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Chinese May Declare Dogs Are Pets
and Not for Eating – Let Them Know You Agree

Sharing on behalf of Mr. Jeffrey Mausner.
Two weeks ago, Shenzhen became the first city in China to ban the production and consumption of dog and cat meat. See: Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban eating cats and dogs.
Now, in what could be an historic step forward for animal welfare, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has issued draft guidelines declaring that dogs are pets, not to be eaten.
The guidelines specifically provide that dogs are not to be considered livestock that can be bred to provide food, milk, or fur. The Agriculture Ministry stated: “As far as dogs are concerned, along with the progress of human civilization and the public concern and love for animal protection, dogs have been ‘specialized’ to become companion animals…
Dogs are generally not regarded as livestock and poultry around the world, and China should also not manage them as livestock and poultry.”
The draft guidelines are open for public comment until May 8. There is opposition from those involved in the dog meat trade.
Ten to twenty million dogs are brutally tortured, killed, and eaten each year in China. The dogs are kept in cramped, rusty cages stacked on top of each other. Many of the dogs are stolen pets. They are slaughtered in brutal ways such as hanging, electrocution, beating with sticks, blowtorching, or being boiled alive, due to an erroneous belief that high adrenaline levels will produce tender meat and increase the supposed health benefits of consuming dog. Dogs are often tortured and killed in front of other dogs who are awaiting their deaths.
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Help Raise Funds for Starved Hunting Dogs
Hunting Dogs Starved for 10 Days with Untreated Wounds

The abuser hunts wild animals and used the dogs for the chase. Wild boars attacked them with their horns and bit the dogs, resulting in deep injuries. But the hunter just tied the dogs outdoors without having them treated.
Before a hunt, he would starve the dogs and neglected them without water or food for 10 days. The dogs’ bones showed through their badly cut flesh, which became all rotted.
When this cruelty was reported the dogs were taken into a shelter run by the government, but even there they did not get medical treatment. What’s more, the abuser could always claim the dogs back because that is what the law of Korea allows.
CARE got the abuser to give up ownership of these dogs and rescued them as an emergency measure. The dogs’ flesh was all deeply cut into, due to long-overdue treatment. They also had high fever, near to endangering their lives.
Please help and support Paul, Nana and friends, by raising a fund for their medical treatment. We have hopes of showing you their recovery and health.
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