Dog Meat in Korean

Here are how the dog meat is written in Korean. We hope this will help you recognize any restaurant who is serving dog meat if you happen to be in South Korea.

There are many names for ‘Dog Meat Soup’ in Korean.
The most common name is Boshintang(보신탕) but several other names are also used.
‘Boshin (보신)’ means rejuvenating the body. ‘Tang(탕)’ means soup.

Boshintang, Dog Meat Soup. Photo:

Boshintang, Dog Meat Soup. Photo:

보신탕 – Boshintang

사철탕 – Sacheoltang

영양탕 – Youngyangtang

보양탕 – Boyangtang

개장국 – Gaejangguk

황구탕 – Hwanggutang

Dog meat is also prepared in the below styles:

Boiled Dog Meat Slices, 보신탕수육 – Boshintang Suyuk

Dog Meat Hot Pot, 보신탕전골 – Boshintang Jeongol

Korean Dog Elixir (Dog Soju).

Korean Dog Elixir (Dog Soju).

Dog Elixir, 개소주 – Gaesoju. ‘Gae’ means dog, soju is Korean distilled liquor. But dog elixir is not made with liquor. It is made by boiling whole dog with herbs in a high pressure cooker for many hours until it becomes liquid.

Cat Elixir, 고양이 소주 – Goyangeesoju (or 나비탕 Nabitang). Cats are also made into Elixir often by boiling them alive.

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

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