embassy/consulate within South Korea is to develop and maintain strong relations between the two countries; therefore it is their duty to act on our behalf to make known our feelings towards the South Korean’s unacceptable practices involved in the whole process of the dog and cat meat trade, and their active participation, or passive tolerance, of extreme animal cruelty – practices which are not considered acceptable within our own country – which also affect public health in their country – and which are already being positively addressed by their neighboring countries.

Barbaric practices that are being blatantly ignored (and even encouraged) throughout South Korea.

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(Note: the American and British Embassies appear towards the end of this list, under United States of America and United Kingdom respectively).

You can use your own words or use the sample letter provided below.
Please also print out your letter, or our sample letter, and send it by fax or postal mail as well.

SAMPLE PETITION for people to contact their own embassy in Korea:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am extremely upset about the torture and consumption of companion animals in South Korea.

On various social media platforms there are numerous heart-breaking images and videos of innocent dogs being tortured and killed in South Korea.

Despite Korea’s establishment of Animal Protection Laws for companion animals, dogs are still being beaten, hung, electrocuted, brutalised then murdered by farmers and slaughterers. Cats and dogs are also beaten and boiled alive for so-called elixirs, which have no medicinal properties, except those ‘imagined’ in the minds of gullible customers.

These practices have no place in the modern world.

Other Asian countries, such as Taiwan and the Philippines, have now banned the eating of dog meat and the cruel industry that goes with it. Why does Korea persist in continuing with this barbaric practice and lagging behind other civilized societies?

This issue is NOT about culture, it is about CRUELTY to the voiceless ones.

I ask you, as my government’s representative within South Korea, to take immediate action to urge the South Korean law makers, politicians, and educators to stop this barbarism.

Please strongly urge the South Korean Government to immediately shut down all dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets and industries that profit from this shameful trade, and also to strengthen their Animal Protection Law by banning all killing and consumption of companion animals.

In addition, as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are being hosted in Pyeongchang, we expect you to do all that is in your power to stop this barbarism and cruelty, as the world will be watching – particularly before and during this international event.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Capres Catharina
    Capres CatharinaFebruary 3,16


  2. Regina Golden
    Regina GoldenFebruary 3,16


  3. Mia van de Loo
    Mia van de LooFebruary 3,16

    Wie eten er nu honden ze zijn je beschermers trouwe vrienden die je nooit in de steek laten,redders in uiterste nood,enkel onnadenkend volk kan zoiets doen,dat zijn geen mensen maar vuile vieze onderkruipsels zonder hersens.

  4. Jill Stubbington
    Jill StubbingtonFebruary 3,16

    This insane torture must be stopped!

  5. Teresa Thornton
    Teresa ThorntonFebruary 4,16

    Please!!!! Please Stop the Murdering of DOGS AND CATS!!!! FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! THEY ARE PETS, NOT FOOD!!!!

  6. Nanae Watanabe
    Nanae WatanabeFebruary 4,16

    Stop eating dog!!

  7. Lian LoveDog
    Lian LoveDogFebruary 4,16

    Be intelligent stop this now!

  8. Nancy Ninteman
    Nancy NintemanFebruary 4,16

    For the love of all things holy, please stop this barbaric practice.

  9. virginia darby
    virginia darbyFebruary 4,16

    please stop the horrible deaths of dogs in your country… the way they are killed, this is insane, stop dog killing completely.thank you

  10. fran Fabi
    fran FabiFebruary 4,16

    Please stop doing this to these dogs. It is nasty and god did not put them on his earth to be eating by Humans..

  11. MARY Holloway
    MARY HollowayFebruary 4,16

    This is disgraceful, why dont you eat the humans who do this dreadful things, I would personally shot these people

  12. Elke Reuter
    Elke ReuterFebruary 4,16

    pleas stop killing dogs and cats there not too eat , this is animal abuse

  13. Lisa Simms
    Lisa SimmsFebruary 4,16

    Pleas Please stop the Dog Eating Torture….

  14. Susan Masoner
    Susan MasonerFebruary 4,16

    Please stop the inhumane treatment of dogs and cats that are tortured and abused for the meat trade and fur trade. This cruelty is wrong and a shameful practice that can not be tolerated.

  15. angela oakley
    angela oakleyFebruary 5,16

    Stop now! Shame on you as a country for allowing this to happen! Enforce your own laws and arrest these evil people! Save the dogs and cats! You are supposed to be a modern country leading the way in technology! Get the dogs out!!! I will never visit or buy anything made in Korea until you become civilised!!!!

  16. Ritha steffensen
    Ritha steffensenFebruary 10,16

    Please stop eating dog and cats, stop this inhuman abuse!

  17. Kevin Contessa
    Kevin ContessaFebruary 10,16

    Please stop the inhumane treatment of dogs and cats that are tortured and abused for the meat trade and fur trade. This cruelty is wrong and a shameful practice that can not be tolerated. Torture to helpless animals is not culture. Please see that this is stopped and illegal.

  18. eri tanabe
    eri tanabeFebruary 10,16

    xyou are not human.

  19. Susanne Madsen
    Susanne MadsenFebruary 10,16

    Stop torturing animals!

  20. Sandra Rose
    Sandra RoseFebruary 10,16

    OfWould like address of Australian Embassy in Korea to urge them to take action.

  21. Cynthia marquis
    Cynthia marquisFebruary 10,16


  22. Christine Freitag
    Christine FreitagFebruary 10,16

    Please stop killing dogs and cats for meat

  23. Denise abel
    Denise abelFebruary 11,16

    Please stop this practice. It is embarrassing to your country as others consider it barbaric and inhumane.

  24. Darlene wolfrey
    Darlene wolfreyFebruary 11,16

    This is horrible and cruel too these poor animals. …. stop eating and cooking and torturing these innocent animals for ur food…….. I ALSO SAY STOP THE OLYMPICS IN CHINA IF THEY DON’T AGREE TOO STOP DOING THIS TOO INNOCENT ANIMALS! ! !

  25. Carol Olson
    Carol OlsonFebruary 11,16

    You are fooling nobody, you are evil to do this to animals for pure GREED!! Grow a heart, and a contentious, learn to garden and eat food you grow with your own hands and STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS! YOU DISGUST ME!!

  26. J. Svendsen
    J. SvendsenFebruary 11,16

    This is year 2016 not 1716! Stop eating dogs and start treat them friendy! Pleeeeease stop this cruelty!

  27. Amy Sexton
    Amy SextonFebruary 12,16

    Hello. My name is Amy. I’m half Korean. I lived in Seoul, S. Korea for the first 13 years of my life. I myself think that consumption of a dog is something horrible. I also have to say that not once in my life there in Seoul, have I seen “dog meat” on any menu at any restaurants or on any street food carts. Not saying that there isn’t some place that does but I have been to many many places in the area and never personally seen or heard of anything about dog except for places in country side areas far from Seoul. It’s not a big and popular thing. Anyways hopefully they be able to completely put it to a stop some day.

  28. doris
    dorisJune 11,16

    Every day in broad daylight, often in front of other live dogs, in countries such as China, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Polynesia, and Taiwan, butchers take fully conscious dogs and nail gun them to a wall and cut out their eyes, systematically cut off their feet one at a time, skin it alive by the slow and methodic use of a blowtorch and beat it with metal pipes for up to 40 minutes.This is the fate of over 30 million dogs annually throughout Asia. This is a profit-driven, tax free, unregulated industry that aggressively promotes the myth that eating a dog that has been tortured enhances male virility and stamina. Consumption peaks during the hottest days of summer during Boknal in South Korea and Yulin in China. These are the two largest offenders and this industry is a violation of their own animal protection laws. Most countries shamefully do nothing while other countries threaten, and even injure and kill, their own citizens for speaking up against the cruel dog meat industry. Many of these butchers are thieves and steal pets as well as take part in drug and human trafficking and domestic abuse. They train their own children to become masters of torture. The United States of America can no longer turn their heads at this issue. It is becoming a human rights issue and spilling across borders. Working with Representative Hastings to urge China to cancel Yulin and end the dog meat trade is a first step in promoting peace, respect and a better place for all living beings. Thank you.Last year over 10,000 cats and dogs were unjustifiably tortured, inhumanely killed and eaten in a savage meat eating festival in China. Sadly, many of these individuals have the misconception that beating, skinning, blow-torching and boiling these helpless animals alive increases the tenderness of the meat……Many of these dogs were family pets which were stolen from neighbouring areas in China.

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