ARK119 successfully shut down a dog slaughterhouse in Goyang.

Sharing for: Animal Rescue Korea 119 (ARK119).

It’s very difficult to shut down a dog slaughterhouse. With patience and diligence, we surveilled the dog slaughterhouse for three nights, trying to catch the slaughter scene. It took us another three days to finally be able to raid the scene.

Ultimately, we succeeded in raiding the slaughterhouse, thanks to your tips.
The slaughterhouse owner had given up and surrendered the surviving dogs.
The City of Goyang is preparing a space in their shelter to isolate the dogs who survived this slaughterhouse.

We ask for your interest and attention so that the dogs who survived this slaughterhouse are not euthanized. A total of 30 dogs were rescued, including 3 Dosas, 15 Jindo Mix, Retriever mix, Balbari, and others. We would be very grateful if Adoption, Rescue organizations, and shelters, could help save these dogs.

Tomorrow, checkups and vaccinations will be provided to the dogs at the Goyang City shelter. After that, the dogs will be available for any interested adoption organizations to take.

Applicants wishing to adopt, please contact: – 010-9045-5585

⏩ Application for Participation in the mission to shut down the dog meat industry =>
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▶ 2022 National campaign to shut down the dog meat industry – Fundraising Target: 9,900,000 Korean Won (approximately USD $7,700)
Shinhan Bank 100-035-575352 Animal Rescue Korea 119
Fundraising Code 5 (ex: Hong Gil-dong 5)

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  1. Cora Oudni
    Cora OudniJuly 22,22

    Pour les animaux dans le monde


    je ne comprends pas que l’on n’arrête pas ces meurtriers. Il faudrait monter un commando pour aller sauver toutes ces pauvres bêtes qui ne font rien de mal. Pour moi, c’est inacceptable surtout sur notre terre.

  3. Lilia Birleson
    Lilia BirlesonJuly 22,22

    This is barbaric. This is MURDER. This is illegal and we need to shut down qll these illegal farms NOW.

  4. Trevor Barlow
    Trevor BarlowJuly 22,22

    Well done to Ark 119. I sign all petitions and support as many as I can afford. Sadly not as many as I would like but I wish you all well in your efforts to stop this terrible trade. Regards Trevor

  5. Rosana Trevisan
    Rosana TrevisanJuly 22,22


  6. Pat moore
    Pat mooreJuly 22,22

    I wouldn’t like to put into words what I think of this country😤😤😈😈🚮🚮🚮

  7. Susan cooper
    Susan cooperJuly 25,22

    Thankyou to ark119 for doing what you can to stop this sickening barbaric trade !

  8. Debbie Walsh
    Debbie WalshJuly 25,22

    You are all doing a wonderful job saving the dogs and also informing the world of the terrible atrocities of the dog meat trade in your country .

  9. tamara beinlich
    tamara beinlichJuly 25,22

    You know the ones wearing collars were stolen! No dog meat seller puts collars on their dogs! It’s a shame very few people put microchips in the dogs or you would be able to find their owners.

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