Questions and concerns from a supporter in the UK

We receive many messages from people all over the world telling us how the South Korean Dog Meat Trade has impacted their lives and how they are dealing with their feelings after reading our postings and watching our videos.
We are sharing a letter from R.J. in UK together with our response since R.J. raises questions and concerns that are common to many.

Message from R. J.:

Hi, I’m deeply distressed by what is happening in Korea, so much so I feel sick, can’t sleep and can’t get the images out of my head. I have 90 friends on facebook, I share all of the e mails you send me, and only 2 or 3 bother to sign. This angers me and I feel utter despair. Do you really think we can end this? I can’t watch the videos, it distresses me too much. How can they do this, and how can people ignore it? What can I do? I’m signing everything, Thank you so much for trying to do something about it.
kind regards, R.J.

Dear R.J.,

Thank you for writing us and expressing your concern about the animals of the South Korean dog and cat meat industry!
We completely understand how you feel. It is because we share these same feelings about the horrific dog meat trade that we decided to start our campaign to help stop this cruel trade. We feel sad for each and every dog and cat and cannot wait for the day this torture ends, and we can save the South Korean dogs from this nightmarish trade.

Yes, we share your concern that it is so hard to get people to care. This lack of concern is something we have learned during the three years of working on this campaign. As you are now aware, we can only convince about 2-3% of the people who are informed about the plight of these dogs to do something to help.
This is a discouraging statistic, but it gives us more reason why we must work so hard to recruit supporters for our cause.

We know we can help end this. The question is how soon. The end can’t be soon enough! Dogs are being horribly abused and killed every day in South Korea. We need people speaking out, boycotting, writing, emailing, calling, demonstrating, protesting and doing whatever else they can to spread awareness. We have to make the public aware of this issue and get people talking. We must pressure the South Korean government until they can’t ignore this issue any longer. That is the key. We must also get South Korean companies involved because they have enormous power and influence in South Korea.

Take a look this page for the list of these Korean companies:

Profound indifference by the South Korean people is the reason why this is happening in 2014. However, the people of the world also share the blame. Unfortunately, the truth is that the majority of people of the world, including those in South Korea, do not care about these dogs. This must be changed even if we have to change the minds of people one person at a time.

There are so many each one of us can do to help fight this cruel industry.
Please check out this page for the list of actions you can take!

Also please sign and share all petitions here if you can:

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If you have any questions about any of the items on the list or have any other ideas, please contact us.
Thank you so much!

Moran Market, Seongnam, South Korea

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