[Campaign Update] Knoxville responds No Active Sister City relationship with Yesan in over 11 years

We have received a response on December 12, 2016, regarding our Sister City Campaign with the Yesan, South Korea, and Knoxville, Tennessee. Assistant to the Mayor for Knoxville, Ms. Terry Alexander, has informed us that City of Knoxville has not had a Sister City relationship with Yesan, South Korea in over 11 years.


Our Sister City Campaign had been launched based upon information obtained from Governors Association of Korea and the homepage of City of Yesan.

With this confirmation given by Knoxville, we will now close our Sister City Campaign, and online petition.

We extend our gratitude to the leadership of Knoxville, Tennessee, for responding to our petition so quickly. We also send our heartfelt thanks to all in support of our work, who have taken action to speak out against the cruelty to dogs and cats in the Yesan.

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