Update after the onion bag cats case in Busan

This is a translation of posting from Busan KAPCA’s Facebook page: Update after the onion bag cats case… 양파망고양이 그 이후.. 11/25/2013
Read the report on onion bag cats (in Korean): ‘Onion bag cats’ for cat soup…online community’s outrage ‘양파망 고양이’ 나비탕으로…누리꾼 격분 8/22/2013

While the shock from a photo of cats in onion bags in sweltering heat that spread through the internet is still fresh, internet community is outraged to find out that these cats are not for pets but for cat soup. 폭염 속에서 살아있는 고양이를 양파망에 담아 판매하는 사진이 인터넷에 퍼져 충격을 준 가운데 이 고양이들이 애완용이 아닌 식용으로 판매되는 것으로 알려져 누리꾼들이 격분하고 있다.

The person who was selling cats in onion bags was no longer seen and the person who Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(Busan KAPCA) reported not too long ago was a different person who was selling litter of kittens born at his home.
Anyways, Busan Jung-gu District office has posted warning notices as Busan KAPCA has requested. The notice states “Selling animals on the street is illegal and will be punished.”
Notices are posted in front of Pheonix Hotel, at the entrance of Nam-Po underground shopping center, in front of Mini-Mall, and the bus stop in front of Nam-Po Stationary store.
Thanks to Busan Jung-gu District Office and the Busan KAPCA’s honorary animal protection volunteer inspector, Yeon-Soo Oh, for their effort.

Source: Busan KAPCA (

    AHLOIE REYESNovember 28,13

    KOREA…. what an industrial country & countless animals….. suffer their BARBARIC way of living WORST than NORTH KOREA…. EATING DOGS/CATS…… SICK PEOPLE. Soon theyRe going to eat their CHILDREN.

  2. pattianne pascual
    pattianne pascualNovember 28,13

    You subhumans are the most vile and demonic things in the universe.I curse you.may a 10.0 earthquake strike you alongside a super deadly bird flu.

  3. Lindsay Elkins
    Lindsay ElkinsDecember 8,13

    It is true that the world will never have any respect or good will for Korea untill they stop these practices of animal torture and then justify it’s existance due to not having animal protections laws. Thrilled to see the signs….and signs of progress towards abolishing this. As the world becomes more and more aware of the horrific cruelty in Korea, the boycotting of Korea is growing and China is right behind. Get it stopped Korea!! NOW!!

  4. margo severini
    margo severiniDecember 11,13

    Sick sick sick. The Koreans who eat cats and dogs and anyone else for that matter are some of the sickest people in the world. I want to puke everytime I hear the words Korean & -China. When are they gonna realize cats and dogs are pets not food.

  5. Wendy Lee Williams
    Wendy Lee WilliamsDecember 11,13

    Thank you everyone who work so hard to be the voice of the suffering and tortured animals and people. United we stand. For Justice. For right livelihood. For humane treatment. For life.

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