Jeongeup’s response to our e-People petition

Application No.: 1AA-2008-0074565
Application Date: 2020-08-03
Jeongeup, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.
대한민국 정읍시는 불법 개농장, 도축장, 시장, 보신탕집을 폐쇄하라!!!

Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 전라북도
staff in charge 한승열
contact 063-539-6354
processing date 2020-08-27
result (Korean)
1. Hello. Here is the answer to your civil petition filed through e-People.
2. It is understood that you asked about the ‘Overall Policies on Dog Meat’
3. The results of our review on your petition are as follows.
A. It is understood that you called on an immediate crackdown on illegal dog farms, slaughterhouses, dog soup restaurants, and places dealing with dog meat and then the government of the Republic of Korea, the National Police Agency, and law enforcement agencies asked for the issuance of official documents for the details.
B. We judge that these issues should be dealt with politically by the central government rather than by the city, county, and district, which are administrative agencies.
C. However, we will report the your proposal to the higher authorities and continue to and crack down on areas that can be independently managed within our city.
3. We hope this answers your question and if you need further explanation, please contact Han Seung-yeol (063-539-6354) of the Livestock Division of Jeongeup City Office. Thank you.

붙임 민원신청서 1부. 끝.

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