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Hello all. Gary here. I am posting this again on behalf of Barbara Pettengill-Burns and Linda Lariviere. Please read below.

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Nami Kim has dedicated the rest of her life to ending the dog meat trade in South Korea. While risking her safety, and even her life, she rescues dogs from grossly inhumane confinement in crowded, squalid conditions and saves them from being brutally slaughtered. Nami provides her rescues with foster care, food and shelter, and veterinary care. She arranges for adoptions outside South Korea. In addition, Nami addresses this industry by educating the public through bus ads, dispensing pamphlets and demonstrations. She also generates petitions, letter writing and phone call campaigns to urge governmental entities and South Korean companies to speak out against the dog meat trade and call for its end. The physical and emotional toll is high, but Nami is tireless and fearless in her devotion to the dogs of South Korea and the end of their unnecessary suffering. Nami has given so much to this cause. Isn’t it time she was recognized? If anyone deserves to receive the CNN Heroes Award, it’s Nami Kim.

Please follow the link and nominate her.

It is very easy to do. Information all may not have includes: Nami lives in Seoul, South Korea, zip code is 22148. Her e-mail address is [email protected]

Any questions feel free to ask Barbara Pettengill-Burns or Linda Lariviere.

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Click HERE to find information on rescued dogs available for adoption (to US and Canada).

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