CARE shuts down a dog farm in Incheon; puppies and dogs are transferred to Incheon City Animal Shelter.

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)

The Watchdog team of Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) is on the quest to shut down one thousand dog farms/slaughterhouses around the country. In the service of that mission, on August 17, they called Incheon City Shelter to come out to an illegal dog farm and transfer 15 puppies and dogs to the Incheon City Shelter for safekeeping. Over the years many people have filed complaints to the city government about the barking and crying of dogs at that dog farm, but nothing was done about it. The CARE team took action and forced the Incheon government to relocate the dogs.

Dogs were routinely being slaughtered at this dog farm. Electric iron rods commonly used for slaughtering dogs in Korea were found at the scene. CARE was able to pressure the farmer to give up all of his dogs, but later the farm owner changed his mind and demanded that CARE leave one large puppy behind. He stated that he intended to kill and eat the puppy in about two months, when the puppy had grown bigger! CARE, however, made sure that all the puppies and dogs were removed from the premises and taken to the Incheon City Shelter.

Because CARE is already providing for a large number of dogs and were not in a position to take on the additional responsibility of caring for the dogs rescued from this dog farm, they arranged for the City Shelter to care for these animals. CARE did, however, rescue the one puppy that the dog farmer wanted to keep to eat later. The city has promised to return to the dog farm with a tranquilizer dart to capture the last dog that kept dodging their rescue efforts; CARE will follow up on that to make sure they keep their promise.

It was important for CARE to make sure that these animals were taken to the City Shelter to ensure their safety. Even though the reality is that many dogs in the city run shelters who do not get adopted are euthanized, at least they will not have to endure a terrible existence on the dog farm and a cruel and agonizing death, all for the purpose of being consumed for dog meat. It is also critical to make sure the dog farmer stops breeding dogs in the future, and that all administrative actions are taken against him for the multiple violations committed by this dog farmer.

We do want to address an issue that we observed while watching the video of the dogs being transferred to the City Shelter. We noticed that one of the members of the Watchdog team was handling the dogs in what appeared to be a rather rough manner, and we found that to be inappropriate. We immediately reached out to the director of CARE who agreed with us and promised to address this issue. While not an excuse for the worker’s behavior, the director did share with us that they are exposed to so much horror in the course of their job that they find it necessary to emotionally distance themselves so they don’t break down. We can certainly understand; it’s difficult enough to watch the videos, much less be a part of the rescue operation.

We will be filing an e-People petition to the city of Incheon demanding the following:
1. That Incheon’s Veterinary Association dog transporter utilizes more humane methods when handling and transporting dogs
2. That the city of Incheon stop their dereliction of duty and respond with appropriate action to all civil complaints about illegal dog farms
3. That the city stops their irresponsible adoptions where dogs are adopted by dog farmers, dog butchers, and/or people who cause immense suffering to dogs by leaving them outside on a short 2 ft leash and feeding them garbage.

4. That the city close down all illegal dog meat industry.

👉 Click HERE to watch the video of CARE dismantling the empty dog cages at this dog farm.

Despite the oversight by one of their team members, which was immediately addressed, CARE and their Watchdog team continue to work tirelessly to find and shut down as many of these dog farms as possible, and remove the dogs and puppies from a terrible life and death. You can follow their work on their Facebook page and watch livestream videos of their investigation of dog farms. But they desperately need your help. Please support CARE and their mission to bring an end to the dog meat industry in Korea by donating whatever you can afford. Thank you!

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Below are more livestream videos from CARE investigating dog farms in a village in Incheon Seo-gu district:

Our e-People petition to the city of Incheon is as below:

To the city of Incheon and the Incheon Veterinary Association Shelter Management,

I watched the below video of Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) which features the shutting down of a dog farm in Incheon and then the sending 15 dogs from this horrific farm to Incheon City Shelter.

I would like to ask the following questions of the city of Incheon and the Incheon Veterinary Association Shelter Management:

1. Transport of rescued dogs:
In the video a man wearing a burgundy color t-shirt is handing dogs in a very rough and unprofessional way by grabbing their neck causing severe pain and fear for these poor dogs who have already suffered so much already. You can see this man is using this cruel method to transport even small puppies. This is a method that is used mainly by dog meat butchers and it should not be used by the employees of the Veterinary Association. Please urgently provide advice and train them to stop handling the dogs in cruel ways and instead use more humane methods to transport and handle them.

2. Adoption:
It is a very common position in Korea that anyone can come to a city shelter and adopt a dog without any background or home check. Many dogs end up back into the dog meat industry or end up in a life of suffering of being tied up outside on a short leash or chain for their entire life. It is better to humanely euthanize them than to force them into a life of utter misery. Therefore, please implement a policy at these city shelters to conduct proper due diligence before possession of the dogs are handed over to an adopter. Make sure that these dogs will be safe, loved and provided a proper living condition before you hand over the dogs in your care. People all over the world are watching and want to see these improvements being made to your shelters immediately.

3. Enforcement of laws:
The dog farm in this raid received numerous complaints from your citizens previously, but the city of Incheon did not take any action until CARE asked you to come out and remove the dogs from this dog farm. Why did the Incheon government not take any action? Why do you turn a blind eye to the unspeakable suffering of these helpless animals as well as neglect your duty to respond to complaints and enforce your laws? This kind of incompetence and indifference has to stop.

4. Illegal Dog Meat industry:
Please shut down all illegal dog farms, slaughterhouses and dog meat restaurants, geongangwon (so called Health Food Shops) operating in Incheon immediately. The Dog meat industry is illegal and the city of Incheon has neglected to enforce the laws for too long. It is time to enforce the laws and restore morality and ethics back in the Incheon government. Please refer to the legal information regarding dog meat consumption in South Korea published by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates):

I look forward to your response.

CARE’s Facebook livestream post in Korean.

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