Response from the United Airlines

We received below response from the United Airline regarding our petition: Room for a little one? Request to United Airlines for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in South Korea!

Not quite the answer we had hoped for but we are happy that they responded, read the leaflet and acknowledged our work. They also left the door open by saying “at this time”. We will keep her contact information and check back with her from time to time. We are not giving up.

Special thank you goes out to our volunteer, Tina, who sent the petition letters on our behalf.

Petition is effective and it costs nothing. Click HERE to keep signing and sharing!

Response from United Airlines

Video: SaveKoreanDogs.

  1. Brenda Raus
    Brenda RausJuly 22,16

    Come on United Airline, you can do better than that! The response you gave, STINKS! There is NO reason you couldn’t help these animals out and save their lives of being tortured to death to be eaten by people who believe that the more the animal suffers the better their meat taste. REALLY, you can’t/won’t HELP????

  2. Megan
    MeganJuly 22,16

    Wow this seems like a genuine response. It’s understandable things can’t change quickly but we can still keep hoping. The woman who responded seemed to have read the materials given to here about this case and from this letter i can imagine she wanted to help but the company can’t at this moment. I thank her just for reading the pamphlet and feeling what we feel. We will keep trying!

  3. marilyn boehm
    marilyn boehmAugust 1,16

    At least they had the decency to reply! That’s better than a lot of companies that could easily help with our efforts. I believe the person who responded was compassionate to our cause, but that doesn’t help at all. Perhaps United could start a fund to help PAY for these flights–if they are indeed working on a “significant project” to determine the best course of action in the future. Perhaps this director, who said she loves dogs, will find it in her heart to remember the slaughter of Korean dogs and get involved privately. You never know…

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