Major Victory!!! Mayor Merola of Bologna has raised his concerns to Seongnam’s Mayor Lee about the dog and cat meat trade.

We have just received wonderful news from our Italian volunteer that, in direct response to our campaign, Mayor Merola of Bologna, Italy, has taken action and written to Seongnam’s Mayor Jae-Myung Lee. Click HERE for our campaign page. Our Sister City Campaign has been urging the City of Bologna to speak out against the horrendous cruelty in Seongnam, which is their new Friendship City, as well as where the largest dog meat market in South Korea is located. Although nothing has so far changed in Seongnam and its Moran Market, this is a major victory as this is only the second time that the Mayor of a Korean Sister/Friendship city has taken action to confront their Korean Sister Cities about this issue. (The first one was Glendale, California).

Below is the news from our Italian team:

Ms Federica Salsi with City of Bologna, Italy

Ms Federica Salsi with City of Bologna, Italy

Federica Salsi (@FedericaSalsi) ha twittato alle 3:43

Click HERE for the English translation of Ms. Salsi’s post.

Below is the summary of the update by Ms. Federica Salsi:

Ms Salsi was first alerted to the terrible mistreatment of dogs and cats in South Korea via a Twitter feed. As Mayor Merola had just signed the Agreement with the Mayor of Seongnam City, Ms Salsi asked that he contact his counterpart in Seongnam to raise awareness about respect for animals. The initial response from the Mayor’s office was disappointing.

However, by then an on-line petition had already been started4, collecting thousands of signatures in just a few days, and showing Bologna in a very poor light; and Ms Salsi, therefore, decided to re-consult the Mayor to make him aware of the negative effect this would have on Bologna’s image.

Finally Mayor Merola, who was clearly worried by the ever-increasing social network coverage, eventually replied6 by telling Ms Salsi that he had written to the Korean Mayor “to bring to his attention the theme of the mistreatment of dogs and cats for its own jurisdiction”.

To date, no answer has been received, but Ms Salsi will keep us updated.

Letter from Mayor Merola to Ms. Federica Salsi on April 1, 2016

Letter from Mayor Merola to Ms. Federica Salsi on April 1, 2016

Call for Action

We are very grateful to Ms Salsi, Council member of the City of Bologna, who has worked tirelessly to help our campaign and to encourage Mayor Merola to take action; and we are also grateful to Mayor Merola for not ignoring this issue and for taking action. Therefore, we need to thank them both for standing up for the voiceless.

Please send a thank you message to Ms Salsi, via her blog post, where she shared the updates about our campaign.

Click HERE to go to her blog page. You can use your own words or use our sample message below, which is written in Italian.

Suggested message to Ms. Salsi

Gentilissima Federica,

La ringraziamo infinitamente per tutto ciò che ha fatto finora. Grazie per aver pubblicato la lettera inviataLe dal Sindaco Merola: è per tutti noi un buon punto di partenza per iniziare a sperare. Quindi grazie per il Suo impegno e la Sua dedizione per salvare i cani di Seongnam. Il nostro augurio, in vista delle elezioni, è che possa essere rieletta per continuare a svolgere il suo incarico di consigliere, per portare avanti i suoi progetti per la città di Bologna e per continuare la lotta al fine di fermare le crudeltà inflitte quotidianamente su migliaia di cani nella città di Seongnam.
Grazie di nuovo infinitamente.

Please send a thank you message to Mayor Merola by email.

You can use your own words or use our sample (Italian) message below.

Email addresses to send the thank you message to Mayor Merola and the City council:

[email protected];[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] ; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];

Suggested message to Mayor Merola

Gentilissimo Sindaco Merola,

Siamo venuti a conoscenza della lettera da Lei inviata al Sindaco di Seongnam. La ringraziamo pertanto infinitamente di questa sua iniziativa, che infonde speranza in tutti noi affinché a Seongnam vengano finalmente fermate le crudeltà e torture inflitte quotidianamente su migliaia di cani.
Il nostro augurio pertanto è la Sua rielezione, affinché possa continuare a svolgere i suoi progetti per la città di Bologna e portare avanti questo percorso di collaborazione con Seongnam al fine di poter tutelare anche il benessere degli animali e fermare il crudele commercio della carne di cane.
Grazie di nuovo infinitamente.

We will keep our petition open until Seongnam closes down their despicable Moran dog meat market, so please keep signing and sharing our petition!

Bologna, Italy Mayor: Tell Friendship City Seongnam, That We’re Opposed to Torture of Dogs.

► Petition in Italian: Bologna, Italy Mayor: Tell Friendship City Seongnam, That We’re Opposed to Torture of Dogs.

Seongnam Moran Market dog slaughterhouses are brutally slaughtering dogs right in front of other live dogs in cages. These illegal dog slaughterhouses must be shut down immediately!.

Seongnam, South Korea: Close Down Moran Market Dog Slaughterhouses-Enforce The Animal Protection Law!.

Moran Market, Seongnam, South Korea

Moran Market, Seongnam, South Korea

Seongnam Moran Dog Meat Market.  12/2014.  Photo: Nami Kim.

Seongnam Moran Dog Meat Market. 12/2014. Photo: Nami Kim.

What we do matters. What we do make a difference.
So please keep fighting for the dogs! They don’t have a voice but we do so we must speak for them.
Compassion Through Action!
Thank you!

  1. Marie
    MarieApril 16,16

    Keep up the good work !!!

    • Emma Owens
      Emma OwensFebruary 15,17

      I agree Marie. Great that someone is taking action, shame the other Government officials aren’t doing more. But still, at least Italy cares!

  2. christina Pafitis
    christina PafitisApril 16,16

    shame on you you disgusting race will never ever travel to your country evil evil evil monsters

    • ursula kljuce
      ursula kljuceApril 29,16

      Yes l wont travel to these countries either.

    • Sarai Schneider
      Sarai SchneiderApril 30,16

      Agree. I am totally stunned by so much inhumanity

  3. Pam turner
    Pam turnerApril 16,16

    This is just so barbaric how could these people do this to a living feeling creature.

    • Cindy Araya
      Cindy ArayaApril 30,16

      @Christina Pafitis, Agree!

  4. Francesca Philomena Pisciotto Harwood
    Francesca Philomena Pisciotto HarwoodApril 16,16

    Thank you for your love and compassion for these dogs and cats that suffer in this evil to trade .Graci

  5. Carole Wilson
    Carole WilsonApril 16,16

    S. Korea you are disgusting vile evil people and we will NEVER visit your country as long as you continue this evil trade. Never in my life have I been so disturbed to witness such evil. You are the pits of the universe and there is no room in this world for such evil. Do NOT EVER class yourselves as human beings you are entities from hell . You are Vile evil horrible beings with no respect for these animals. there is no room within this world for evil.

  6. Brenda Cruz
    Brenda CruzApril 16,16

    Shame on this evil people, I hope next time this evil vile so called humans choke on a cat or dog bone while their consuming the meat of this poor innocent animals, wishing this vile so called humans a slow and painful death.

  7. lili perez
    lili perezApril 16,16

    I really wish will be a big disease with the animals and everybody who eat dogs and cats will die and all this will stop one day

  8. Lena Rousk
    Lena RouskApril 16,16

    This MUST stop now!
    Keep up fighting, to put and end to this. How can human treat dog like this? How can S. Korean people even call them self human? You are nothing but hearthless monsters, without any feelings! May you all go to hell!!!

  9. Lena Rousk
    Lena RouskApril 16,16

    Keep up fighting to stop this! How can S.Korean people even call them selvs human? You are nothing but hearthless monsters!! My you all go to hell!!

  10. marge scott
    marge scottApril 17,16

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. by not looking the other way you are being recognised as commendable by the rest of the world. god bless

  11. Anne-Marie Andersson
    Anne-Marie AnderssonApril 17,16

    Aldrig ge upp för dessa stackars djur som får genomlida så hemska saker. Jag önskar dessa tortyr människor fick gå igenom samma sak. Ni är inte av denna världen. Ni borde skämmas, hela världen vet vad ni gör mot oskyldiga hundar och katter. Ni är en skam i ert land.

  12. Pam turner
    Pam turnerApril 17,16

    Thesse people want eternal words can describe what they are.

  13. Janet Hogg
    Janet HoggApril 17,16

    Well done to the Mayor & the city of Belogna for standing up for these poor animals. Thank you.

  14. Anne Smee
    Anne SmeeApril 17,16

    Iam afraid that with all our disgust at this inhuman behavour to animals. I do not think it will ever stop as much as I wish to god it would. These people are indoctronated into doing this evil evil practice. We know that they are not humans but they don’t care they get paid for doing this. I would personally
    shove an electrode up their arseholes but it wont stop them another creature will come along and take the job over. I will never never visit this disgusting country.

    • julia otero
      julia oteroMay 3,16

      I am with you Anne Smee. Totally would shove the electrode right up there, with much delight!

  15. Suzanne Marienau
    Suzanne MarienauApril 17,16

    No animal should be slaughtered so that humans can eat it’s flesh! Meat is always evil & wrong!

  16. Patricia Clark
    Patricia ClarkApril 17,16

    Such cruelty is beyond imagination. In our country it would be like eating a member of the family! Do not travel to South Korea or purchase any goods from them including a KIA car. The only way to stop this heinous activity is to hurt the Countries pocket book and embarrass them. Write to their embacy in your state and let them know that you will not purchase anything until they help to stop this vile industry.

  17. Hayley johnstone
    Hayley johnstoneApril 17,16

    Thank you! Every little helps, if more people raise awareness and speak out about this barbaric trade, it will be stopped. It can’t go on. We can’t hide from it. We must be the voice for these poor babies. No to dog and cat meat!

  18. Cecilia Lin
    Cecilia LinApril 18,16

    This is barbaric and needs to stop, thank-you for all the people who works tirelessly to help the dogs and cats in Korea!!

  19. Cynthia Mattera
    Cynthia MatteraApril 18,16

    NO ANIMAL should be brutalized and killed for food, including dogs, pigs, cows and chickens. There is no such thing as a “humane slaughter”. What these people do to dog & cats, we do to farm animals every day. Animal cruelty needs to be stopped. Choose compassion, & end the suffering.Choose a VEGAN diet!

  20. Lili Lili
    Lili LiliApril 19,16

    cela dois arreter de consommer chiens et chats qui sont tous nos amis sur cette terre .DIEU LES A MIS LA ,PAS POUR LES MANGER ,MAIS POUR LES AIMER. sortez de votre bulle vous qui les maltraités et les manger ,vous serez punis de ce que vous leur faites subir,c est inhumain de faire ca. ils méritent une vie remplie d amour avec de bonnes familles aimantes a leur coté.arreter ce massacre avant qu il vous arrive malheur. ils ont besoin de vivrent pleinement une belle vie tous autant qu ils sont. votre pays ne donnent pas envie d y aller ,bien au contraire. j irai dans un pays ou il y regne l amour ,non la haine.

  21. Barby newton
    Barby newtonApril 30,16

    How can your Country do such ugly things and be so evil and mean? I would be afraid to put a toe into your homeland for fear of being eaten also, how sickening!!!!! Absolutely sinful and horrible!!! I can’t wrap my head around the mind of your sickness of doing these atrocities!! YUCK

  22. katya masini
    katya masiniApril 30,16

    Basta con questo assurdo commercio,e assolutamente orribile!!!
    Guardateli 2 secondi negli occhi…….,provate a fare loro una carezza,e vi accorgerete dell’affetto che possono darvi!!!!!
    Hanno i nostri stessi diritti,sono esseri senzienti.
    E’ come se metteste dei bambini di 2 anni rinchiusi in quelle anguste gabbie.
    Ve lo chiedo mentre sto’ piangendo…..,BASTA,VI PREGO!!!

  23. pierre chantelauze
    pierre chantelauzeApril 30,16

    Innocent , helpless creatures confronted with the perversity of “humans”.
    We have pnvented the Holocaust for people , Jews , blacks , and so on .
    But the animal holocaust goes on since the beginning of our cursed species , making planet Earth a sickening place ,
    especially in these countries . Look into these dogs’ and cats’ eyes , open your hearts , WAKE UP !

  24. MERLO Emmanuelle
    MERLO EmmanuelleApril 30,16

    C’est scandaleux qu’en 2016 de telles horreurs existent encore! Il serait GRAND TEMPS que ca change et que ce pays arrete un tel massacre ! Je ne cesse de signer des petitions dans ce sens mais rien ne bouge ! ARRETONS CA S’IL VOUS PLAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ellen Ewers
    Ellen EwersApril 30,16

    How can you do so barbarish thing’s towards innocent and defenceless Dog’s and Cat’s??? Thats is so heartless and evil’s. I dont understand!!! Why??????????? Where are yours conscience and feelings??? Why learn yours beautiful and innocent children be so cold and heartless??? Why???
    When adult people not stopt theres cruelty and evil’s towards innocent animal’s, will this World never be a good place, for ours descendant, but the hates and evil’s will be worse and worse!!!!! Please let us do this World to a better place for our children….learn them love, compassion and respect for animal’s…not evil’s.

  26. nurdan yıldız
    nurdan yıldızMay 1,16

    Bu katillerin allah belasini versin.

  27. Nina Gondos
    Nina GondosMay 1,16

    Disgusting people and country which I have no respect for and intend never to visit.

  28. sue
    sueMay 2,16

    Stop buying their products they’ll soon notice then

  29. Bambi Muller
    Bambi MullerMay 2,16

    Killing dogs and cats for human consumption is beyond inhumane, it is disgusting, deplorable, unthinkable. Please continue to raise awareness to help these defenseless creatures. We are their voice their only hope.

  30. Betty Chan
    Betty ChanMay 3,16

    Stop buying their products and stop visiting this barbaric country!!!! Shame on their evil acts toward the poor animals!!!

  31. Menelik Charles
    Menelik CharlesMay 7,16

    And we humans have the audacity to refer to these Satanists as ‘animals’!

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