[Breaking News] Sumangri Dog Farm New Construction Permit Cancelled – City of Seogwipo Confirms Violations of Law

Translation of Korean News: Jemin Ilbo 6/28/2013

This is an update from “Seogwipo Sumangri Residents Strongly Opposes New Construction of Large Scale Dog Farm” 6/7/2013

Sumangri Dog Farm New Construction Permit Cancelled – City of Seogwipo Confirms Violations of Law.

[Breaking News] As new construction of dog farm in Namwoneup Sumangri area is met with strong opposition from the local residents (reported previously by our newspaper on June 8, page 2), the City of Seogwipo decided to cancel the development permit after conducting an onsite guidance and inspection.

According to the city of Seogwipo and the residents of Sumangri, the construction of a dog farm approximately 6,000㎡ (1.5 acres) in size has been in progress since last March in a hilly and mountainous region near Namjoro, Sumangri and the local residents have been strongly resisting for the fear of manure odor, noise, environmental pollution problems and more.

When the residents of Sumangri filed mass civil appeal, the city conducted an onsite guidance and inspection at the dog farm construction site. As a result, contrast to the terms of the original development activity, several violations of Framework Act on the National Land were verified that includes illegal land division, illegal installation of two structures (container and freezer) and rubble pavement on the ground of construction site.

The city decided to cancel the development permit on June 26, notified the business owner on the 27th and is taking steps for the related procedures.

However, the business owner refuted that no illegal land division was committed, containers were installed temporarily to store construction equipment, installation of freezer was not reported because he was unaware of the current law and the rubble pavement was to be covered with concrete.

He also argued that the city’s immediate cancellation of permit without the process of warning, corrective instruction or restoration order is unfair.

A city officials stated that they “verified four separate violations of law through their onsite inspection of Sumangri dog farm construction and decided to cancel the development permit”, and “according to the related laws, there were no problem in how the penalty was carried out from the warning to the cancelation of permit”. Yong-Hyun Kim Reports.

Sign the petition: Seoqwipo(Jeju Province), S. Korea! Please stop the construction of large scale illegal dog farm and crack down on existing dog farms immediately!

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Photo: Dogs at existing dog farms in Sumangri (Blog: Love for Jeju and Love for Environment)

  1. suzy pearson
    suzy pearsonJuly 12,13


  2. Coral Roberts
    Coral RobertsJuly 13,13

    Yes this is shocking that it ever was started glad you have showed a heart and stopping this dog farm going ahead none of Gods animals like dogs are food ever they are mans best friend and in many homes ones only true friend the name dog spelt backwards spells God and this alone is a sign from God to be kind to all dogs please close all the places abusing dogs this is real animal cruelty and remember God is watching and in time we all die he does not like cruelty to his animals and his gates will be closed to any human who abuse animals that he gave us to share our planet with God is beside us all our lives and want all humans to be kind and caring with animals don’t fail him

  3. zey
    zeyJuly 14,13

    odor and noise is the only problem? for heaven ‘s sake aren’t they still aware of the crime against the animals? I don’t hear a word about this farm is not wanted because it will become a violent torture house for can I be happy when people still don’t have a heart for those dogs.. 🙁

  4. sarah reid
    sarah reidJuly 14,13

    So every reason for stopping this, except the real reason, animal abuse! How sick. The smell & the niose is more important then than that of the dogs! Sounds about right, ignorant people.

  5. Lisette de Waard
    Lisette de WaardJuly 15,13

    Good news

  6. Joseph Casey
    Joseph CaseyJuly 15,13

    Please tell me this isn’t just for show. I think this is routine and as soon as the owner pays them off it will
    be started again.

  7. Hilary Snowden
    Hilary SnowdenJuly 15,13

    Great – but for all the wrong reasons! Do these people not know that the civilised world is watching them and that we all judge them to be cruel, sadistic, inhumane and sub-human. The entire lot of them are a disgrace to God the creator or Mother Nature or whoever or whatever brought about the existence of mankind on planet earth. Shame on all of them, and pease God, help these poor dogs and cats in their time of suffering. The rest of the civilised world will one day drag these miserable torturers of mans’ best friend, the trusting, faithful dog, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I just cannot tolerate the thought that, somewhere in this dreadful world, every second of every day, some poor dog begins its agony. What a sick, disgusting race of people the South Koreans are, as are many of the Chinese, Vetnamese and other ignorant Asians who think the more the poor animals suffer, the better and more nutritious is the meat. What a load of ignorant bullshit!

    • fran davies
      fran daviesJuly 16,13

      I couldn’t agree more. These sub-humans who cause UNIMAGINABLE CRUELTY to any animal deserve to spend the rest of their miserable stinking lives
      fearful of genocide.

  8. toni harrison-kahn
    toni harrison-kahnJuly 15,13

    I cannot believe that the reason given for the permit NOT being given was that of noise and smell, not a word about THE ABUSE OF THE ANIMALS….OR THE TORTUROUS CONDITIONS that the dogs would be subjected too, A VICTORY INDEED, ALL BE IT A HOLLOW ONE.

  9. eva
    evaJuly 16,13

    It is only a temporary thing as the violation is not related to teh substance of dog farm at all. The owner can redesign and apply again !

  10. angela
    angelaJuly 16,13


  11. sylvia podgorenko
    sylvia podgorenkoJuly 17,13

    This caveman attitude towards man and women’s best friend must stop. There is no need for this cruel and inhuman way of life. This mentality is coming from the old men in this culture and one day they will all be gone. The young generation of Korean is not even aware of what is going on in the backwoods of their country. I know this to be true because I have had many young Korean students living with me. Most of them are shocked that this is even happening in their land. So, I think if we educate and inform them of this, it will stop. I sure am hoping this. God love those poor dogs and cats.

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