Kia must speak out against the brutality of South Korea!

South Korea’s Conglomerates (called “Jaebol”) have an enormous power and influence over their government and people because they make up the majority of their economy and employ millions of people combined. When the Kia Management speaks, the President of Korea will listen. How disappointing and shameful it is, therefore, that despite its wealth and influence, Kia shows no interest in helping to fight the horrific and diabolic practice of dog and cat meat cruelty in their own country. These evil meat trades are a blight on their people and their homeland – for numerous reasons. So, why doesn’t Kia feel any social responsibility to take action? Why are they content to do nothing to help end this abhorrence?

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It’s time for Kia to speak up and do their part to bring an end to this illegal and unethical practice of brutalizing and eating man’s best friends. Please write to the management of Kia today!

Call for Action

Suggested Message to Kia

Subject: Kia, Help bring an end to the unacceptable and cruel South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trades!

To the management of Kia:

This is more than a question of “should man eat this type of meat?”: these are despicably cruel and uncivilized trades, which affect all levels of society in Korea: the children, who have to witness such overt acts of violence – dogs being electrocuted or beaten to death in front of them; the citizens who have to live with the harmful environmental impacts in their neighborhoods – filthy, unregulated effluent from dog farms, the noise of the suffering creatures, the stench from the uncleaned, excrement-filled cages; the national (and global) issue of meat entering the food chain which is not fit for human consumption – the animals are often fed on slops and fly-blown waste; the impending health crisis through the worldwide indiscriminate use of antibiotics – the animals are often pumped full of antibiotics to control infection and disease that are rife in these neglected creatures.

This is a two billion dollar industry – but one which has no place in a modern society, and certainly no place in a country that is as successful and prosperous as South Korea, a country which boasts achievements in urban development, manufacturing, and technology.

We are sure that you would never condone any inhumane or deliberately cruel act to any creature in your city, or country, but we want to remind you that it is not enough to just sit by and quietly disapprove of your fellow countrymen’s shameful behavior – you must stand up and take positive action to bring about a permanent end to the unacceptable dog and cat meat trades, and so end the abominable cruelty that is routinely involved in all parts of these trades.

What can you do? You can start by making it your company’s policy to ban the consumption of dog or cat meat products by your employees; you can educate your employees towards a more compassionate and understanding view of their companion animals; you can lobby your government to enact and enforce better animal protection laws, which would thereby end these trades.

We urge you to openly voice your opposition to these trades and, by doing so, let your customers know that you want your country to change – because, right now, many of your customers across the globe are finding it morally difficult to buy products from a company such as yours, who only seems concerned about profit, profit, greed … and profit.

Please, watch this video, see the truth for yourself – and then take action.
Thank you.

Online petitions:
* Kia: Help us to end the abhorrent cruelty and suffering of cats & dogs in your country.
* Boycott South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Cruelty! Boycott Kia!
* Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, POSCO, SK, FILA and all South Korean Companies: Adopt a company policy to ban dog and cat meat consumption!

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  1. Lisa Leonard
    Lisa LeonardJanuary 2,21

    Help end this now

  2. Kathy Peterson
    Kathy PetersonJanuary 3,21

    Please put an end to this brutal dog and cat meat trade!

  3. Diane Laing
    Diane LaingJanuary 3,21


  4. Ellen Jassem
    Ellen JassemJanuary 3,21

    Stop! End these unnecessary and horrific acts. It is horrific each and every step of the way. Please!!! Think, and you will know what’s right.

  5. Tina
    TinaJanuary 3,21

    Please stop this barbaric evil heartless killing. Beyond horrific and despicable

  6. irina rutenburg
    irina rutenburgJanuary 3,21

    No living creature should be subjected to such pain and suffering, especially dogs, who have served mankind faithfully and loyally for millennia. Dogs deserve our gratitude – not death and torture by our hand. And if we, humans, do this – then we do not deserve any justice, any fairness, any mercy!

  7. Mary
    MaryJanuary 3,21

    Totally agree with everything Irina Rutenburg says. STOP this horrific torture of these beautiful dogs (and cats). They do not deserve any of this brutality. I would rather have these wonderful animals in my life than the so-called ‘human’ beings doing these atrocious things.

  8. Wendy coram
    Wendy coramJanuary 3,21

    Please help these belived dogs in South Korea who do not deserve to die for the meat trade.

  9. Verona Petrou
    Verona PetrouJanuary 3,21

    Please end this brutality now!

  10. Martina Wall
    Martina WallJanuary 3,21

    Get the vile repulsive sick evil trade of the dog snd cat meat trade stopped once and for all. I will keep signing sharing and funding to end this HELL ON EARTH FOR ANIMALS. Why the governments responsible allow humans to torture and murder for fun it seems. The world is sickened by these people responsible.

  11. Danny van Huizen
    Danny van HuizenJanuary 3,21

    Stop this cruel industry!!!!!

  12. Wayne OOI
    Wayne OOIJanuary 3,21

    Please help stop animal cruelty!

  13. Maria Lökkös
    Maria LökkösJanuary 3,21


  14. Arwen Weiss
    Arwen WeissJanuary 3,21

    This industry is cruel and needs to be shut down!!!

  15. cheryl janes
    cheryl janesJanuary 3,21

    This needs to stop .. enough of the torture ..being human doesn’t give you the right to do a horrible act

  16. Carina Rizell
    Carina RizellJanuary 3,21

    Treat dogs cats animals with love and respect🙏They can feel pain just like us❣️

  17. gilda lopez
    gilda lopezJanuary 3,21

    je vous en prie, cessez cette horrible torture sur ces animaux, dans le boudhisme on pratique la compassion, mettez vous à leur place et ressentez la souffrance qu’ils endurent. faut-il être sans pitié, sans coeur, pour pratiquer ces actes barbares. Nous avons évolués, nous sommes au XXI siécle, et nous savons maintenant que les animaux souffrent autant que nous

  18. steve tuckey
    steve tuckeyJanuary 4,21

    IT IS APPALING THAT korea is allowing such horrific activities to take place the whole world must be revolted and repulsed !!

  19. Amy Freeman
    Amy FreemanJanuary 4,21

    Please end this torture!

  20. Tina Echterhoff
    Tina EchterhoffJanuary 4,21

    Der Mensch ist die größte Sau auf Erden 🙁

  21. Fabiola Alvarez
    Fabiola AlvarezJanuary 5,21

    Buying Kia means you are in favor of the horrendous cruelty practiced in that country. I would never buy a Kia car or a Samsung product

  22. Georges Dupras
    Georges DuprasJanuary 5,21

    The dog meat trade reflects badly on the people and leaders of Korea. Traditions that fail to respect changing global values are an indication of the ethical standards of the people of that country.

  23. Connie Nickum
    Connie NickumJanuary 5,21

    shame on your country, you should not be allowed to have any animals!

  24. Jeremy Harrison-Roberts
    Jeremy Harrison-RobertsJanuary 11,21

    Utterly unnecessary & barbaric

  25. Connie Nickum
    Connie NickumJanuary 12,21

    Shame on these countries! They should not be allowed to have any animals!

  26. aileen samaroo
    aileen samarooJanuary 13,21


  27. Sally Reeve
    Sally ReeveJanuary 21,21

    Absolutely outrageous. You people are completely vilified

  28. Jacqui Collins
    Jacqui CollinsJanuary 21,21

    It’s bad enough that we have chosen to treat animals such as sheep cows pigs and goats as farmed animals for human consumption but there has to be a line drawn and this is why the world is in the mess that we are with covid, it is also the asian and other country’s treatment of animals that is disgusting there should be a world animal protection law and if you do not comply their should be some kind of punishment. animals all have a purpose for being on the planet preditors are there to keep the numbers of other plant eating animals at a reasonable number so they are not over grazing the forests, bats are designed to reseed our forests, and the list goes on but humans are here to destroy, why do these people think it is there god given right to kill and eat anything that moves, I hope that kalma is a real thing and what goes around comes around and these people suffer the same pain they have inflicted on these poor beautiful animals.

  29. Sally Reeve
    Sally ReeveMay 17,21

    Watching to see whether KIA help or leave things be……

  30. Nagendra Kumar Golla
    Nagendra Kumar GollaDecember 18,21

    Respected KIA Management Dog is Man’s best friend, They are helping us a lot in many ways. They also feel pain just like us. Treat them with Love and Respect.

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