S. Korean government’s response to our petition to close down Moran Market dog slaughterhouses

On 7/23/2013, we mailed our petition, Seongnam, South Korea: Close Down Moran Market Dog Slaughterhouses-Enforce The Animal Protection Law! to the S. Korean President, Geun-Hye Park and the opposition leader, Jae-In Moon. Click to sign petition!

We received the response below, sent on 1/18/14 from the Department of Animal Disease Control of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Basically this letter is saying that the South Korean government WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop the dog and cat meat consumption and that they will continue with their current policy of allowing the criminals to murder millions of companion animals every year just because their citizens want to continue eating dogs and cats!!! They will continue to ignore the agony and suffering of these animals!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on South Korea!!!

The following letter is from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety mailed on 1/9/2014.

Here is the translation:

1. This is in regards to the petition to our department with registration number V20130004452(2014.01.02).

2. Below are our responses to your questions.

a. To consume meat from livestock, the process of slaughtering and processing must be sanitary. The meat must be from livestock not having contracted and not suspected of being contaminated with infectious diseases. Therefore, they must be slaughtered and processed at licensed, sanitary slaughterhouses and veterinarians or qualified inspectors must inspect them in order for them to be used for raw materials, for processing or manufacturing of food.

b. However, dogs are not regarded as livestock under the “Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act” which makes it unnecessary to monitor that the slaughtering and processing is done in a sanitary manner, nor is the conducting of inspections required. Moreover, there is no social consensus on dog meat’s integrity as food. Therefore, dog meat is currently not approved as food.

c. However, Koreans have been cooking and eating dogs for a long time, so we are not prohibiting the cooking and selling of dog meat at restaurants.

d. In addition, if a dog meat restaurant is licensed under the “Food Sanitation Act”, the business operator is responsible for the sanitary handling of food and for complying with the provisions of the “Food Sanitation Act”. And in case of violations, they become subject to administrative measures based on the law.

3. If our response was inadequate or if you have additional questions, please contact Food Policy Mediation Division (Hyun-Sook Jeong, Tel. 043-719-2045 or email: [email protected]) and for questions regarding the food raw materials, contact Food Standardization Division (Eun-Jin Choi, Tel. 043-719-2434 or email: [email protected]). We will provide consultation in a friendly and quick way.

You can find information regarding food, from our homepage ( or Food Nara homepage ( Please visit us online! Have a nice day! Thank you! The End.

In short, what they are saying is that the dog meat industry is illegal but since too many people are breaking the law and it’s been overlooked for far too long, they will continue to protect this illegal, criminal industry while millions of innocent animals are tortured and brutally killed every year!!! Is South Korea a Third World Developing Country???…

The following letter is from the Ministry of Environment mailed on 1/13/2014:

This letter states that our petition should be addressed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs so they have forwarded our petition to that Ministry.

Pointing fingers at someone else… Very typical of the South Korean government…

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  1. riitta uusi-rajasalo
    riitta uusi-rajasaloFebruary 23,14

    These cruelties have to stop in the world and start to give advises to eat vegetables for every people.

    • christine warman
      christine warmanFebruary 28,14

      We all have to become civilised in this word,and the torture and the way these animals are killed are not what we want to see,all the arguments about the way the have always lived do not apply now. Many of these dogs are people’s pets,and are stolen from them,they feel pain and fear just as humans do.

      You are not doing your country any favours,visitors will not come,they do want to spend money in a disgraceful country who refuses to stop cruelty to any animals they come into contact with.

  2. Elisa
    ElisaApril 4,14

    But inside this country many activists are raising their voice, and the ngo’s are fighting, don’t hold back! i wish these government officials could be dead so i could eat their meat, how about that?

  3. Sara
    SaraMay 9,14


  4. Gillian
    GillianMay 9,14

    I will boycott Korean goods until the powers that be start behaving like human beings and doing the right thing and stop making excuses.

  5. cristina iertea
    cristina ierteaMay 10,14

    stop this!

  6. Monchaya Phochanukul
    Monchaya PhochanukulMay 11,14

    Help poor dogs please

    • christine warman
      christine warmanMay 12,14

      They are an absolute disgrace to themselves and the world,they like killing and torture,we can all the the delight in the faces of the killers,as they torture these trapped animals,they are not men,just pathetic little cretins,no use to anybody.

      Do not but any of their cars,tvs, or machines,hit them where it hurts,in their pockets.

  7. Annetjie
    AnnetjieMay 12,14


  8. Alyssa Lai
    Alyssa LaiMay 12,14

    Please don’t eat dogs. they have IQ like a small kids.

  9. Juan Carlos Pérez Condor
    Juan Carlos Pérez CondorMay 30,14

    Basta de tanta masacre por parte del maldito “humano”

  10. soraya ghisleni
    soraya ghisleniApril 26,15

    Please help dogs and cats! Don’t permet people eat them!

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