Nami Kim Team’s Bus Advertising 2016

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Just heard from the Bus ad company that the final draft sent in was approved and this banner will be on five buses number 88 running three hours from Incheon to Seoul.
We have five sponsors for five buses for the next six months. Thank you all!

Nami Bus ad 2016

“Dog! Dogs are not for eating – they are our companions. There is no differentiation between a ‘pet dog’ and a ‘meat dog’. How would you feel if your pet ended up in a slaughterhouse?”

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The five buses at the garage are with the banners now. They will be travelling from Incheon to Seoul for three hours. Five buses among the 60 buses running all day long from 5 am to 12 midnight. I am getting on this bus tomorrow morning to see how the public respond to this.

We have five generous sponsors pledged for the next five month. David Gregory, Linda Lariviere, Jean McMahon, Steve Spiro and Hwajung Song. Thank you all!

Nami Kim Team’s Bus Advertising 2016

Nami Kim Team’s Bus Advertising 2016

Nami Kim Team’s Bus Advertising 2016

Click HERE for the Nami’s Facebook post!

Sunday night we visited one of the number 88 bus stops. It’s usually quiet on Sunday. It is said 30,000 passengers per day travel on this bus, which is packed from 6:30am – 8:00am. We are getting on the bus in the morning. I have two interviews lined up, one with an animal magazine and the other with a newspaper. We added 5 more buses to host the banners thanks to three more donors and local supporters.

Bus Ad 2016 Video Screenshot

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  1. Jane Rita
    Jane RitaFebruary 15,16

    What a wonderful idea to have these powerful banners on buses running in South Korea. Congratulations to all who are helping Nami and her team. Dog lovers worldwide support you and pray for you daily.

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