[Campaign Replaced] Friendship City Campaign – Seongnam, South Korea – Bologna, Italy

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Bologna Mayor Virginio Merola: Tell Friendship City Seongnam, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

Seongnam Mayor Jae-Myung Lee

Bologna, Italy became friendship city to South Korea’s Seongnam in November 2015. (Click HERE for the Memorandum of Understanding.)

Yet Seongnam, South Korea, is responsible for the horrendous torture and killing of dogs and cats. The largest market in South Korea that sells dogs both dead and alive for meat is the infamous “Moran Market” in Seongnam in Gyeonggi-do province. It is estimated that one-third of all dog meat consumed in South Korea(2.5 million dogs each year) is distributed through this market. If you have ever wondered what the hell would be like, just take a visit or watch the videos on the Moran Market. This place is a “Hell on Earth” with helpless dogs in cages after cages waiting for the uncaring customers to order them to be slaughtered on the spot by electrocution, hanging, beating, and then thrown into boiling water sometimes while they are still alive. Dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified dogs in cages, in public, and in broad daylight. Millions of dogs tortured all their lives in unimaginable misery and agony in dog farms around the country come to meet their tragic and frightening ends at this market. Also, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this market.

Please watch the undercover videos from Seongnam’s Moran Market:

Call for Action

Suggested message to the Mayor of Bologna – In Italian

OGGETTO: Protocollo di Intesa tra la Città di Bologna e la Città di Seongnam. Richiesta di intervento per vietare il cruente e illegale mercato della carne di cane e di gatto a Seongnam.

La invitiamo a guardare questa ripresa a telecamere nascoste effettuata all’interno del Moran Market di Seongnam, nella Corea del Sud:

La città di Bologna non dovrebbe stipulare accordi di cooperazione con nessuna città che permette la tortura e il consumo di cani e gatti. E’ necessario far sì che il Sindaco di Seongnam Jae-Myung Lee, e il Governatore della Provincia dello Gyeonggi-do Kyung-Pil Nam, chiudano il Moran Market, ovvero, il mercato della carne di cane di Moran, e tutti gli allevamenti e i macelli illegali, oltre che i mercati, i trasporti e i ristoranti che commerciano questo genere di prodotti.

E’ disponibile online una petizione che chiede il Suo sostegno per porre fine all’orribile mercato della carne di cane e di gatto in Corea del Sud:
Attendiamo cortesemente una Sua risposta.
Grazie per l’attenzione in merito, cordialmente.

Suggested message to the Mayor of Bologna

Dear Mayor Virginio Merola and the Bologna City Officials:

Please watch undercover video from the Moran Market in Seongnam, South Korea:

The city of Bologna should not be a friendship city to any city that allows dogs and cats to be tortured and eaten. Please urge the Seongnam Mayor Jae-Myung Lee and Gyeonggi-do Governor Kyung-Pil Nam to close down Moran Dog Meat Market and all other illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, markets, truckers, and restaurants that serve their products. An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and meat trade can be found at:
The favor of your reply is requested.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Your Name & Address

No matter where you live, PLEASE SHARE these actions with your friends, especially those who live in Italy!

Seongnam Moran Dog Meat Market. There are 21 of these dog slaughterhouse/shops in this market alone. Photo: Nami Kim.

  1. Beverly Jacobs
    Beverly JacobsJanuary 13,16

    Only monsters could be so horrifically torturous and murderous. Especially of man’s best friend. EVIL!!!

    • Emma Owens
      Emma OwensFebruary 15,17

      I agree with you Beverly! Horrific, totally disgusting.

  2. Beverly Jacobs
    Beverly JacobsJanuary 13,16

    This is evil barbarity on a scale that is horrifying and disgusting. This has to be stopped. MONSTERS.

  3. angela dench
    angela denchJanuary 13,16

    These disgusting monsters are a disgrace to mankind! When will this ever stop?!

  4. nancy butler
    nancy butlerJanuary 13,16


  5. michele Lacroix
    michele LacroixJanuary 13,16

    Shame on anyone supports these horrors !

  6. Chris Ksoll
    Chris KsollJanuary 14,16

    I will not spend any money in Bologna or support it in any way. This is HORRIFIC!!!

  7. Karina Bremholm
    Karina BremholmJanuary 14,16

    Shame on you Bologna!!

  8. Rachel Candy
    Rachel CandyJanuary 14,16

    Shame on you Bologna. That’s another city and country I won’t be visiting.

  9. Katy Millington
    Katy MillingtonJanuary 14,16

    Sick bastards

  10. ElaineBrum
    ElaineBrumJanuary 14,16

    These evil vile scumbags must stop killing and eating dogs.

  11. anna Hughes
    anna HughesJanuary 15,16

    Please please please sign this petition to help save these sweet innocent dogs punish these disgusting barbareas people who are disgusting animal abuser should be ashamed of themselves for killing these sweet innocent dogs.

  12. Guilherme
    GuilhermeJanuary 15,16

    Bologna just became a city to be boycotted by everybody that cares about dogs, our best friends. Shame on Bologna…

  13. godelieve kowal
    godelieve kowalJanuary 15,16

    Deze barbaarse praktijken moeten stoppen!!!

  14. sima Niroomand
    sima NiroomandJanuary 15,16

    please someody kill these bastards.

  15. Jessie Wilmot
    Jessie WilmotJanuary 17,16

    This dog eating culture HAS TO STOP!!!!
    Dogs are family!!!! No food!!!!

  16. Alex
    AlexJanuary 18,16

    STOP the torture to those magnificent creature.. Shame on Any one involved directly or indirectly to the horrible, cruel treatment of those dogs and the dog meat trade in BOLOGNA. Shame on the politicians that don’t take action to stop this Barbarism..

  17. Anu Lankinen
    Anu LankinenJanuary 18,16

    If that is where we get,after a two thousand years education,culture,learning and civilization,i am so shame to be a human.

  18. Ruth dalmasso
    Ruth dalmassoJanuary 18,16

    These people are sadistic!

    RICHERE DEZIELJanuary 18,16

    Les Coréens et en général tout les orientaux, sont des êtres sans coeur, cruels et sans remords ! Quel pays voudrait devenir leurs aliés et amis ! Déguelasse !

  20. Janie
    JanieJanuary 19,16

    I hate these sub-humans with every bone in my body; I hope God reigns down justice on them with natural disasters, disease, whatever. When they are asking the rest of the world for help, I hope people remember what they do to innocent animals and keep their money in their pockets. None of these countries that allow the Dog Meat Trade will ever get anything from me and mine, unless it’s to help the animals and brave people who go up against these monsters and campaign for animal protection, and provide shelters etc.
    I hope they all burn in hell – the sooner the better.

    • Med Tomcat - Rudi
      Med Tomcat - RudiApril 17,16

      Liebe “Janie”,- vielen Dank für Deine offenen Worte – genau so ist auch meine Meinung!!

  21. Kris Low
    Kris LowJanuary 19,16

    For centuries these people have been incapable of comprehending the horror they inflict on dogs, cats and all animals, they are sub-human beings who have not advanced psychologically into what it truly means to be a part of the human race in the 21st Century….If they won’t change for the betterment of humanity and the animals, then annihilation it is….

  22. Tanja
    TanjaJanuary 19,16

    This is a BIG SHAME FOR EUROPE. I live in Europe and I do not want this. I will NOT support Bologna or buy anything from Italy.

  23. 조경분
    조경분January 20,16

    NO!!! Dog meat

  24. Tina
    TinaJanuary 20,16

    Hope you go to hell.

  25. Trisha
    TrishaJanuary 21,16

    Evil basterds, someone should drop a bomb on them. That would put the poor animals out of their misery and send these evil monsters straight to HELL

    • Sharon Witt
      Sharon WittJanuary 22,16

      I have to say I feel the same way.

  26. Vicki Lloyd-Smith
    Vicki Lloyd-SmithJanuary 21,16

    Impossible to forget and even more impossible to forgive these bastards for what they do!! SUCH A CRUEL AND HEARTLESS RACE OF MONSTERS!!!

  27. Manuella de Jong
    Manuella de JongJanuary 22,16

    No friendship with sick cruel people

  28. Judie
    JudieJanuary 22,16

    We must also remember that the beef, pork and chicken we eat on a daily basis in this country undergo similar tortures. The commercial raising of animals for our consumption is much like what is happening at Seongnam only on a much larger scale and is sanctioned by our government to varying degrees. Surely, encourage the Korean government to end the horrendous practice of slaughtering dogs and cats for consumption but don’t stop there, do your research into CAFO livestock industry in the U.S. and become involved for the sake of the “”billions”” of animals that live in horrid conditions and that are treated in less than humane ways. They all need our help!!

  29. Stolfi Sabrina
    Stolfi SabrinaJanuary 23,16

    Monsters, monsters, monsters!!! Please stop this… It’s horrific??

  30. swati
    swatiJanuary 24,16

    Stop killing Dogs . Live like Humans Not like Monsters

  31. debbie mckenzie
    debbie mckenzieFebruary 3,16


  32. Anthoney Mahateva
    Anthoney MahatevaFebruary 23,16

    Demons in human garb. Only sub-humans repay the love, affection, loyalty and even altruism in dogs by way of unspeakable torture and murder. I curse these pariahs.

  33. Carol Dickson
    Carol DicksonFebruary 23,16

    This is barbaric, it’s 2016, not the middle ages, cats dogs whales and dolphins are not bred for human consumption. Please help stop this unhuman practice

  34. Amber Anzaldua
    Amber AnzalduaFebruary 25,16

    Please put a stop to this barbaric act!

  35. Connie Zumbo
    Connie ZumboMarch 22,16

    I am Australian and also from Italian Parents I want Virginio Merolo to tell the Korean government to stop this barbaric meat eating nation to stop it! This is not right! I will never step foot into that disgusting country they make me sick. We with Italian blood in us do not put up with this killings of our beautiful dogs I pray to St Francesco every night for this to stop! Be an Italian and do something!!!

  36. Karen Bradley
    Karen BradleyApril 9,16

    This is evil beyond words,these are man’s best friends,loyal loveable animals this shouldn’t be happening,you are murders in the most horiffic way,your country is cruel and inhumain,it makes me physically sick to see and read about this,but if we didn’t see it we cannot do anything to help prevent this.CRUEL and barbaric this has to end NOW

  37. Brenda Cruz
    Brenda CruzApril 16,16

    This people in this country are the most evil and vile people, I have encounter in my lifetime will never buy their products or visit their vile forsaken country, will spread the word as much as I can so that all the people that I encounter in my lifetime will stop buy any products from this forsaken vile country and of course my main goal will be for no one to visit this vile barbaric country,until this criminals stop this abuse. This monsters in South Korea deserve nothing more than a slow painful death.

  38. Jacqueline van Weelden
    Jacqueline van WeeldenMay 2,16

    Sick bastards…….. I’m ashamed to call myself a human being.

  39. Donna Taylor
    Donna TaylorJune 22,16

    Stop this repulsive killing of poor defenseless dogs and cats.Become civilized.

  40. Giuseppe Belletti
    Giuseppe BellettiJuly 9,16

    Aderisco alla petizione.

  41. Lois Kern
    Lois KernJuly 20,16

    These barbarians have not become civilized, by the continuous old traditions, they are hated by the world, they are the scum of the earth.

  42. Victoria braido
    Victoria braidoJuly 24,16

    Vergogna, gemellarsi a queste scorie

  43. vera de weyer
    vera de weyerDecember 26,16

    stop this creulty now !! this animal is our best friend !!

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