Burbank Mayor Gabel-Luddy and Council Member Murphy respond to ‘Call to Action’ against the dog meat trade

Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy

The Los Angeles Times reported, on August 3, 2018, that “Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy and Councilman Tim Murphy will be sending a letter to the mayor of Incheon, South Korea, regarding the recent controversial issue involving the killing of dogs for meat consumption.” Click HERE to read the article.

We asked Burbank to take action against the dog meat trade in their Sister City, Incheon, in South Korea, and Mayor Gabel-Luddy and Councilman Murphy responded to our concerns very quickly; we are very grateful to them both for their swift action, and for supporting our campaign.

It was also reported that: “Burbank City Council members discussed on Tuesday whether they, as a whole, should send a letter to Incheon Mayor Park Nam-Chun commending him for not supporting illegal dog farms and the consumption of dog meat in his city.” Therefore, it seems clear that Burbank City Council has already been in contact with the Incheon Mayor, Park Nam-Chun, and received a response from him, in which he stated that he does not support the dog meat trade in his city.

We hope that Mayor Park was giving a genuine response to Burbank’s concerns, and that he realizes that it is not enough to just ‘state’ that he does not support this illegal industry but that he must also act on his assurances to Burbank, by taking immediate action to begin shutting down all aspects of the dog meat trade in Incheon.

We will be watching Mayor Park and keeping the pressure on, for him to take purposeful action in this respect.

However, should Mayor Park’s intentions not be genuine, we are still very aware that the action taken by Mayor Gabel-Luddy and Councilman Murphy will help tremendously in our fight to end the dog meat trade in Incheon and to reduce the cruelty inflicted on so many helpless animals, and we are very grateful for their compassion and action.

Click HERE to see our campaign.
We sent Mayor Gabel-Luddy, Council member Murphy and all the members of the Burbank City Council a thank you email as below:

Dear Mayor Gabel-Luddy and Council Member Murphy,

We are so happy that you are taking a stand against the wrongdoing of the South Korean dog and cat meat trades in Incheon, one of the largest cities in South Korea, with the highest rate of dog consumption in the country.

From all of our supporters across the world, we send our sincere thanks.

We are encouraged that Incheon Mayor Park Nam-Chun has stated that he does not support the illegal dog farms or the consumption of dog meat in his city. Unfortunately, the dog and cat meat trades continue to operate within Incheon City’s jurisdiction and there is no evidence that the Mayor’s Office has taken any action to either stop the operations or close down any dog meat farms.

As you know, actions speak louder than words, and we know from past experience dealing with Korean officials that stated intentions, if not backed up by corresponding action, count for very little.

Therefore, we sincerely urge you to suggest to Mayor Park and his administration that they start the ball rolling by, for example, drawing up an Animal Welfare Plan as the progressive Mayor of Jeonju, Mayor Kim Seung-Su, has already done in his plan ( to close down dog and cat meat trades in his city.

We are confident that Mayor Kim and the former Mayor of Bucheon, Mr. Kim Man-Soo, who, last year, began work on making his city dog-meat free, would be only too happy to collaborate with Mayor Park on a way forward to end the dog and cat meat trades in Incheon. We would like to ask if you would please suggest this idea to Mayor Park.

Thank you again for taking compassionate action and not ignoring animal cruelty, which makes an enormous difference and weights the scales advantageously in the fight for right for those animals.


Giny Woo

Video: Dog farm in Incheon, South Korea.

  1. Birgit Müller
    Birgit MüllerAugust 9,18

    Wenn das stimmt, dann 1000 Dank an alle, die geholfen haben das zu erreichen, und an Bürgermeister Gabel-Luddy und Ratsmitglied Murphy!

  2. Claudia Kern
    Claudia KernAugust 21,18

    Lasst die Tiere leben ihr habt nicht das Recht dazu sie zu töten zu quälen und schon gar nicht zu essen .

  3. Claudia Kern
    Claudia KernAugust 21,18

    Das sind Gottes Geschöpfe

  4. Dr Lori Ugolik
    Dr Lori UgolikAugust 23,18

    Please draw up
    a plan for your sister city to ban dog and cat meat as progressive mayors have done in South Korea

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