[Call for Action] Is the food waste recycling business just another ‘license to kill’ in the filthy, dirty dog meat trade?

The Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has exposed another shameful side to the dog meat trade – and more Government failures. Click HERE to learn more.

Not only does the South Korean Government neglect to enforce their animal welfare laws by continuing to allow the appalling and blatantly cruel dog meat trade, but Government Departments, such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, fail to properly monitor the food waste disposal business, being carried out as a lucrative side-line to dog meat production – and thereby ensuring continuation of these trades.

Food waste is so named as it is just that – waste: filthy slops, which, left untreated, can harbor salmonella and other contaminants, able to cause health hazards on epidemic scale. Such waste must be recycled or disposed of responsibly, yet dog-meat farmers were easily granted licenses to recycle food waste as a business, without any proper checks being made by Government Departments to ensure that these ‘businesses’ were capable (or willing) to recycle this waste in an acceptable and legal way; their disposal method: feed it untreated to their dogs, or sell it on to other meat-producing farmers.

The Korean Government must step up and take responsibility, the Moon Jae-In Administration must keep its promise to survey the dog meat farms throughout the country, and act on illegal practices – it must bring about change.

Call for Action

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    Suggested email/letter/Facebook message

    Subject: South Korea’s Dog Meat Trade (전국에 산재한 ‘쓰레기의 용광로’ 개농장과 폐기물관리 손놓은 환경부를 고발한다.)

    To the Moon Jae-In Administration:

    Untreated food waste being fed to animals destined for human consumption is a health hazard in itself, and a possible cause of such outbreaks as Avian Influenza. This is not just a local, but a global concern. Source: [보도자료] 전국에 산재한 ‘쓰레기의 용광로’ 개농장과 폐기물관리 손놓은 환경부를 고발한다.

    The Korean Government has granted ‘registration’ to dog-meat farmers allowing them to operate as food waste disposal businesses, but these business owners are either incapable of, or unwilling to dispose of such waste in a responsible or legal way. Instead they are feeding it, untreated, to their own animals, or selling it on to other meat-producing businesses.

    While we understand that your Government has now addressed the situation with regards to the poultry industry, your Government Departments, such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, fail to properly monitor the activities of the dog-meat farmers.

    An online petition calling for your action in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress: Please, step up and take responsibility, the Moon Jae-In Administration must keep its promise to survey the dog meat farms throughout your country, and act on illegal practices – it must bring about change.

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    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]_eng [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] STOP allowing dog meat industry to use dogs as garbage cans! 전국에 산재한 ‘쓰레기의 용광로’ 개농장과 폐기물관리 손놓은 환경부를 고발한다.

Photo: Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA).

  1. Tina D
    Tina DApril 25,18

    Posted everywhere, I hope more people do the same !

    • Jane Blythe
      Jane BlytheMay 25,19

      They are ignorant savages — the only thing they know how to do is make money. NO EXCUSES for these horrors, no words to convey my abject disgust of this country,, BOYCOTT everything you can, sign petitions, make phone calls, please! I write many of these companies before the Olympics were held there — one person does not matter, hundreds of thousands might…

  2. Michele Jankelow
    Michele JankelowApril 26,18

    Absolutely atrocious! Truly I cannot conceive how this is desperate business remains! What sort of people or culture could endorse such abject cruelty, neglect and sheer horror!

  3. Annica
    AnnicaApril 26,18

    Sickening how this vile animal cruelty can still go on, I would have thougt these ignorant korean bastards would´ve been so enlightened by now.

  4. G. Cramer
    G. CramerApril 26,18

    Totally agree with Michele, seriously, what kind of people/culture in today’s world behaves like this?! Its appalling, but more and more are waking up to these horrors…

    GABRIELA VARGASApril 26,18


  6. sandra Lazaridis
    sandra LazaridisApril 26,18

    This just shows how mentally ill these people are! They have lost their dignity as human beings and I hope to God that karma strikes them back!Please do not buy anything from this evil,sadistic inhumane country.Do not buy SAMSUNG,LG,KIA HYUNDAI,POSCO,and DAEWOO.

  7. Kelly Butler
    Kelly ButlerMay 2,18

    I have contacted everyone on the list. I hope other people can spare a few minutes to do the same to help these poor animals. This is horrible. It breaks my heart that this is being done to dogs. This needs to end immediately

  8. Hanny Overklift
    Hanny OverkliftMay 2,18

    Not only koreans are cruel and uncivilized, but sadly enough, all asian countries are. Luckely not all of them, but this sadistic, evil cruelty goes on. These so called humans are just coldblooded murderers. This goes on and on… I also have contacted everyone on the list, and have done for months, I will not give up, but I do get depressed about it.

  9. Chris Nicosia
    Chris NicosiaSeptember 19,18

    I think these people are barbarians! I just want to get them to see that they are going to HELL. They are all full of shit!

  10. rhona mulligan
    rhona mulliganDecember 3,18


  11. Beverly Jacobs
    Beverly JacobsDecember 3,18

    When I think of China, South Korea, and certain other horrific societies that TORTURE and EAT man’s best friends, I only think of the barbarity and disgusting subhuman monstrous actions. I feel equally sorry for the pitiful animals and the few decent, civilized people among them that have to bear witness and fight these human devils.

  12. Teresa Sem
    Teresa SemDecember 4,18

    My heart cries out for these poor, innocent dogs, victims of this horrible industry. I just wish it would stop. The only hope these animals have are the voices of people who speak up to stop it – people from all around the world, and the people within these dog eating countries who themselves wish it would stop. I’ve read that the many of the younger generation from these countries want it to stop. I pray for them, and as we all keep making our voices heard, we can stop this living nightmare for these dogs. We will never give up until it stops.

  13. Sherry Compton
    Sherry ComptonDecember 5,18

    I’m just sickened by such sadistic, barbaric, evil humans! Cold hearted dark, evil country is a disgrace! Something is very wrong with people who lack compassion.

  14. Anne Marsh
    Anne MarshDecember 5,18

    Can’t imagine what these poor, innocent creatures will go through – the more petitions I read and sign, the more I despise humans for their vile cruelty to animals….. END THIS UNNECESSARY TORTURE NOW!

  15. team teamJune 27,19

    Please take actions on this page:
    Posting comments here doesn’t really help. Thank you for taking actions in advance!

  16. MS
    MSAugust 11,19

    There are NO words — The more new EVIL exposed each & every day regarding the cruelty to Dogs, the more I KNOW we must all STOP these human-morons dead in their tracks — HOW do we STOP this horror? — WHO does this?! — NO other FOOD available? — SHAME ON YOU killer-cowards — WHERE is the GOVT! — WHO oversees these so-called farms? — these PSYCHOS should be thrown in prison — YET, there they are — continuing with their unconscionable, depraved abuse & torture of Dogs — I want to hurl — STOP these demented, depraved IMBECILES — WHO do they THINK they ARE! — DO NOT LET them GET AWAY WITH their sadistic cruelty to innocent, vulnerable Animals — EVER!

  17. charles holt
    charles holtAugust 15,19

    Why do so few people with power and influence not speak up for them like politicians and multinationals .SE Asia is dependent on trade with the West, so we have leverage.Are dogs just not important enough to speak out against these atrocities?.It`s like turning a blind eye to the holocaust.

  18. Chris
    ChrisJanuary 24,20

    I understand what S. Korea is doing but, I dont understand why the U.N does not stop them. Such HYPOCRATS.

  19. alessandra
    alessandraAugust 15,20


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