CARE: Rescued neglected animals from a veterinary clinic – Maltese with botched vocal cord removal surgery.

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)

CARE recently received a report about a husky that had been kept in a cage for four years at a veterinary clinic. During our visit, the horrible sight of a small Maltese in a kennel filled with urine and vomit caught our attention. The poor dog had just undergone vocal cord removal surgery and was barely conscious.

We learned that the Maltese had been sent to the clinic by an amateur home breeder, commonly known as a backyard breeder. The dog’s owner had requested vocal cord removal surgery to prevent him from barking. The kennel in which the Maltese was kept after his surgery had not been cleaned, leaving him in a terrible state.

We all know that devocalization is a cruel and inhumane practice, but in this particular case, the vocal cords were removed in an even more brutal and inhumane way. The clinic made a five-centimeter incision and horribly stitched up the dog’s throat, instead of the usual two-centimeter incision. To make matters worse, his ears were severely inflamed.

We immediately contacted the breeder through the vet and convinced him to relinquish ownership of the dog. We then transferred him to our partner hospital, where he is currently receiving the care he so desperately needs. It’s worth noting that Maltese wouldn’t have been able to walk in the breeding place, and he becomes petrified when taken outside of his kennel. And the fact that this little Maltese is more cheerful in a small hospital space only highlights the extent of neglect and abuse he has suffered for so long.

📍 As of today, we have raised 8,384,463 won (USD $6,300) for the project “Saving Neglected Animals from Veterinary Clinic”. This amount is not enough to treat, care for, and adopt out the 9 animals we rescued. We’re asking for your continued support so that we can continue to provide care for these neglected animals and ultimately find them loving homes.

💗🐾🙏 Please donate to help with medical treatment, fostering, or oversea adoption of rescue dogs: You can make a one-time or monthly donation via PayPal. 👉

👉 Click HERE to see the video of husky who has been locked up in tiny wire cage for 4 years, also rescued from this abusive veterinary clinic.

Cats are also rescued from this veterinary clinic. We found that the cats were in a terrible condition, with skin diseases and malodorous emanations from their bodies. We don’t know how they ended up in this place, but they’re rescued after we made the vet surrender the ownership. They had been living in a bizarre circus-like environment, but we are now doing our best to provide them with the care and love they deserve.

In Korean: “😡번식장 말티즈, 성대제거 당하고 물건보다 못하게 방치 당했다”🔥

-동물병원 방치동물 구조 프로젝트-
동물병원 내의 좁은 철장 속에 갇혀 4년을 살았다는 허스키를 보고자 방문한 당시.
우리는 또 한 번 충격적인 모습을 보았습니다.
작고 하얀 말티즈가 매우 낡은 켄넬에 갇혀 있었는데 그 내부는 오줌과 구토를 하여 바닥이 범벅이 되어 있었습니다.
심지어 말티즈는 성대수술을 케어가 도착한 직전 당한 상태.
마취가 덜 깨었는지 제대로 일어나지도 못 하는 말티즈는 그 오물 범벅의 작은 켄넬에 갇혀 있었습니다. 알고 보니 가정 번식장에서 온 것. 따라서 짖지 못하게 소유자의 요구대로 성대를 제거당한 것이었습니다.
병원으로 끌려오는 시간에 케넬 안에서 침을 흘리고 소변을 보고 구토를 했겠지만
무심한 병원은 성대수술까지 하고서 그 켄넬을 세척하지도 않고 수술한 말티즈를 넣어 놓은 것이었습니다. 동물에 대한 배려심은 찾아볼 수 없었던 병원.
케어는 말티즈를 수의사를 통해 번식업자와 통화하게 하여 즉시 포기 받았고 케어의 협력 병원으로 옮겨 치료하고 있습니다.
성대는 매우 끔찍하게 제거 당했습니다. 성대를 제거하는 자체가 비인도적이지만 그마저도 일반 병원에서는 보통 2센티 절개를 한다는 성대제거수술을 해당 병원에서는 무려 5센티나 절개해 놓았습니다. 끔찍하게 꿰매진 목은 엉망진창. 귀는 염증이 매우 심각한 상태였습니다.
가정 번식장에서 걸어보지도 못했을 말티즈는 밖으로 꺼내 놓으면 얼음처럼 굳어 버립니다.
그러나 좁은 입원장 안에서는 활기가 생깁니다.
얼마나 오랜 시간, 감금의 생활을 견뎌 온 것일까요.
동물병원 방치동물 관련 대모의 모금은 8,384,463 원이 모였습니다.
하지만 총 9명을 구조하였기에 치료비도 부족하지만 앞으로의 돌봄비용 등이 많이 나올 것으로 예상됩니다.
케어가 계속 이들을 지원하고 좋은 곳에 입양 보낼 수 있도록 힘을 보태 주세요~!
구조한 아이들을 도울 수 있는 방법은 아래👇👇
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  1. Annica
    AnnicaMarch 11,23

    Bless you for helping these Poor suffering dogs and cats. Obviously the so called vet isn’t fit not doing proper work leaving them locked up in Uribe and filth!! The vet clinic must be Shut down, and all animals removed!! This is SICKENING and so Barbaric!!! Thank you for helping these Poor tortured animals!!

  2. Jane Nash
    Jane NashMarch 22,23

    Get this animal abuse place shut DOWN!! They are NOT vets -but a place which abuses, tortures and imprisons animals in hideous condition. Make their name public in Korea and get them named and shamed!!

  3. CAMUS Marie
    CAMUS MarieMarch 23,23


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