Call for Action: Update of the rescue animals from an illegal dog slaughterhouse at Goyang Seulmun-dong!

Sharing for Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA).

👉 Read more about the rescue:

At the emergency rescue on December 9, a total of 35 animals have been rescued from the slaughterhouse, including 34 dogs and 1 mini pig. Since these animals are evidences of animal abuse, they have been staying at Goyang City Animal Shelter until now, as ownership issues have not been resolved.

KARA activists have organized daily care groups to visit the animals, feeding nutritious porridge and checking for health details.

😢 Dogs were traded at the auction house and brought to the slaughterhouse. Since they were in poor conditions for a long time, they were not in great shape. Two of them died shortly after arriving at the city shelter and within a day after rescue. The medical examination showed that some dogs were seriously infected with viruses such as parvo and corona, and two of them, who were vomiting blood, are recovering after emergency treatment at the animal hospital.
To make matters worse, a few days ago, a dog with distemper was found, and is being treated in isolation at the hospital, and we are closely watching other dogs’ conditions, too.
Worried about the bitter deep freeze, we got clothings for the dogs. We are taking care of the rescue animals in cooperation with Goyang City, but it is too bad that they have to stay outdoors in Goyang City Animal Shelter until the investigations and trials related to illegal dog slaughter is done. We desperately hope that the animals will regain their health soon and that the ownership issue will be resolved so that they can make a complete new start.
If these dogs had not been rescued, they would have been illegally slaughtered and might have been served on the table. We ask for your attention and support in the shutdown of the dog meat industry!🙏🙏
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Call for Action

📝 Suggested message

Request for immediate release of the dogs rescued from Goyang Seulmoon-dong dog slaughterhouse to Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA).

Please see the post by KARA:

The dogs, rescued from the Seulmoon-dong dog slaughterhouse, are currently at the Goyang City Shelter where they are being kept outside, unsheltered, in the bitter deep freeze. We ask that the City of Goyang release all of these dogs into the possession of Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) immediately so that they will be looked after by the staff at their indoor care facility. If these dogs are left outside with no protection from the unrelenting frigid weather, they will continue to suffer unimaginable torture. This will be a stain on Goyang’s image! So please, don’t delay any longer and take action now.

We also ask that you please locate all dog farms and slaughterhouses in your city and take immediate administrative action to shut them down. Please respond to our petition in both English and Korean.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  1. margarita camus
    margarita camusJanuary 5,21

    This is absolutely inhuman. No empathy, only cruel souls who simply don´t care. This must be stopped immediately!

  2. Vickie Kidwell
    Vickie KidwellJanuary 5,21

    The people who are mistreating the animals this way are below human and should be prosecuted.

  3. Margarita
    MargaritaJanuary 5,21

    I am sorry that this still exist

  4. Lea
    LeaJanuary 5,21

    Stop this INHUMANE poor treatment of animals it’s abuse SOS poor dogs!!!!

  5. Sherry Psychas
    Sherry PsychasJanuary 5,21

    This is such a sickening practice, and needs to be stopped

  6. Alba
    AlbaJanuary 5,21

    What wrong with this people??just take them in the vet .

  7. Kate saint
    Kate saintJanuary 5,21

    This is barbaric,cruel and obscene treatment of god’s sentient beings . Humans have no right to do this . Stop the dog meat trade immediately . NO NEED FOR IT AT ALL.

    CAROL WARNERJanuary 6,21


  9. Natsuha Koyama
    Natsuha KoyamaJanuary 6,21

    Animals are weak. Don’t bully the weak

    LISA TRENDALLJanuary 6,21

    Just how many more year’s is this sickening unnecessary meat industry going to go on? We have been fighting this for more year’s than I can remember, yet here we are in 2021 still saving Dog’s from their entrapment ! Korea and China along with basically most of the Far Eastern nations all consume Cat and Dog meat, making them live in the most horrendous conditions, not attending any medical treatment they may require, feeding them food and liquids that are only fit for throwing away. Opening cages with no protection throughout the fierce freezing cold winter’s and left in the putrid stench of pure filth, faeces and urine, even dead dog’s that have passed away and just left to rot away during the Summer months. It makes you wonder what would make anyone want to eat an animal that is and has been handled brutally, fed unhealthy fodder, that lives in utter filth making them open to all forms of viruses, plus most people take them alive to kill themselves ! Many still use the blow torch whilst the dog and Cat’s are still very much alive, even though this is now illegal in S.Korea, it’s a common gruesome method that is used. Why is it that that even in this day and age, practically every Oriental nation thrives on utter cruelty when it comes to animals and eating them?

  11. Cheryl Miller
    Cheryl MillerJanuary 6,21

    Help these great dogs!!! Please!!

  12. Robert Ricewasser
    Robert RicewasserJanuary 6,21

    This abuse & cruelty is both unconscious able & very inhumane. Please close all dog meat farms and stop the slaughter of dogs & cats for their meet & fur. All animals should be treated humanely and with respect.

  13. Evangeline Miranda
    Evangeline MirandaJanuary 6,21

    Please stop animal abuse and cruelty.

  14. Elaine Parker
    Elaine ParkerJanuary 6,21

    Please stop the inhumane treatment of these dogs. Dogs feel just as much as humans. Treat them with respect!

  15. Diana Beltrán
    Diana BeltránJanuary 6,21

    Esto es vergonzoso… Doloroso!!! Alto con estos abusos

  16. Tam winnie
    Tam winnieJanuary 6,21

    Please stop animal abuse🙏🏻

  17. Tam cat
    Tam catJanuary 6,21

    Please stop animal abuse🙏🏻

  18. Denise MacGregor
    Denise MacGregorJanuary 6,21

    I continue to be appalled by the way dogs are treated in your country. Please show some compassion and provide these dogs with food, shelter and medication so that they are living in tolerable conditions.

  19. Susan Swain
    Susan SwainJanuary 6,21

    no animals should be left out in the cold they feel the cold just like humans it’s time would the change the way animals are treated to much cruelty to such to such beautiful animals

  20. Séverine PELLOUARD
    Séverine PELLOUARDJanuary 6,21

    Ces bouffeurs de tout ce qui leur passe devant la gueule me dégoûtent ils n’ont pas de cerveau

    TERRY TC CALLOWJanuary 6,21

    All this so called stars on tv need to get off their arses and do something decent for once in their lives and get behind a campaign to protest all those countries involved in this horrendous business to put an end to it once and for all. Ricky Gervais is a decent guy pity all these “stars” aren’t more like him.

  22. Juliet E Farquharson
    Juliet E FarquharsonJanuary 6,21

    Please help!!!!!

  23. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakJanuary 6,21

    those who do that are simply the sub-humans …. even the animals are unable to do what that sub-humans do to them .. SK so advanced country, and so cruel …. some people did not evolve , I boycott this country, I point my finger on all products with SK label, we have to do it !!! all of us !!

  24. Christine PHILLIPS
    Christine PHILLIPSJanuary 6,21

    Monnterous boycott evil Korea

  25. shijo
    shijoJanuary 6,21

    God does not pay on Saturday … but he pays! you will burn in hell but not after death: it will come here for you in this life, cursed!

  26. Ewa Stein
    Ewa SteinJanuary 8,21

    Horrific, barbaric cruelty! I will boycott all S. Korea products.

  27. Mirna
    MirnaJanuary 8,21

    Basta de crueldad

  28. Diane
    DianeJanuary 10,21

    I will boycott all S Korean products until this comes to an end. It is so disgusting to see human beings doing this to innocent animals.

  29. Sunny Singh
    Sunny SinghJanuary 11,21

    God bless all the helpers!!!

  30. Lynda Corns
    Lynda CornsJanuary 23,21

    Stop this barbaric horrific torture & killing of beautiful animals NOW We will Boycott ALL of your products You will be judged KARMA

  31. alessandra
    alessandraJanuary 26,21

    KARA siete fantastici!

  32. alessandra
    alessandraJanuary 27,21

    Tutti coloro che maltrattano gli animali sono esseri di cui non ci si può fidare

  33. Marco
    MarcoMarch 20,21

    Please, file petition with the South Korean government through e-People online!

  34. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisMay 23,21

    La crudeltà nei confronti di esseri indifesi è un crimine

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