Newsletter – November 13, 2019
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New Calls for Action: 
Shut down the illegal dog farms!
5 New Cities added!

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) has a dog farm archive map which lists the dog farms throughout South Korea. Click HERE to learn more.
The list contains 2,861 dog farms. We will file e-People petitions for each of these dog farms, urging the Korean government to inspect and take immediate actions to shut them down. Click HERE for the status of our e-People petition filing.
We have added Seongju, Chilgok, Yecheon, Uljin, Gokseong and will continue to add more.  Please click HERE or the city links below to do your part by taking quick and simple actions. Thank you!

Photo: South Korea’s horrific dog farm/slaughterhouses.  The Korea Observer.

“Jaebol”, Korean companies,
have the power to speak out for change:
call Hyundai/Kia Auto dealers near you
and ask them to do just that.

South Korea has now become a prosperous country and sales of products like Hyundai/Kia are ever increasing in countries across the world. These companies are called “Jaebol” in Korean which means conglomerates and they hold considerable power, money and influence. If they want to help end the dog meat trade in Korea they are in a position to do so: when the leaders of these companies speak, their President and the Government listen. However, so far we have seen no effort from these companies to end this cruelty in their country. These companies are representatives of their country and should be actively helping to rid South Korea of the evil, inhumane and damaging (to Korean society) dog and cat-meat trades. Click below to learn more and take actions.


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  1. Anita Marie Abdalla
    Anita Marie AbdallaNovember 14,19

    This act of eating dogs and cats is sick. These poor animals are tortured to death so that humans can eat them. Every person that takes one dam bite of a tortured dog or cat should be forced to watch the horrific torture the animals endure.

  2. Thalia Crome
    Thalia CromeNovember 14,19

    There is no way this horrific practice and consumption of these beaitiful tormented animals all squashed together in cages, only to be slaughtered and eaten later, can be allowed to continue. It is beyond sick.

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