President Moon Jae-in’s proposed amendment for a new Constitution – “Establishing National Policy on Animal Protection”

Korean news Hankyoreh reported on March 20, 2018, that if the new Constitution to be proposed by President Moon Jaein passes, provisions for a national policy on animal protection will be established.

On March 20th, Cheongwadae (Blue House, the presidential residence) announced part of the bill for a Constitutional amendment, stating that they have created provisions to establish a national policy on animal protection as well as stipulating a right to life to animals. The details were not disclosed, but according to Cheongwadae officials it is absolutely certain that provisions for animal protection are included. If the Constitution stipulates animal protection as the nation’s responsibility, changes in lower level legislation can also be expected.

Under the current civil law, humans and objects are defined; animals are considered objects, a possession by humans. However, the proposed constitution will specify humans, animals, and objects separately.

Mr. Ha Seung-Soo, Attorney and Vice Chairman of the Special Advisory Committee on National Constitution stated, “Under the current civil laws, animals are considered objects, but if the Constitution is amended, animal protection becomes the responsibility of the nation (government) and specific laws and regulations will be established.”

Animal rights groups that have been campaigning for the constitutional amendment expressed their excitement. Korea Animal Rights Advocates'(KARA) director Jeon Jinkyeong stated that, “The significance of establishing an animal protection policy means that the government takes responsibility for the animals in a judicial way. It is a first among Asian countries. While India declared animal rights in their Constitution ahead of us, the proposed amendment is expected to go one step further.” Ms. Jeon also said, “There has been difficulty in animal protection such as with puppy mills and mass animal disposal because the nation’s responsibility is not clarified in the law, but if the constitution is amended as proposed than we expect that there will be big changes.”

KARA stated that one disappointment is, that despite these progressive developments, the proposed amendment still falls short of acknowledging animals as “living organisms with the right not to be subject to suffering or unjust treatment”.

KARA also stated that it is up to the National Assembly to decide whether to vote on the constitutional amendment in June; unfortunately, there is currently no consensus in the national assembly on the amendment provisions. KARA stated that if Cheongwadae is as persuasive with the assembly about the necessity of this amendment as they have shown us they can be, and actively directs the process, we are hopeful the amendment will pass. Click HERE to learn more from KARA’s post.

Switzerland, Germany, and Ecuador are the countries that have defined animal protection. Switzerland has stipulated in their Constitution the dignity of life for all animals, and Germany has also included animal protection provisions in their Constitution. Ecuador goes one step further and gives rights to nature as well.

Click “Take Action” below add your voice to the petitions organized by the Korean animal rights activists campaigning for the amendment of constitution.

Photos: Constitution Amendment on Environment Panel Discussion on November 16, 2017 “ Inclusion of Human, Animal, Nature to the Constitution”. KARA.

  1. Alexis Adams
    Alexis AdamsMarch 22,18

    Thank you!!!!

    • Sandra Lytle
      Sandra LytleMarch 22,18

      A real positive step forward for South Korea. If this passes I and the rest of the world will think better of South Korea

    • June Barron I?
      June Barron I?March 22,18

      Oh ! please let this happen it could be fantastic news and would put President Moon and South Korea in the spotlight for the right reasons. This could show the world that South Korea is a caring compassionate country. I am keeping my fingers crossed

    • Marlene L Hood
      Marlene L HoodMarch 24,18

      We are watching!

  2. Jo Ardell
    Jo ArdellMarch 22,18

    This can not happen soon enough! These poor animals Dogs and Cats deserve a better life, free from misery, torture, neglect, pain, and suffering The animals deserve decent humane care, good food and fresh water, clean kennel space and protection from the elements. They deserve Love and Kind Treatment and to live their lives in peace and safety.

  3. Jo Ardell
    Jo ArdellMarch 22,18

    Please End The Dog and Cat Meat Trade as soon as possible, for the sake of Dogs and Cats. They deserve to live their lives Free From Torture, and Free From Suffering.

  4. Joanna
    JoannaMarch 22,18

    Please, be sure that they make the right paragraphs and New lows, that Protect animals rights.

  5. Laura Duran
    Laura DuranMarch 22,18

    So happy to hear the good news. This is indeed a positive beginning for the proud people of South Korea. Thank you for sparing the beautiful animals of your country. Thank you for caring.

  6. Laura Duran
    Laura DuranMarch 22,18

    So happy to hear the good news. This is indeed a positive beginning for the proud people of South Korea. Thank you for sparing the beautiful animals of your country. Thank you for caring.

    JESS OWENMarch 22,18

    Fantastic news and better late than never. A long way to go but at least the first steps have been taken. Please don’t delay, this can’t come soon enough. The world is watching and waiting to see a real 21st century South Korea where animal welfare is a real priority. YOU SIR HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THIS A REALITY

  8. Mary mcmahon
    Mary mcmahonMarch 22,18

    This is amazing news. I’m afraid to get my hopes up. Will keep praying.

  9. Sheri DeOrio
    Sheri DeOrioMarch 22,18

    I hope this passes. The animals deserve not to be mistreated. If this passes, people all over the world will think much better of South Korea.

  10. Pat Murphy
    Pat MurphyMarch 22,18

    Does this also mean they will NOT be torturing and eating CATS and DOGS??!!! And that ALL providences will KNOW the NEW LAWS??!! So that those who WILL still torture and eat these fur babies will be held accountable and jailed???!!!!!

  11. Linda Badham
    Linda BadhamMarch 23,18


  12. Kimberly orbell
    Kimberly orbellMarch 24,18

    Hope they keep their promise on this important issue,

  13. Christina Woods
    Christina WoodsMarch 25,18

    Please end this suffering to these animals now.end the cat and dog meat trade now

  14. Gayle Carroll
    Gayle CarrollMarch 27,18

    I hope and pray that the dog meat trade will end. My heartfelt thanks to all the activists working tirelessly to stop it. Please President Moon Jae In let the world see a compassionate South Korea. Protect God’s creations.

  15. Elvis
    ElvisMarch 27,18

    Animals can become friends, socialize
    Animal suffer the same as long as humans, they cry, look for mom, feel pain, desire rispect.

  16. Linda Badham
    Linda BadhamApril 2,18


  17. Manuela Maier
    Manuela MaierJune 25,21

    Hoffentlich ich bin noch misstrauisch! Dieses Leid der armen Tiere muss endlich aufhören!

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