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Update on 4/18/2021: I would like to thank everyone who had contacted Facebook to request that they reinstate my role as admin of our Facebook page. I am back to being the admin of this page and can post again! YAY!! 👍

To our supporters,

I am Giny Woo and I started this campaign to stop the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea about 10 years ago in 2011. That is when I set up a Facebook page: Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea.

About a week ago, I was blocked from posting to this Facebook page by Facebook. Facebook changed my role as Administrator of the page to moderator which does not have access to post to the page.

I have requested Facebook to help several times but they have not responded to me at all. I don’t know what brought about this action by Facebook.

Right now, there is nothing that I can do to change Facebook’s position. Our campaign against the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea is essential in helping to save many innocent lives. Perhaps the support of our followers can influence Facebook to unblock my posts and to correctly reinstate my status as administrator, through your comments directly to Facebook. We must continue our work to stop the dog and cat meat cruelty in South Korea. I hope this block is a temporary measure and not a permanent one but I really don’t know what Facebook plans to do.

I just wanted to make sure all of our supporters know that if you don’t see any recent posts on our Facebook page, it doesn’t mean we have stopped our campaign.

So, what do we do now?
To follow our campaign and for call to actions, please subscribe to our newsletter from our homepage: KOREANDOGS.ORG
Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Enter your email address to subscribe. *”. Then, you need to confirm your email from the email you receive. If you don’t confirm your email, your subscription will not be complete. So, don’t forget this important step. We send out newsletters regularly and you would want to stay up to date on the news and campaigns.

Since I can still post on my personal Facebook account, you can follow me on Facebook for now.

Also, follow us on other social media accounts such as Twitter:

There have been many challenges and hurdles since I had begun this campaign and this is just another one. Facebook’s action is detrimental to the welfare of millions of dogs and cats horribly abused and slaughtered in South Korea, but I have to accept that there are certain things in life I have no control over. Please send your comments to Facebook for reconsideration of their censorship. Together, we can overcome these challenges.

And I will try to remember this story of the Old Farmer to ease my frustration.

We will keep going with our campaign. And I need your support and action more than ever.

Thank you for caring!!

  1. Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan MitchellApril 17,21

    Thanks for the great work you do, Giny. Facebook’s dishonesty and hypocrisy make me extremely angry.

  2. Ray Morris
    Ray MorrisApril 17,21

    I’ve contacted Facebook regarding this and await their response. Keep up the good fight please.

  3. Kay Reading
    Kay ReadingApril 17,21

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I will contact Facebook also.

  4. Maria O Donnell
    Maria O DonnellApril 17,21

    This is terrible, this is so important to get the DCMT stopped. You are a hero.

  5. Jörg
    JörgApril 17,21

    I’m not a user of any social network, but I’ve contacted facebook, too. Thank you, Giny for all what you do!!!

  6. Jane Nash
    Jane NashApril 18,21

    Have contacted Facebook. Don’t understand why they have done this, when they allow animal abusers to post information on their platform and don’t remove it!!

  7. Hanny Overklift
    Hanny OverkliftAugust 1,22

    I understand, Facebook has me blocked once, because I left a comment on facebook about this horrible dog/cat meat trade. It is disgusting, and that it is still allowed?! I just do not understand this!!! Facebook does allow these animal abusers tp put the most cruel pictures of the terrible abused cats and dogs! I did contact FB, but they don’t reply! But keep up the good work, no matter what!!

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