Animal Shelters in South Korea exposed as shameful money-making rackets?

“Dog meat was eaten from the time of our ancestors so there is no need to argue whether it’s legal or illegal…because it’s just food.” so stated one ignorant South Korean during the ‘celebration’ of Boknal.

How many of these people celebrating their healthy diet of dog-meat realize that they could be eating meat from a dog that was formerly a pet? Shockingly, it has been uncovered that some so-called ‘Health Food Centers’ source their dog-meat from farms which slaughter pet breeds – and not nicely, either – but by smashing their heads in with a hammer, or using an industrial blowtorch to kill them.

Where do these slaughterhouses get these former pets from? Another investigation has found that some city shelters are not operating in the interests of their rescued animals. In the City of Dongducheon, dogs in their shelter ‘disappeared’, with some animals being traced to dog-meat farms, or ‘adopted’ out to breeding farms with similarly inhumane conditions. Animals were also found in this shelter with serious physical or parasitic infections that were left untreated – and the animals were even released to ‘new owners’ without a vetting process – owners who were found to be equally negligent.

Many shelters are kept in a deplorable condition, with excrement and animal carcasses being left within the animals’ living spaces. One such shelter, in Anseong City, was kept in such a disgusting and neglected state that it caught fire, resulting in the hideous death of over 260 cats and dogs.

Figures compiled over the last few years also show that, across the country, there is an alarming rise in the number of animals dying of ‘natural causes’ within these city shelters. Government shelters do not seem to be testing for disease nor do they employ basic medical treatment. And, now that more and more local government departments have begun to implement a ‘no-kill’ policy (in other words the animals are not being euthanized), it appears that the percentage of animals allegedly dying from illness or accident, has risen significantly.

In short, these are not shelters; some of the people running them care nothing for the animals but are using them to line their own pockets, as part of a money-making racket, which goes on unchallenged in many places.

This has to be stopped. Any animal that is in need of ‘Shelter’ must not be neglected, or passed on for abuse, or worse.

What are the Korean Government, or City Officials doing about this? Why are they so neglectful of their duties towards animals in their care?

We want answers, and we want to see change.

Photo: Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE). Animal Shelter in Gumi, South Korea.
Photo: Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE). Animal Shelter in Gumi, South Korea.

Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) Campaign to cease the practice of allowing the unnecessary and slow, torturous deaths of the dogs at South Korea’s animal shelters.

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[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

[유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 '자연사'의 비밀

Photos: Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA)’s Campaign to prevent the “Painful Death” at the South Korea’s Animal Shelters. [유기동물] 고통사 방지 활동 ① 유기동물 보호소 ‘자연사’의 비밀


  1. Ewa Stein
    Ewa SteinJanuary 14,20

    this is the biggest horror to man’s best friends, dogs and cats I can imagine.

  2. Lona Hansen
    Lona HansenJanuary 15,20

    Disgusting, how evil people who do this to defenceless animals. Why does the government not stop this, it us uncivilised.
    You don’t have hearts. I shall avoid buying products produced in South Korea, I do not like people treating animals the way you do in your country.

  3. Alan Linn
    Alan LinnAugust 21,20

    This is simply unbelievable that there are still people in this world that continue to torture, abuse, kill and then eat dogs and cats, even after all of the protests for many years, from all over the world. How cruel can these people be, without any care for these animals? It makes me very upset to see the looks on these animals… some faces of unfounded hope that they may get out of their situation and other’s faces of despair and death. Totally wrong, wrong, wrong, no matter how you look at it. These animals deserve better.

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