Disappointing response from South Australia regarding Sister State Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea

Another disappointing – and apathetic – reply was received in response to our letter to the Hon Ian Hunter MLC (Australian Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation). We sent them this letter, as South Australia is a Sister State to Chungcheongnam-do; therefore, we felt that they could help us by putting pressure on the South Korean Government, at this opportune time in the run up to the Olympics. Click HERE for our campaign.

They are aware of the full facts, we were following up our current petition to them: Click HERE for the petition.

We had already sent one letter (in September 2015) to the Premier of South Australia, the Hon Jay Weatherill MP, but he just redirected us by stating that “this matter falls within Ian Hunter’s portfolio responsibility.”

Ian Hunter clearly isn’t concerned, and he didn’t address our issue: his reply (not directly from him, but someone in his office) merely stated that this was a matter for the people of South Korea and should be taken up with their Government.

We feel that Ian Hunter’s Department could have offered to make some sort of contact on this matter with their Sister State, particularly as we have had a positive response to our request to Glendale, California, about their Sister City – and they have received positive acknowledgement back from their South Korean counterparts.

However, the letter did note some (South Australian) legal points which could be used as a good example for directing at the South Korean Government:

Selling or eating cat or dog meat was illegal in South Australia, under section 10 of the Summary Offences Act 1953, (with a maximum penalty of $1,250) and “viewed as abhorrent by the South Australian community.”

Additionally, they noted that: section 13 of the Animal Welfare Act 1985 specifies the obligations to an animal while it is alive and the manner in which it is killed; and carries a (significant) penalty for breaching this Act of $50,000 or four years imprisonment.

They added that: the standards for killing animals for meat in South Australia were also legislated by:
· The Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 2004
· The Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Meat Industry) Regulations 2006.

– both of which cover animal welfare requirements and food safety considerations.

We will not stop campaigning until the dog meat trade ends in Chungcheongnam-do and throughout South Korea. So please keep taking action. Click HERE to take action TODAY.
Thank you!

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  1. Mia van de Loo
    Mia van de LooJanuary 27,16

    Het is niet normaal om honden en katten te eten dit moet stoppen.

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