Mayor of Surrey responds to call to action against the dog meat trade

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner

We have received an email response from the mayor’s office of Surrey, British Columbia regarding our campaign. We asked Surrey to take action against the dog meat trade in Seoul Dongjak, South Korea.

The City of Surrey has informed us that they will be terminating their Friendship City agreement with Dongjak and that they will contact the Mayor of Dongjak to ensure that they understand that this agreement has been terminated. The mayor’s office did not state the reason for termination but we assume that it is because of the illegal dog meat industry operating in Dongjak.

We are grateful to the mayor’s office and the City of Surrey for responding to our concern so quickly and for taking action.

Click HERE to see our campaign.

Response from Surrey 082817

  1. Hilary Graham
    Hilary GrahamAugust 30,17

    At last!! A really positive response!! Very well done!!

  2. Maria
    MariaAugust 30,17

    Hmmm… and when will it happen? However, thank you, Mr Aaron Gill and City of Surrey!

  3. Aki Sharma
    Aki SharmaAugust 30,17

    Wonderful!But this is just very very fire step..
    Thank you, city of Surrey.

  4. Aki Sharma
    Aki SharmaAugust 30,17

    First step..i mean

  5. Cecilia Johansson
    Cecilia JohanssonAugust 31,17

    Thank You, City of Surrey! Brings back hope in humanity, every little bit helps!

  6. Sasha Patrick
    Sasha PatrickAugust 31,17

    Well done Surrey! Thank you for showing some compassion. All of you other Mayors,pay attention,this is how you respond to the dog and cat meat trade!

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