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“The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but "Can they suffer?” -Jeremy Bentham

Stop It! Korea Campaign by Humane Action Alliance has released videos from their undercover investigation into the South Korean dog meat industry. The cruelty exposed in these videos is truly shocking and sickening. However, the truth must be told, and the world needs to know about this very well-kept dirty secret of South Korea.

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대구 무참히 도살 Daegu – Brutal killing

대구 두 번 치다 Daegu – Brutal slaughter

Documentary Dog Meat (Boshintang) by STOP IT!

성남모란시장 집단 전기도살 Seongnam Moran Market – Mass slaughter, electric torture

성남모란시장 컨베이어벨트 도살장 Seongnam Moran Market – Conveyor Belt Slaughterhouse

제주 작은 개 Jeju – Little dogs get bludgeoned to death in front of dogs waiting their turns

제주 케이지 Jeju – Dogs in crushed in cages for long hours of transport

제주 케이지 쇠막대 Jeju – Workers jab at dogs as they cry out in agony

남양주 꼬리 짤린 개 Namyangju – Dog with tail cut off and bloody infected wounds everywhere

남양주 아픈 개 Namyangju – Very sick dog

남양주 음식쓰레기 속의 어미 개 Namyangju – Mommy dog in food waste

남양주 젖이 부은 어미개와 새끼개 – Namyangju – Mommy dog with swollen breast and her puppies

군산 수조 안의 개 Gusan – Dog in water tank at a slaughterhouse

의정부 등가죽이 벗겨진 개 Euijeongbu – Dog with her back skin missing

강원도 짧은 비극 Gangwondo – Dead puppies tossed like garbage

Click to watch more undercover videos by StopIt! Korea Campaign

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