Appalling Reality of South Korea’s Illegal Dog Farms

불법 개농장 참혹한 현실 [제보자들] 20200610

Please click the video to watch the documentary by KBS, Korea’s major broadcast company, reporting on the appalling reality of South Korea’s dog farms and dog meat industry.

The Korean government does nothing to stop the illegal dog meat industry unless a report is filed with the evidence provided. The government’s response, almost always, is “without the laws, our hands are tied” even though their existing laws make dog meat industry illegal.

👉Click HERE for the laws regarding the dog meat industry.

The complaints against the dog farmers/butchers get dismissed by the indifferent government, and the poor dogs get brutally slaughtered.

Only a very few lucky dogs get rescued by animal organizations operating with limited financial resources with no support from their shameful government. This is a disgrace for a nation which boasts economic power in the world with global high tech brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, and LG among many. This is why we campaign and why we ask you to add you voice to stop these atrocities against our loyal best friends.

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