Columbia Councilman Nauser speaks out and takes follow-up action.

Positive news is always good to share, so we are pleased to report that Ms Nauser, on December 22, 2016 a councilman of the City of Columbia replied to our campaign/petition, urging Columbia to contact their Sister City of Suncheon, in South Korea. She advised us that she understands that Suncheon has “moved to ban this hideous activity” [of the dog and cat meat trades]. Ms Nauser also publicly stated that they should “not be associated with any place that consumes dogs”. We are very grateful to Ms Nauser for this public confirmation, and for making it clear that “This practice certainly does not meet our [City of Columbia] community values.” They are now looking further into this matter, and we wrote to them again, asking if they could forward to us some confirmation of the result of this inquiry.

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Please send an email thanking Ms. Nauser for responding to our concern. You can use our suggested message below or your own words.

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Dear Ms Nauser:

I would like to thank you for responding to our concerns raised via the recent petition on about the mistreatment, torture and consumption of companion animals in Columbia’s Sister City Suncheon.

Both domestic and international pressure on this issue is required if we are going to incite some real change in South Korea, so I kindly urge that you reach out to Suncheon until affirmative action has been taken by their authorities to end the horrific and illegal practice of the dog and cat meat trade for good. Thank you again for your efforts here.

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  1. Elaine Brum
    Elaine BrumJanuary 1,17

    Stop the killing and eating dogs and cats .

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