All give thanks to Mayor Kim! The city of Jeonju is working towards becoming the “Second Dog Meat-Free City”

Jeonju Mayor Kim Seung-Su

Mayor Kim Seung-Su of Jeonju has been re-elected and we should send him a message of congratulations.

We have learned from, that Mayor Kim is young, charming, and vegan, and is willing to turn his city into a “Dog Meat- Free City”. Following Bucheon, his city will be the second city in South Korea to become dog meat- free. We support him in this endeavor and thank him for making the courageous and compassionate decision. Please send a quick email or postal letter to Mayor Kim today. You can use our suggested letter below or your own words. Click HERE to learn more about the recent collaboration between Mayor Kim and the Korean activists.

Call for Action

  • Send Email: [email protected]
  • Send postal letter:
    Mayor Kim Seung-Su
    Jeonju Government
    10 Nosonggwangjang-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabukdo-do, Postal Code 54994
    South Korea

    Address in Korean:
    김승수 전주시장님
    (54994) 전라북도 전주시 완산구 노송광장로 10
    South Korea

  • Suggested email and letter message

    Dear Mayor Kim Seung-Su,

    We send you many congratulations on your re-election as Mayor of Jeonju. This is great news, and, as we know, well-deserved, in particular for your hard work in enabling the closure of the illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses within your City.

    We understand that this is the first step in your commitment towards making Jeonju a ‘dog-meat-free’ City. We look forward to that day, and sincerely thank you for your progressive leadership in acting on behalf of the defenceless animals in your City.

    The world needs more upstanding people like you – thank you, Mayor Kim.

    [Your Name & City/Country]

Video: Several buses with the anti-dog meat message are operating in Jeonju, thanks to, Actions for Animals (Jeollabuk-do Group), and supporters like you.

Photo: The City of Jeonju and Animal Protection Group Work Together to Send Rescued Dogs from Osongje to Their Forever Homes!

  1. Susan lanzaro Schroeder
    Susan lanzaro SchroederJune 20,18

    Thank you card praises for your leadership in fighting the dogmeat industry.

  2. Carol Warner
    Carol WarnerJune 21,18

    Thank you for your compassion and kindness to dogs . You are a great human being .

  3. Sabine Keshani
    Sabine KeshaniJune 22,18

    Take against this cruel tradtion.

  4. atilla urbay
    atilla urbayJune 22,18

    must stop this primitive custom

  5. Salome
    SalomeJune 22,18

    This is not a tradition: it’s a modern travesty, a modern barbaric, inhumane treatment of innocent living beings who deserve justice just like we do. Stop this horrific madness immediately.

  6. Sherry
    SherryJune 22,18

    Poor helpless, gentle animals must have every protection possible from evil, sadistic people. Please save them from the horrific suffering. There must be harsh punishment for animal abuse of any kind.

  7. sharon
    sharonJune 24,18

    Thank you so much for helping all these innocent animals that are unable to defend themselves against the monsters of this world. Please keep fighting for more closures of these killing sites.

  8. Monica Zerbetto
    Monica ZerbettoJune 25,18


  9. Karen Hill
    Karen HillJune 25,18

    God bless you for helping and for your compassion towards these poor animals A BIG THANKYOU 😂

  10. Eric Martin
    Eric MartinJune 25,18

    Disgusting, soulless, heartless,h I wish I could be a fly on the wall when their judgement day comes.

  11. mimi topi
    mimi topiJune 25,18

    Thanks for your action. You are a gem, and the dog-met- free-cities too. Vegan hugs from Italy

  12. James Hoots
    James HootsJune 25,18

    Thank you for your bravery and compassion sir.

    RICHERE DEZIELJune 26,18

    Thank you so much to be compasionate and human !

  14. Maria
    MariaJune 26,18

    Sent a letter. I don’t think other Mayors who turn a blind eye to dog meat were ever congratulated for all over the world) Maybe Mayor Kim of Bucheon was.
    But, guys, don’t post it HERE, he won’t probably see it here, send a letter! It doesn’t take much time.

    HAZEL FIOREJune 26,18

    mayor Kim join us in the fight this has to stop if it doesn’t Korea will lose a lot of sales we will boycott we will not stop Dogmeat cat meat as the stop now

  16. paula
    paulaJune 27,18


  17. Linda Badham
    Linda BadhamJuly 2,18

    No fear no pain for the voiceless !

    MELISSA KUANJuly 5,18

    Please stop the cruelty! These animals are the most loving beings… they are truly man’s best friend and I can’t imagine the pain they’re going through. Not only physically, but emotionally.

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