Protest against South Korea’s dog meat trade – Seoul and Daegu 2019

Korea Animal Rights Advocats (KARA) and Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) are organizing protests against the South Korea’s horrific dog and cat meat trade.
1st protest: July 7, Sunday. Seoul City Hall.
2nd protest: July 12, Friday. Daegu Chilseong Market.
You can request bus transportation from Seoul to Daegu for the 2nd protest at Daegu Chilseong Market.
Contact KARA for further questions. KARA has English speaking staff. KARA email: [email protected].
Click HERE to learn more in Korean.

    LORNA CARLINGJuly 1,19

    Please show your humanity and stop this cruelty to dogs and cats who just want to be loved.

  2. Debbie Herring
    Debbie HerringJuly 1,19

    Anyone who could inflict this horrific torture upon these precious dogs is a MONSTER!! What is wrong with these people? Are their hearts made of stone or ice? Dogs are supposed to be LOVED and CHERISHED! We have had a bond with dogs since the beginning of life on this planet. All dogs want is to love and be loved. SHAME on you people who inflict this indescribable torture and death on these poor, helpless, precious dogs! I HATE YOU and nothing rips out my heart more than this whole disgusted, subhuman, degenerative behavior towards our dogs!

    • julie m pera
      julie m peraJuly 2,19

      Amen sister!! You took the words right out of my mouth!

    • Sandra Primus
      Sandra PrimusJuly 8,19

      time to go meatless, leave the animal alone , we don’t live in pre historic times anymore , animals are to be loved not harmed.

    LORNA CARLINGJuly 1,19

    With respect, Show your humanity as a nation and stop this barbaric torture of dogs and cats who just want to be loved. It has to end.

  4. Angela Grammatico
    Angela GrammaticoJuly 1,19


  5. julie pera
    julie peraJuly 2,19

    Gandhi said it best. ” The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”…So the way I see it South Korea has not progressed much at all if they are still torturing and slaughtering companion animals. Many South Koreans are also against this and many of them are having their dogs and cats stolen for this horrific meat trade.Many of them also consider dogs and cats to be “companion animals” that are on this earth to be cared for and loved.Unfortunately though,many do not see it this way and are way behind with this issue and need constant reminding of just how sick and cruel it is and ILLEGAL!!! They are violating many laws by allowing this to happen in their country but their law enforcements to not enforce the law and the rights of these dogs and cats. Therefore, the torture continues but one day it WILL end.Slowly but surely slaughterhouses and dog farms are being shut down.Write your congressmen,write the South Korean government,get involved! Write 20/20 or Nightline or your local news stations and tell them you want a story on it and back it up with facts so they can read for themselves just what is going on and how appalling and deplorable it is.We need to help those lives that cannot help themselves.If we ALL get seriously involved we can make a difference for these precious lives.

  6. Jasmine Scorcini
    Jasmine ScorciniJuly 5,19

    Was sind Sie nur für ein abscheuliches Volk im allgemeinen alle Asiaten was nehmen Sie sich für Rechte und quålen die Tiere auf barbarische Weise das ganze Pack darf gar nicht auf dieser Erde leben die Asiaten müssen gefoltert werden nicht die Tiere erbärmliches Gesindel

  7. Michele Laporte
    Michele LaporteJuly 6,19

    This shameful, appalling, despicable and horrific atrocity tells the world that South Korea is dictated by Satan. It is not possible for anyone who sides with God and desires to spend eternity in heaven to torture and murder innocent defenseless animals. This inhume behavior only pleases the devil and his worships. The rest of the world condemns these actions and we are forced to boycott anything related to South Korea until this horror ends. We cannot support such evil! We’ll call the humane, compassionate person or persons that put a permanent stop to this one of the greatest heroes of all times. We pray this happens immediately!

  8. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 11,19

    Vi prego cambiate questa orribile crudele inumana abitudine, i cani sono essere senzienti e meritano solo di essere rispettati e amati

  9. alessandra
    alessandraJuly 11,19


  10. Victoria Arias León
    Victoria Arias LeónJuly 15,19

    Basta de esta atrocidad!…

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