Call for Action: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.

Nonsan Deokpyeong-ri Dog Farm (10)

[Update January 24, 2017] We had received the below response from the South Korean government for our e-people petition filed regarding this case.

The Korean government is taking actions to enforce the various laws currently in violation by this dog farm. A big thank you goes out to the SaveKoreanDogs activists who investigated and filed civil complaints to the authorities as well as bring this case to our attention. According to the SaveKoreanDogs, one more violation had been added to this case: Violation of law on disposal of animal carcasses.(동물사체처리법) We would also like to thank everyone who had taken action and filed the petition through e-people.

Click HERE for SaveKoreanDogs homepage.

Below is translation:

[Department in charge]: Department of Livestock Resources, Happy City Bureau [Answer Date]: 2017-01-24 17:07:56 [Author]: Jong Hwan Lim [Phone number]: 041-746-6113 [E-mail]: [Contents of reply]:

1. I am deeply grateful for your concern for our government and apologize for the inconvenience caused by illegal activities.
2. We will respond to complaints about the demolishing of illegal dog farm in 21-14 Deokpyeong-ri, Bucheon-myeon.

3. Regarding the illegal facility, One-stop Civil Complaint department and the Architectural Administrative department ordered the facility owner, who built the facility without the prior notification and procedure, to demolish it voluntarily as well as take the legal process. This is in accordance to the Architectural Act Article 14 and Article 20, Article 79.

4. In regards to failure to register for livestock manure discharge facilities which is required under the Article 11, Paragraph 3 of the Management and Use of Livestock Manure law, Environmental and Water Management departments which is the department responsible, requested an investigation in accordance to the Article 50, Paragraph 4 of the Management and Use of Livestock Manure law.

5. In regards to the failure to register for animal production which is required under Article 34, Paragraph 1 of the Animal Protection Act, Livestock Resources and Livestock Protection Department have filed complaints in accordance to the Article 46, paragraphs 4 (1) of the same law.

6. In the future, we will do our best to prevent similar cases from occurring by conducting thorough crackdown and provide instruction/guidance if we find companion animals being bred in illegal facilities.

Illegal dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri - e-People response 012417

Call for Action: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.In Nonsan, South Korea, there is a puppy mill/farm operating illegally and we would like the City of Nonsan to take action to close it down. This place, in Chungcheongnam-do, Nonsan-si, Bujeok-myeon Deokpyeong-ri 21-14, breeds dogs for pets and also for meat. Their dogs, of various breeds and sizes, are kept in deplorable conditions, and the immense suffering which they are forced to endure is beyond imagination. When any of their dogs become too old or sick to produce litters for the pet trade, the operators get rid of them by selling them on to the dog-meat industry.

We are asking the City of Nonsan to immediately take action to close this place down on a permanent basis, and also to impose fines against the operators for the many legal violations. We also want Nonsan to rescue all of the dogs from this farm and to arrange for them to be adopted out to loving and caring homes. Please file an online petition with the Korean government using their official petition site: e-people Today.

Click HERE for info on e-people.

If you don’t feel comfortable about using your home address, feel free to use our PO Box address instead:

PO Box 60191
Sunnyvale, CA 94088 USA

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Click HERE to see photos and videos from this dog farm.

You can use the below suggested message or your own words.

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Please Shut Down the Illegal Puppy Mill/Dog Farm in Nonsan Deokpyeong-ri

To whom it may concern,

We are asking you to help permanently shut down an illegal puppy mill/dog farm operating in Nonsan, South Korea which is violating multiple laws.
The address of this place is: Chungcheongnam-do, Nonsan-si, Bujeok-myeon Deokpyeong-ri 21-14, South Korea. (충남논산시 부적면 덕평리21ㅡ14)

Please visit the below page for photos and videos of this illegal dog farm :

The violations include:

  • Unauthorized processing of food waste fed to dogs in the meat trade (Violation of WASTES CONTROL ACT Article 15-2, Article 25, Section 3.)
  • Food waste fed to dogs (Violation of CONTROL OF LIVESTOCK AND FISH FEED ACT Article 14, Section 1 & 2)
  • Excrement and resulting environmental damage produced as a by-product of the illegal dog meat farm. (Violation of ACT ON THE MANAGEMENT AND USE OF LIVESTOCK EXCRETA Article 11)
  • The act of slaughtering of dogs for human consumption. (Violation of ANIMAL PROTECTION ACT Article 8, Section 1, Clause 1)
  • Illegal usage of resources.
  • Pollution of ground.
  • No livestock excrement treatment facility.
  • Illegal structure.
  • Please will you take action to urgently shut down this farm, and to immediately rescue all of the dogs being kept there. We are also asking that you please make arrangements for the dogs to be cared for while you find permanent loving and caring homes for them.
    Thank you,

    [Your Name & City/Country]

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      .@nscity .@mafrakorea Plz shut down Nonsan Deokpyeong-ri puppy mill/dog farm! #DogMeatTrade #ImagineYourKorea #Korea

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    Call for Action: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.
    Call for Action: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.
    Call for Action: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.
    Call for Action: Illegal puppy mill/dog farm in Nonsan, Deokpyeong-ri.

    Photos/Video: SaveKoreanDogs

    Nonsan Deokjeok-ri Dog Farm Naver post 011417

    1. Doris Roemer
      Doris RoemerJanuary 16,17

      Shame on you for letting these puppy mills and dog meat farms continue. The conditions are appealing and you show no Mercy !

      • Susan Fanning
        Susan FanningJanuary 19,17

        Horrible. This needs to end now. Puppy Mills and Dog Farms need to be outlawed!!! Just disgusting!! These poor animals don’t deserve such a despicable life of cruelty and torture!

    2. Doris Roemer
      Doris RoemerJanuary 16,17

      I meant appalling in my comment

    3. Gail Calhoun
      Gail CalhounJanuary 16,17


      • admin
        adminJanuary 16,17

        Hi Gail, actually anyone from anywhere around the world can file petition. So please try. Thank you.

        • Maria
          MariaJanuary 18,17

          But they don’t pay any attention to foreigners. I tried. No answer.

          • Gosia Porwit
            Gosia PorwitJanuary 22,17

            they do not pay any attention to anyone but one day they will, i keep signing

          • Catherine Staffy
            Catherine StaffyMarch 1,17

            True. They don’t want foreign intervention.

    4. Teresa bewsey
      Teresa bewseyJanuary 16,17

      Please shut down this illegal puppy mill/dog farm that is operating in nonsan south Korea. They are violating multiple laws. The address for this place Chungcheongnam-Do, nonsan-so Bujeok-Myron Deokpyeong-Ry 21-14, south Korea.

    5. Jane Ward
      Jane WardJanuary 16,17

      Please please close down all the illegal dog farms and puppy mills.

    6. N.Welter
      N.WelterJanuary 17,17

      The dog and cat meat trade is a shame.
      Please , stop this barbaric trade.

    7. Sue Ebbens
      Sue EbbensJanuary 17,17

      4The world is full of hate for your coubtry. It does not have to be like that..Please learn to have love and compassipn in your hearts and make dog killing illegal

    8. Patty Archer
      Patty ArcherJanuary 17,17

      God created Adam to take care of his animals, not keep them captive for human entertainment, nor abuse, torture, eat or kill them.
      The Bible commands us to take care of the animals under our care. One of the signs of a righteous man, the Bible says, is that he takes care of his animals (see Proverbs 12:10)

    9. Wayne Archer
      Wayne ArcherJanuary 17,17

      Please shut down this illegal puppy mill/dog farm that is operating in nonsan south Korea. They are violating multiple laws. The address for this place Chungcheongnam-Do, nonsan-so Bujeok-Myron Deokpyeong-Ry 21-14, south Korea.

    10. Anne Kaufmann
      Anne KaufmannJanuary 17,17

      I can’t seem to get into the petition. I tried several times. It is very frustrating. Is there any easier access. They didn’t seem to know what petition?

    11. Karina Bremholm
      Karina BremholmJanuary 17,17

      Please stop this shitty trade and learn to treat animals with respect now!!

    12. June Barron I?
      June Barron I?January 17,17

      I am convinced that if the impeachment of Park Geun-Hye goes ahead the country will be rid of a president that allows the DMT and consumes it personally. I hope and pray that Bank Ki Moon is nominated for the next president because he is against this disgusting, tragic slaughtering.

    13. Connie Marquez
      Connie MarquezJanuary 17,17

      Please stop the dog and cat meat trade.

    14. Marsha Ross
      Marsha RossJanuary 18,17

      Please, please close all inhumane dog meat farms.

      GABRIELA VARGASJanuary 18,17


    16. Brenda Boudreaux
      Brenda BoudreauxJanuary 18,17


    17. Carol Joy Diack
      Carol Joy DiackJanuary 18,17

      Disgusting, Korea is a very bad country

    18. Roxane beis
      Roxane beisJanuary 18,17


    19. Sara Graziosa
      Sara GraziosaJanuary 18,17

      Please immediately shut down every illegal dog farms and puppy mills.

    20. Vera Van Diepen
      Vera Van DiepenJanuary 18,17

      Disgusting … the world watches and waits for civilization to return

    21. Chery Esau, R.N.
      Chery Esau, R.N.January 18,17

      This is unbelieveable that you would torture sentient beings! Put yourself in their place, how would you feel???? Stop this barbaric practice!!! A country is only as evolved as how it treats it’s animals. Cavemen????

      • lynn rosa
        lynn rosaJanuary 19,17

        thats what those men are.

    22. Geraldine Smart
      Geraldine SmartJanuary 19,17

      This continues no matter what we sign or send , these evil , barbaric people with primitive beliefs like will make them healthier or men more virile if they are tortured , people with these beliefs are beyond changing , the whole thing with animals makes me sick , the asian countries are so keen to abuse and torture for greed . ALL animals have rights , All want to live , ALL feel pain , ALL are more decent than any member of these evil scumbags , stolen pets , puppies bred to have short tortured lives , Cats shoved alive into pressure cookers to make a heath drink , WTF is wrong with these evil POS . I will continue to sign petitions as I have for years , and hope that one day something will change , and I have read such horrific stories of torture it would make you want to kill.

    23. Diane Vezina
      Diane VezinaJanuary 19,17

      I want more than anything in life that these countries that turn their eyes from these barbaric puppy mills &/or cat mills would come to a cease…immediately. In the meantime; I hope that anyone & everyone who is involved in these mills helping torture God’s creatures or eating any animal – get so sick that they die a tortuous death!!! Diane Vezina

    24. lynn rosa
      lynn rosaJanuary 19,17

      i will boycott everything about your country- i will make sure the entire world knows of this atrocity, they are going to see the photos, you will be exposed, trust us! this is going to end because we will put you out of business very soon.

    25. Nina Council
      Nina CouncilJanuary 19,17

      These kinds of abuses of mans best friend our dogs, is trully criminal, disgusting, horrendously cruel, totally unacceptable. those breeding, growing dogs, kidnapping dogs, only to slaughter them must be arrested, imprisoned, and heavily fined to make an example of them and show others that this is serious business, that humans can no longer get away with such abuses and sustaining only a slap on the wrist.

      RICHERE DEZIELJanuary 19,17

      This is very very cruel, It doesn’t give a good image of your country, please shut down does evel places, shut down dogs meat farms ! Thank you !

    27. darcy majus
      darcy majusJanuary 19,17

      In my life I have never felt such hatred for a country than when I learned of what goes on there with animals. How people can sleep at night knowing what barbaric treatment they have inflicted on an animal that very day is incomprehensible to me. I no longer buy anything from China and I wish nothing but karma back to those who do this.

    28. danusia caban
      danusia cabanJanuary 19,17

      Mais c’est le moyen âge!!!Ca ne doit plus exister.Je suis horrifiée et j’ai envie de vomir quand je regarde ça! STOP STOP STOP please!

    29. danusia caban
      danusia cabanJanuary 19,17


      MIOARA PUICAJanuary 19,17

      A country without God is a country with the devil running the place, unless these people have a change of heart all the laws under the sun will not stop them. SHAME ON YOU SOUTH KOREA, YOU ARE AN UNCIVILIZED AND CRUEL COUNTRY!!!!

    31. Edmund Brooke
      Edmund BrookeJanuary 19,17

      Managed to fill in and send the e-petition, took me over an hour but I would do anything to stop this horrendous behaviour.

    32. Donal Farrell
      Donal FarrellJanuary 19,17

      The default petition goes to the Anti-corruption and Civil Rights Commission. Perhaps you can let us know if we should redirect the petition to an alternate Korean commission in case any petition made to the wrong agency never gets acted on?

    33. Monika Radlak
      Monika RadlakJanuary 19,17

      It’s good to be good and right. Do those, who kill with cruelty and eat such meat with taste w/o hesitation know that feeling?

    34. Djamila Grouci
      Djamila GrouciJanuary 19,17

      je vais boycotter tout sur votre Pays- je vais vous assurer que le monde entier sait de cette atrocité, ils vont voir les photos, vous serez exposé, faites-nous confiance! cela va finir parce que nous allons vous mettre hors de l’entreprise très bientôt.

    35. Denise Mayosky
      Denise MayoskyJanuary 19,17

      This deplorable practice has to stop!

    36. Navarro
      NavarroJanuary 19,17


    37. Jennifer
      JenniferJanuary 19,17

      We can all agree that everyone that has written their comments have a common interest and goal
      Regarding l this subject. I know that as animal lovers we are Heart broken over this tragedy, we lose sleep, we cry, we scream with rage towards those that people. our souls are filled with sorrow over the suffering others have endured. As animal lovers I am sure at some point In our lives we may questioned and struggled with the morality of eating our non-family vs family. We can talk about what sort of animal qualifies to be in each category. Let’s be reAl it comes down to this: we can cuddle With a feline or canine, not a cow or pig. When u say all animals have rights, are u thinking the same thought when u bite into ur steak or bacon. Do u also think about our non-family suffering so they can be on ur plate with a1 sauce and a sprig of parsley or do u simply close ur eyes and say yumm, glad I’m not one of those non Christian primitives that eats their family. Please don’t get me wrong – i applaud everyones passion and love for our Canine and feline family, doing what we can in our own way to make a difference. I’m there w you, hating those that perpetuate this monstrosity, forever signing those petitions. I just think we need to be more aware of the hypocrisy we include in our statements. We Should remember this is a Korean based organization run by Koreans on their home turf on the front line fighting to end this when we make generalizations about Korea or other Asian countries. Whilst we voice out our anger, I hope we exert the same amount of energy supporting this organizations and providing them the support they desperately need. I would like to see what other non passive actions we can take besides waiting for karma to return the favor. Would love to hear suggestions

    38. Deborah spiess
      Deborah spiessJanuary 19,17

      Stop this cruelty! Very cruel to mans best friend.

    39. Johanna Schwarzer
      Johanna SchwarzerJanuary 19,17

      Die Grausamkeit,Brutalität,Mitleidslosigkeit und Abstumpfung, die man in Süd Korea (auch China) gegenüber hilflosem Mitgeschöpfen feststellen muss, ist unfassbar. “Menschen”, die dazu fähig sind, sind in meinen Augen keine Menschen, es sind Bestien in Menschengestalt, die mit Sicherheit auch keinen Hehl daraus machen würden, die gleiche Grausamkeit gegenüber Menschen anzuwenden. Unglaublich ist auch, dass die Süd Koreanische Regierung nicht in der Lage oder gewillt ist, dem endlich ein Ende zu setzen. In meinen Augen kann es kein Land mit zivilisierten Menschen sein, denn wo im 21.Jahrhundert noch solche Überlieferungen Bestand haben, ist die Zeit stehen geblieben. Für uns gilt:” Kein Erzeugnis aus solchen Ländern erwerben und solche Länder generell boykottieren.

    40. Teresa L Simpson
      Teresa L SimpsonJanuary 19,17

      How very sad this is. You have choices, yet you continue to partake in this barbaric practice! As a country, the US should have no dealing with any country that would perpetuate this type of treatment to an animal. I will NOT buy another items made in those countries! The pictures shown are of breeds so loved here in the US. If I had my way, your country and all the others treating dogs and cats as food would never see the likes of these species again. I do hope there is such a thing as karma…you will get yours!

    41. Susan masoner
      Susan masonerJanuary 19,17

      Does the pain from the daily torment and torture you cause to animals mean that much to you? Honestly? Does the thought of bringing an animal species to extinction not bother you? To think your selfishness, ignorance and greed will take away the chance for generations all over the world to see the beauty of an animal forever. When we show our children’s children a picture of an animal extinct from the blood on your hands and they ask what happened to them and we answer the people from Asian countries killed them all. That doesn’t bother you? Or bring you shame knowing that you had a choice to change things but you didn’t csre? It has been a year or two that the world has really stepped up and begged, signed petitions, screamed and cried for the torture to stop. It’s not necessary, your not starving, it doesn’t really do the medical treatment you claim, it’s unhealthy to you and your children both physically and mentally. The world is disgusted and enraged at your actions, you’ve lost respect and your honor for the people and the society of your country. Your children and future generations are left to clean up and try to repair the legacy of evil and disgrace, the damage you have created by your total lack of resoect , and disregard to God’s gift to humsns, the gift of animals as beautiful compassionate creatures that have such a beautiful capacity to add joy and love to one another, to live peacefully without destroying the world around them. How we came to the conclusion that we were the superior species I will never know. Please make 2017 be the year of change, stop the ugliness of greed and ignorance. Show the world humanity exists, the mess of destruction can be cleanef , the horror of screaming in pain can be replaced with laughter and peace. Show the generations to come that respect of life is more important and respectful to all. This can be the year for the world to give back to the lives and the beauty we have so carelessly destroyed and taken for granted and show our future generations how much we love them.

    42. Elizabeth Flores
      Elizabeth FloresJanuary 19,17

      Basta de barbarie!!!!- Los animales tienen tantos derechos como nosotros. Dejemos vivir a los demás, ellos tambien sienten y sufren como usted y yo.

    43. ely mens
      ely mensJanuary 20,17

      The only way to tell these outdated, backwards & historically barbaric countries is to boycott. These parasitic barbarians only understand greed & money. BOYCOTT all products from these countries, shame on you!!! It makes me cry……

    44. panis sonja
      panis sonjaJanuary 20,17

      please stop this barbaric practice those innocent animals have more feeling then you can imagin how would you feel if torturing in a barbaric way of people there is no different those poor animals deserve a better live it is a living hell on earth in that sick country not even a bit welfare is there its asshamed the way of treatng dogs

    45. Cecilia Lin
      Cecilia LinJanuary 20,17

      I posted the suggested message on their facebook, but it won’t let me do the petition! It breaks my heart to see the Koreans and their government treated dogs and cats in such a barbaric way, pray to God that this will all stop one day!

    46. Patricia Frederick
      Patricia FrederickJanuary 20,17

      This is sickening and disgusting. Many countries Boycotring.

    47. Lynn J
      Lynn JJanuary 20,17

      The world is watching you Korea and all the evil actions you do. If you continue, you’ll bring much deserved Karmic justice on your whole country. God put this in place and it will come to you. You can’t run and you can’t hide. You can’t treat living beings created by God in this way. Stop now

    48. Lynda
      LyndaJanuary 20,17

      The whole world is learning of your disgusting torture towards mans best friend- dogs! Get into this damn Centuary and Stop killing cats and dogs! My god what is wrong with your brains? We all are beginning to think your not human!

    49. Sophie
      SophieJanuary 22,17

      This horrifying trade needs to end. Please sign petitions, write letters, attend protests, donate to rescue organizations. Together we can ALL make this end for the sake of the dogs and cats.

    50. James Jenson
      James JensonJanuary 23,17

      To take a noble partner of man and treat them like this is Barbaric. Do you want the free world to judge you this way. A dog helps the Handicapped, Blind, Law Enforcement, people in hospitals, people with disabilities, the safety and security of your country, people with diabetes, epilepsy, and many other benevolent jobs. My God they are even used to smell out Cancer in people. How low and barbaric are you people. I will work hard to make sure that other people see this and embargo your exports and cripple your economy.

      RICHERE DEZIELJanuary 23,17

      No such cruelty should be accepted ! Stop torturing animals ! Stop this cruelty !

    52. shékina Thami
      shékina ThamiDecember 29,22

      it is urgent to stop these atrocities these cruelties simply by thinking that torturing these beings endowed with the same right of life as any living being makes the flesh more tender the shock of the return will be terrible the dog came on earth to teach us unconditional love have you only thought of observing these beings? the return of the karma will miss neither the one who practises these cruelties nor the one who looks on without doing anything we are praying I am praying for this and it will happen, we are now in these times

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