Yeoju Daeshin-myeon, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants

Yeoju Daeshin-myeon Director Yeon Soon-Heum

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

In Yeoju, there are countless dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets, and restaurants where the dogs, who have been tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging, or beating, and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry and are subject to the same cruelty.

👉 Click HERE for the list of dog farms and slaughterhouses in Yeoju.

Video: Starved dogs in dog meat farm in Yeoju, South Korea. Korea Animal Welfare Association.

Photo: Dog frozen to death in Yeoju dog farm. Korea Animal Welfare Association.

A Search Engine reveals the sickening scale of Yeoju’s dog meat demand.

Shown below are two search results on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) – the first one was for so-called “Health Centers,” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju), and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants.”

The searches resulted in dozens of 92 Health Food Shops and 72 restaurants in the vicinity of Yeoju.

Even if half of these ‘Health’ Centers and restaurants serve dog and cat ‘ingredients’ in one form or another, just imagine how many dog/cat slaughterhouses must be present in the vicinity of Yeoju to supply these outlets.

There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption, yet these laws are blatantly ignored.

Call for Action

Video: Appalling Reality of South Korea’s Illegal Dog Farms (불법 개농장 참혹한 현실 – 제보자들 20200610)

Video: The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea

  1. Adeline Wong
    Adeline WongMay 3,21

    Filed petition on E-People.

  2. Janine Amano
    Janine AmanoMay 3,21

    I will never buy any korean product, so long this cruelty continue

  3. Veronika Meyer-Zietz
    Veronika Meyer-ZietzMay 3,21

    shut down dogmeatfarms. put the responsable peoplde into the cages.

  4. Lilia Birleson
    Lilia BirlesonMay 3,21

    What kind of people are you to allow this brutality and torture to innocent Animals to keep happening. We are the 21st century and this cruelty to animals has to stop. Cats and dogs are domesticated and they bring pleasure to people and they are treated with kindness and Respect there lives matter too. All around the World people treat Dogs and Cats as there pets at home these Animals bring joy and happiness to families World wide. What you are allowing to happen in your Country is illegal and you have to stop this now. Those that are involved in the brutal murder of defenceless animals should be prosecuted and imprisoned for there act of cruelty to innocent Animals. What are you teaching your children and future generations that this unnecceary killing of innocent animals is acceptable. Cats and dogs should not be used for for human consumption. It is wrong and cruel. Shame on you the Korean Government for allowing this to continue. You are weak and pathetic you the Korean Government do not have the strength and power. You are allowing evil people to control your Country.
    You are weak and pathetic and useless.
    What is the matter with you people.
    Allowing these horrific acts to go in in your Country. Allowing these poor excuses of human beings to continue to torture innocent animals.
    Shame on you the Korean Government.
    All countries around the World despise you people. For allowing this to go on. No country will ever respect your politicians until you stop this misery and cruelty to helpless Animals to innocent and helpless Animals. They deserve to have quality of life. SHAME ON YOU

  5. margarita camus
    margarita camusMay 3,21

    This is criminal. No living being can be submitted to such cruelty and to be eaten just for the pleasure of 10 minutes!!!! Its unconceivable and must be ended at all costs!

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