Hell On Earth – Seongnam Moran Dog Meat Market

I’d like to share these photos that were taken at a dog meat shop in the Moran Dog Meat Market in Seongnam, South Korea on December 20, 2014 by Nami Kim, a dedicated Korean anti-dog-meat activist. The original photos can be found at Ms. Kim’s Facebook page:

The Moran Dog Meat Market, which has more than 20 shops like the one in these photos, is nothing less than hell on earth for the brutalized dogs to be found there. We have to wonder why more Koreans aren’t speaking out against this terrible injustice. How is it possible for them to walk by these cages day in and day out and live their lives completely unaffected by the cruelty and barbarism taking place so close to their own homes? The profound indifference of the majority of South Koreans leaves us speechless and we find ourselves losing faith in humanity.

Please sign petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

  1. wilmavbrandwijk
    wilmavbrandwijkJanuary 8,15


  2. Debbie
    DebbieJanuary 8,15
  3. karina baaijens
    karina baaijensJanuary 8,15

    stop this horror !

  4. Viktoria petersson
    Viktoria peterssonJanuary 8,15
  5. nora van hoek
    nora van hoekJanuary 8,15

    When will this stop

  6. caroline foppen
    caroline foppenJanuary 8,15

    because it sucks!

  7. Faye Verkroost
    Faye VerkroostJanuary 8,15

    Please stop eating dog meat!

  8. sylvia Holl
    sylvia HollJanuary 8,15


  9. jolanda
    jolandaJanuary 8,15

    This must really stop

  10. Lisa Poon
    Lisa PoonJanuary 8,15


  11. Iva Mihova
    Iva MihovaJanuary 8,15

    The lowest scum of human breed… Whoever is capable of causing this horror and torture to helpless animals, deserve to f***ing die!!!

  12. tamara lieck
    tamara lieckJanuary 8,15

    Please stop this

  13. Corné van Lonkhuizen
    Corné van LonkhuizenJanuary 8,15

    STOP THIS !!

  14. jansje visser
    jansje visserJanuary 8,15

    Kappen met dierenleed arme honden kut volk

  15. Carol Thomas
    Carol ThomasJanuary 8,15

    Please stop eating dogs eat your children instead…no difference

  16. Miranda Riegman
    Miranda RiegmanJanuary 8,15

    It haves to end….NOW!

  17. Joke Scherphof
    Joke ScherphofJanuary 8,15


  18. Hamlet Manvelian
    Hamlet ManvelianJanuary 8,15


  19. Jeon Doyoung
    Jeon DoyoungMay 22,15


  20. Mishall Han
    Mishall HanMay 23,15

    I feel shame on myself that I’m Korean.

  21. yeon ji choi
    yeon ji choiDecember 25,15

    Oh my god!!ㅠㅠ against the dog meat

  22. Mireille Schmale
    Mireille SchmaleMarch 2,16

    This is BARBERIC and must be stopped at once!!!!!! It’s sickening!

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