The President of South Korea Is Focused on the Climate Crisis? That is Absurd!

South Korean President Moon Jae-In takes the time to sit with global superstar BTS to talk about the climate crisis in an attempt to make himself look like a responsible leader to the people of his country and the world. At the same time, as he promotes the climate crisis, he also refuses to address the appalling dog meat industry that continues to thrive in South Korea, a gruesome industry that too many people in Korea are profoundly indifferent about. Where exactly do President Moon’s priorities lay? Apparently not in the inhumane, cruel, and diabolical dog meat industry! His profound indifference to the pain and suffering of millions of dogs whose lives of daily torture end in brutal deaths show him to be a heartless man lacking in integrity and morality. The President and his administration are utter failures for ignoring the shameful and horrific dog meat industry, and their representation of South Korea is disgraceful.

President Moon Jae-In, please help your country’s “animal friends”: end the horrific dog and cat meat trades.

Will BTS take center stage to stop the dog-meat trade? Help us save Korean dogs!

Video and photo: Dog farm in Yeoju, South Korea., Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA). 끔찍한 여주 개농장 아사 사건.
  1. DeAnna L Brayton
    DeAnna L BraytonNovember 4,21

    This is one of the most horrific things that goes on every year. These monsters are cruel and have no compassion whatsoever. They disgust me! It is my hope that this cruelty stops once and for all!

  2. DeAnna L Brayton
    DeAnna L BraytonNovember 4,21

    Why does this cruelty continue? These monsters need to be stopped! These poor animals are NOT to eat and they don’t deserve this horrific cruelty!

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