🐶🐕 March 2023 – Monthly update from ARK shelter in Korea

Sharing for Animal Rights Korea (ARK) Shelter.

Dear Supporters,

It’s almost spring at ARK. Winter looked like it would never end, but the breeze finally felt different today.

March was a busy month at ARK:
– We attended the K-Pet fair twice (one in Suwon and the other one in Seoul)
– Whistler found her forever home in the UK and took her freedom flight on the 22nd of March(She’s now known as Maisie)

We were fortunate enough to get a free booth from the organizer at the K-pet fair, and we worked on fundraising for the shelter. The theme was to help the dogs get the necessary training to get adopted. Thanks to the many sponsors, we were able to raise more than $10K just from two pet fairs. The next one is scheduled for May, and we will be there to let people know our situation.

We are the only shelter in the world where the sole residents are dog meat farm survivors. It is sad but uniquely true, and we are eager to get all our dogs to find their forever family soon.

We continue improving the shelter environment, moving some dogs to boarding places so the remaining dogs can stay in bigger pens.

Currently, we have a total of 146 dogs
35 dogs at boarding facilities
7 at training facilities
2 in foster care
102 at ARK Shelter

Our goal is to get all the dogs adopted, so we have had to prioritize which dogs get the socialization skills needed first, as we obviously can’t afford for all the dogs to go. For the month of March, just for the boarding and training of the dogs alone, the cost is more than $7K. It’s a lot, but we find these necessary costs to expedite the adoptions. It’s a huge cost for a small shelter like ours. Please consider increasing the donation.

Again, thanks for your continuous care and love for ARK.

From ARK Team.

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