[KARA Press Release] The Ministry of Environment’s Neglect of Responsibility for Waste Management Results in Dog Meat Farms Becoming Furnaces for Food Wastes

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Below is translation of July 11, 2017 Press Release from Korea Animal Rights Advocates(KARA):

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Minister of Environment Cho Myung-Rae

  • The Ministry of Environment’s Neglect of Responsibility for Waste Management Results in Dog Meat Farms Becoming Furnaces for Food Wastes
  • Waste management is a side business for dog meat farms, contributing to the continuation of their profits despite decreased demand for dog meat soup (boshintang)
  • Presented on the surface as recycling of food waste for animal feed, the Ministry of Environment has actually been using dogs as ‘living garbage cans’
  • The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs both neglected to examine sites for compliance with the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, thereby committing dereliction of duty
  • In order to prevent disease epidemics, we need to ban the feeding of wet slop from food waste to dogs as well as to poultry
  • The Moon Jae-In administration must keep its promise of the surveying of dog meat farms throughout the country and bringing about changes

We are exposing the dirty secret of how dog meat farms were able to be formed and operated in South Korea, the only nation in the world where dogs are bred in factory farms in which hundreds or even thousands of dogs are raised by only one or two people. According to Korea Animal Rights Advocates (Director: Soon-Rye Im, hereinafter referred to as KARA), it was discovered that the Ministry of Environment was neglecting to properly manage food waste by allowing illegal disposals. By exploiting the laxity of the Ministry of Environment’s management of food waste, dog meat farms were able to grow to such immensity with free illegal food and livestock waste.

According to the Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, for food waste to be processed and distributed as animal feed, it must first be transferred to an authorized recycling facility where it is sterilized and tested for contaminants such as salmonella and residual selenium content. In 2016, 83 of such recycling facilities processed 1.1 million tons of food waste, and distributed to pig farmers 400,000 tons (approximately 37%) of the recycled food waste collected. However, the Ministry of Environment issued food waste processing licenses to dog farm owners who wanted to collect food waste, without ever inspecting or checking these dog farms to ensure compliance of standards. By granting non-discriminatory waste management authority to dog meat farm owners without supervising their abidance of the Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, the government contributed to rampant animal abuse, threats to public health, complaints of odor and pests, as well as the environmental pollution caused by the secondary dumping grounds.

Even more serious is the extent of the mismanagement of livestock waste. Management authority of livestock waste, which must be thoroughly recycled or disposed of, was issued to the dog farms, which is like a free pass for prevention of epidemics. This is no different than the complete collapse of the system to prevent contagious zoonotic diseases such as avian influenza. The response of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has been a complete shame with neglect of responsibilities reaching the level of “waste terror”. Remaining unaware of the severity of the situation, they prohibited distribution of recycled food waste wet slops only to poultry, not to dogs.

Despite a significant decrease in the consumption and demand of dog meat soup and a slump in the price of dogs, dog meat farms have been able to stay in business due to the systemic and illegal support of the Ministry of Environment. Their lack of concern for animals permitted dog meat farms to feed dogs free waste they were paid to take and treat dogs as living garbage cans.

As a result, among the 33 total registered waste management businesses in Gimcheon in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, 6 farms had unverifiable types of livestock while the other 27 reported that they operate a dog meat farm and they intend to use the waste to feed their dogs.

One of these dog meat farms, JeonOO farm, reported that he raises 370 dogs and collected food waste from 25 large dump sites, including one university, one high school, one middle school, and nine elementary schools. It is unrealistic that 370 dogs could consume such a huge amount of food waste, leading us to suspect secondary trade, disposal, or illegal sale of these food wastes. It is speculated that the money received for waste collection could be enormous.

In particular, the recent outbreak of avian influenza, which resulted in the unprecedented mass culling of 40 million poultry, started at a slaughterhouse (OO Food, Inc.) located in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do Province. Of the 22 animal waste management businesses that collected the waste from this slaughterhouse, a whopping 10 businesses were confirmed to be dog meat farms. The 10 dog meat farms were located in Goesan, Eumseong, Jincheon, Chungju in Chungcheongbuk-do province and as far away as Gimpo in Gyeonggi-do province. In another case, a dog meat farm in Naju, Jeollanam-do Province was found to be collecting large amounts of livestock waste not only from the duck slaughterhouses in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do Province, but also from ones located as far away as Paju, Gyeonggi-do Province.

The way in which meat dog farms view dogs, which are sentient beings and companion animals, can be found in the Korea Meat Dog Farmers Association’s registration application as a legal corporate entity submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. In setting themselves up as a legal entity, the Association itself stated that its purpose would be to “recycle food waste as animal feed and manage waste disposal.”

KARA stated in response, “In this day and age where farm animals are being liberated from confining cages and a transition to ecological welfare farms is being sought, the Korea Meat Dog Farmers Association is an organization that admits to using dogs, universally accepted as companion animals, as living garbage cans to dispose of food and livestock wastes, with their only interest being maximizing profits.” They continued, “The gross neglect by the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has contributed to the growth of large-scale dog meat farms resulting in the creation of this organization that has no remorse for their ill gotten gain from exploitation, but instead arrogantly claim their vested rights.”

Regarding the Ministry of Environment’s neglectful and unlawful practices in waste management, Ms. Guk-Hwa Seo (KARA’s expert attorney) pointed out their illegality. “Under the principle of recycling of wastes, the Ministry of the Environment handed off their responsibility to efficiently recycle food waste to dog farmers who would never meet the standards and criteria defined by law, turning them into waste management companies and granting them ‘registration’, and in the course of using these animals as food waste processing machines have failed to supervise or regulate any aspect of the food waste processing procedures such as where waste is distributed, recycling into animal feed status, and the content of the ingredients.”

KARA stated, “Due to the Ministry of Environment’s illegal activities regarding waste management, dog meat farms have been able to grow to immense operations.” They further stated, “Immediate actions are required to target the rampant animal abuse, threats to public health, outbreaks of contagious zoonotic diseases such as avian influenza, complaints of odor and pests, and environmental pollution from secondary dump sites.”

Shortly after the press conference on the 11th, KARA, to find resolution to the problem, requested a meeting with the Minister of Environment and demanded that they conduct an immediate nationwide survey of distribution of food waste to the dog meat farms.

"Meat Dog" farm in Gwangju, South Korea.

"Meat Dog" farm in Gwangju, South Korea.

"Meat Dog" farm in Gwangju, South Korea.

"Meat Dog" farm in Gwangju, South Korea.

Photos: KARA,

  1. Deb Eaton
    Deb EatonApril 15,18

    This is totally barbaric. These poor suffering dogs, being bred for mans greed. It has to STOP

    • Timothy Gonsorek
      Timothy GonsorekDecember 4,18

      I think these dog and cat meat farmers are Satanists and have the blood of Adolph Hitler running through their veins and they have no souls nor do the deamons who eat them. You make me sick.

    • Adele Delia
      Adele DeliaDecember 10,18

      This greedy behavior shows ignorance and a disrespect for life. These are God’s creatures and what goes around comes around.

  2. Magali
    MagaliApril 15,18

    This is no way to treat any living thing. This is pure inhumane and barbaric reptilian act. Animals deserve respect and care. They are not just money making objects or food.

  3. benedikt bethuyne
    benedikt bethuyneApril 15,18

    When will this PET CRUELTY AND MURDERING finally end????!!!!
    Time to STOP IT NOW!!!!

  4. Vicki L Jackson
    Vicki L JacksonApril 15,18

    This breaks my heart. Please pass and enforce laws to help these poor dogs. The need compassion and help.

  5. Cecilia Johansson
    Cecilia JohanssonApril 15,18

    I hope President Moon can and will end this madness.

  6. sylvie haustete
    sylvie hausteteApril 15,18

    stop enough cruaulty

  7. Cornelia Herschel
    Cornelia HerschelApril 15,18

    All this is so absolutely horrifying – I wish so deeply and beg to God that it stops!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP THAT EXCRUCIATING CRUELTY!!!!!!!!

  8. Maria Tuatara
    Maria TuataraApril 15,18

    Please. This cruelty needs to stop. The government needs to step in and regulate these farms properly.

    • Anita
      AnitaApril 16,18

      Regulate these farms??? They need to be shut down. Dogs do not belong in cages and they shouldn’t be eaten.

  9. Janice Meyer
    Janice MeyerApril 15,18

    A nation of people who abuse animals lack compassion and love for its animals. They are heartless and cruel human beings. Our animals can be companions for lonely people, and leaders for blind people, and more. Any country whose people lack respect, gratitude and compassion. Dogs are sentient, feeling, loving animals. They need shelter, food, and good health–not much to ask in return for what they give of themselves. Don’t let your country continue to be a Third World Country.

  10. Janice Meyer
    Janice MeyerApril 15,18

    I am asking you to take care of the dogs in your community. They are wonderful companions among other things.

  11. Janice Meyer
    Janice MeyerApril 15,18

    A nation of people who abuse animals lack compassion and love for its animals. They are heartless and cruel human beings. Our animals companions for lonely people, and leaders for blind people, and more. Any country whose people lack respect, gratitude and compassion. Dogs are sentient, feeling, loving animals. They need shelter, food, and good health–not much to ask in return for what they give of themselves. Don’t let your country continue to be a Third World Country.

  12. Juergen Pichert
    Juergen PichertApril 15,18

    These people are devils, I hope they will burn in the hell and loose there soul for every time. They are a shame for South Korea. What a poor culture!!!
    The hope is on the next generation. I don`t by and use everything from this country. (No products, no airlines, easy nothing). Juergen Pichert

  13. Wanda Szczepańska-Szostak
    Wanda Szczepańska-SzostakApril 15,18

    Straszne okrucieństwo

  14. Rogereau Nellyna
    Rogereau NellynaApril 15,18

    STOP à la cruauté et à la barbarie ! Ces animaux sont des êtres sensibles et intelligents de plus ce sont nos amis qui recherchent douceurs et affections…

  15. silvia
    silviaApril 15,18

    what a huge shame that disgusting, but is it possible that everyone pretends not to see ?!

  16. Dorothy Tovar
    Dorothy TovarApril 15,18

    Heartbreaking disgusting and barbaric… there are no words of how disgusting I think the people that are involved in doing this to these beautiful creatures and I mean all involved! Shame on you! You should be concerned about Karma! I can’t imagine it will not find you… and soon… no one can get away with this kind of brutality and get away with it! Just heartbreaking! We are watching you and we know what you are doing… the world knows!

  17. Marie Colette
    Marie ColetteApril 15,18

    I have known for many years about the dog/cat meat farms. I am completely appalled and outraged that in the 21st Century this is still going on. I thought that the new prime minister of South Korea was amending the Constitution to protect animals and stop the dogs meat industry!!…

    ROBERTO RACHMANApril 15,18


  19. Paula Cook
    Paula CookApril 15,18

    Unacceptable treatment of these poor dogs, this looks like a living hell!! How can any country want to be considered as part of a modern world and at the same time allow this! Stop these torture chambers now…

  20. Jaime Perez
    Jaime PerezApril 15,18

    This is beyond disgusting and heinous. These poor dogs suffer so much at the hands of cruel, uncaring barbaric people. This horror must be stopped now!

  21. Michael ann azoulai
    Michael ann azoulaiApril 15,18

    Never felt so sick in my life.
    This is abhorant and a shame

  22. JoAnne Klein
    JoAnne KleinApril 15,18

    The Korean barbarianism is far beyond what one can possibly imagine. It serves to emphasize the ignorance, mental depravity, careless disregard for life, illiteracy of a group of people who should e obliterated from this planet. This segment of Earth’s population regardless of country contributes NOTHING to the well-being of everyday citizens, and those who participate in this despicable activity should be destroyed. Of course, this is my personal opinion, and I suspect this view is shared by anyone who has ever had the pleasure of a dog’s companionship covering many areas of human/animal interactions.

  23. David Broadwood
    David BroadwoodApril 15,18

    For G-d’s sake this has to STOP!!!

    • Anne Smee
      Anne SmeeApril 22,18

      The trouble is nobody is listening. It has been going on for centuries. You need some army whoever to go in and eradicate these filthy farms and side streets where the butchering is going on. Make these people grow vegetables etc. Thinking that torture somehow makes the meat more tender is stupid and they know that they just want to cause pain and suffering to these poor animals.

  24. Mijanou Sutcliffe
    Mijanou SutcliffeApril 16,18

    Zero tolerance for animal abuse!

  25. Sally bartolucci
    Sally bartolucciApril 16,18


  26. Anita
    AnitaApril 16,18

    I am angry and heartbroken. Those who have such a blatant disregard for the life and spirit of these innocent dogs, or any animals for that matter, are just evil. Those despicable human beings responsible for this nightmare should be treated the same as those poor dogs, cage, same food etc. and then slaughtered the same. That is what they deserve but I could live with a quick bullet to their heart and leave them to die. Evil like that does not belong on earth. I am glad there are some people in South Korea who care enough to fight. I beg this new Prime Minister to end this cruelty, and cruelty to all animals.

  27. CAMUS Marie
    CAMUS MarieApril 16,18

    Je vous en supplie 🙏
    Cessez ces horreurs !

  28. Janine Pürstinger
    Janine PürstingerApril 16,18

    no respect of humans, animnals and the nature! This behavior is criminal, not only to the poor animals, but also the human and the whole environment! I do not want to deal with such countries!

  29. Patrick Mertens
    Patrick MertensApril 16,18

    Stop this inhumane cruel slaughtering of these poor animals. Its 2018 and i will never understand why these people like to torture these poor animals before they kill them? this is just inhuman regardless of what animal it is (Their meat will be tastier is a lot of BS……)The development of a population is recognized by how animal welfare is regulated in this particular country.The more helpless a creature is, the greater its claim to human protection from human cruelty

  30. JoAnne Turpin
    JoAnne TurpinApril 16,18

    One more reason not to waste my tourist dollars on Korea. This is one of the most barbaric, savage and disgusting things I’ve seen in a long time; it’s hard to believe any human being could know about this and not work to stop the inhumane and horrific suffering of these dogs. Shame on Korea.

  31. federico donadio
    federico donadioApril 16,18

    A country with a thousand-year-old culture like Korea should not be insensitive to such cruelty

  32. Yvonne Kramp
    Yvonne KrampApril 16,18

    Finally ends this torture kg zur dogs, Tiere is enough others thank eating dog meat!!!!! It is a schäme dir für Country…. it is disgusting and immoral!!!!!

  33. Patricia N. Quintans
    Patricia N. QuintansApril 16,18

    This is the most barbaric, cruel, unbearable act against these poor innocent animals! We should stop it right now and the people responsible for doing such tortures to dogs and cats and finally slaughter them, should be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law! The world cannot allow this to continue happening, for God’s sake!

  34. gabriela vargas
    gabriela vargasApril 16,18

    We need to be stong and reolute against this barbaric industry, a heinous practice that has been uncovered by millions of people around the world. It is enough!!! We can stop this cruelty.

  35. Gabriela
    GabrielaApril 17,18

    We need to finally end this by giving people education and instruction that only castration can help and if people do that
    they should be getting funds for it.

  36. Judy Williams
    Judy WilliamsApril 17,18

    This must stop. We are disgusted by the treatment of these beautiful animals.

  37. Judy Williams
    Judy WilliamsApril 17,18

    This must stop. We are disgusted by your ttreatment of these beautiful animals.

  38. esperanza pinto martinez
    esperanza pinto martinezApril 17,18

    aterradoras esas imágenes esa gente se debería morir comiendo esos pobres animalitos enfermos asi deberían hace con ellos tenerlos enjaulados y comiendo lavaza podrida

  39. Margaret summers
    Margaret summersApril 30,18

    Man has to stop abusing Animals our children is at stake that’s why We have them learning from adults to kill with no heart let’s teach our children to not be like the adults of today let’s teach them GOD’S LAW

  40. Marius
    MariusAugust 22,18


  41. Louise white
    Louise whiteDecember 14,18

    Proverbs 12v10 A righteous man regards the life of his animal, But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. Hell will come your way if you don’t stop this treatment of these beautiful animals. Hell is real .

  42. Amanda kesterton
    Amanda kestertonJuly 29,19

    Why are we allowing this cruelty we are human aren’t we ? I don’t think so they eat these dogs as well I hope it kills the bastards shouting us too good for these people they should be made to suffer like all the animals they are hurting

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