February 2023 – Monthly update from ARK shelter in Korea

Sharing for Animal Rights Korea (ARK) Shelter.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you again for your support in saving the lives at ARK shelter. It seems winter is finally over (hopefully), and we can smell the spring approaching around the shelter. In February, we had two of our ARK dogs fly out to North America to find their home. They are waiting patiently in their foster home for their family to arrive. If anyone would like to adopt our dogs, please let us know. Sienna (Female, 4 yrs old) is in Vancouver, BC and Giorno (Male, 4 yrs old) is in Los Angeles.

Improvement at the shelter is ongoing as well. Some parts of the roof were revamped to prevent rain leakage. As of the 30th of March, 7 dogs have been relocated to a training facility to be trained to cohabitate with people. Judy, Rom, Lovely, Sally, Shasha, and Bloomy are getting trained. They are doing wonderful as they are naturally well-behaving dogs. Please wish them all the best in completing their training and finding homes. Thank you!

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