Newsletter – June 23, 2017

Romania, Poland, Luxembourg | Yeoju’s Response

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Romania, Poland, Luxembourg,
we need your voice at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics!

The clock is ticking towards the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, a nation of the cruel and brutal practice of eating companion animals. We have a campaign urging National Olympic Teams participating in this event, to take a stand against this atrocious barbarity..

So let’s keep going. We just added Romania, Poland, and Luxembourg to the list of campaigns. Taking action and giving a voice to these poor, voiceless animals can take as little as a few minutes. So why not do it now? Click below for the campaign pages:

For all campaigns and petitions addressed to the National Olympic Committees, click below:
[공동기자회견]세계 유일 ‘식용 개농장’ 실태조사 기자회견.
KARA reveals results of their survey/study
of dog meat farms at press conference.

South Korea is the only country in the world
which farms dogs for meat!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates
(KARA)’s report is in the Korean language. We are looking for a volunteer to translate this report into English as I need to focus my effort in creating campaigns. If you would like to volunteer to translate, please contact me. Only serious volunteers, please.  Below is just some of the data revealed in this survey:

  • In South Korea, there are at least 2,862 ‘meat dog’ farms, breeding 781,740 dogs for human consumption.
  • There are 422 large- scale dog farms with more than 500 dogs.
  • The yearly average of only 3.64 dog farms (‘meat dog’ and pet dog farms) are inspected by local government.
  • There is a need for public opinion (consensus) for phased abolishment of ‘meat dog farms’.

Click HERE to learn more in the Korean language.

[Campaign update] Yeoju responds.

We have received a response from the city of Yeoju dated May 10, 2017, regarding our Sister City Campaign with the Yeoju, South Korea, and Niles, Illinois. This is the typical shameful response that we have come to expect from the South Korean Government: disingenuous and full of excuses. However, they have now been warned that our eyes are on Yeoju and we will continue to campaign against their indifference and cruelty towards defenseless companion animals.

Click HERE to read their response in English.

[Campaign update] Yeoju responds.
Join our Thunderclap – “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Campaign”!

Please join our upcoming Thunderclap campaigns to help make it a success! As a reminder, if we cannot reach the required minimum of 500 supports for each of these campaigns, it will not launch and all your support would be wasted. So, don’t delay. Please use your voice to help the voiceless Korean animals TODAY. Thank you!


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