Gupo Market Dog Cruelty Case First Prison Sentence for Accessory to Violation of Animal Protection Act

This is an update to the Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market’s Cruelty case reported previously on September 1, 2017. Click HERE to learn more.
We are grateful to all the supporters who have taken actions and signed our petition.

The Financial News reported on May 3, 2018 as below:

For the first time, a prison sentence was given for aiding and abetting in animal cruelty. On May 3rd, animal rights group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) stated, “The sentence in the dog cruelty case at the Busan Gupo Market is meaningful because it affirms that even without direct involvement in the cruel act, any enablement or neglect of such acts can be a violation of the Animal Protection Act.”

On April 24th, the western regional office of the Busan District Court handed down a ruling for the case, which happened last August at the Busan Gupo market. An employee of a health food (dog elixir) shop chased an escaped dog for several hundred meters before tying its feet to a metal snare and then dragging the dog along the sidewalk before slaughtering him.

The employee who abused the dog was sentenced to a fine of 1 million won (approximately $900 USD) for a violation of Article 8, Paragraph 2, Items 1 and 2 of the Animal Protection Act. The owner of the health food shop where the violator worked was sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment and 2 years of probation for violating the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and being an accessory to the violation of the Animal Protection Act.

The District Court stated, “Animals that can feel pain should not suffer” and the “action of the abuser who went against the national sentiment which seeks to respect the lives and bodies of animals, deserves condemnation.” However, in determining the sentence, the court took into consideration the perpetrator’s second-degree intellectual disability as well as his weak mind and body.

Because the health food shop owner provided the metal snare, he was penalized for aiding and abetting his employee’s violation of the Animal Protection Act. His actions helped inflict severe injuries to a living animal. This is the first animal abuse case in which a person was sentenced to imprisonment for being an accessory to the violation of the Animal Protection Act.

CARE stated, “We hope that this case will help to strengthen the punishment for animal cruelty in the future and to raise awareness that animal cruelty is a serious crime.”

In court, the health food shop owner stated that he “will never engage in the same business again.” Using this sentencing as a stepping stone, CARE plans to file complaints against similar health food shops as well as all dog meat businesses in the Gupo market. CARE has registered formal complaints against animal abuser in this case and has conducted a petition campaign calling for severe punishment.

  1. Marilyn Wilson
    Marilyn WilsonJune 13,18

    Fantastic news!

  2. Annie ONeill
    Annie ONeillJune 14,18

    This is a fantastic result.. in one of the most harrowing cruelty recorded on camera.. let’s pray the same happens at the Yulin festival…or better described as hell on Earth.

    • David Lavery
      David LaveryJune 14,18

      I have hated that man ever since I first read this, (HATED) I am please to bits that he has been made to pay a fine, I would have him put to death myself but I had always said that he should be sacked or given a crippling fine. This is happy news to me. I am more than delighted.

    • Roberta Pettinau
      Roberta PettinauJune 14,18

      Verissimo! Un vero inferno. Qualcuno li aiuti 😣

    • Bev Woodburn
      Bev WoodburnJune 4,19

      I definately agree. I pray the unimaginable heinous atrocities of deliberate animal torture and suffering committed against the precious and innocent Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens and all the other innocent animals who were tortured to death is banned in vile and evil South Korea wide.

  3. Brenda Baker
    Brenda BakerJune 14,18

    This is a fantastic result, when I watched the video of this poor dog last year the tears did not stop falling, I could not help him or save him but maybe he has helped to pave the way to help speed up the end to this horror of the dog meat trade. Rest in peace dear boy.

  4. Fiona Wilson
    Fiona WilsonJune 14,18

    Great throw all these bastards in jail to rot

  5. Elke Hl.
    Elke Hl.June 14,18

    only 2 Years? much too little!!!!! and many more years, at least 10 years !!!! the poor dog was so tormented!

  6. Jean Riding
    Jean RidingJune 14,18

    Great news Busan keep it up this cruelty and abuse must stop

  7. Claudia Kern
    Claudia KernJune 14,18

    Ich bin für die Todestrafe für diese Menschen

  8. Roberta Pettinau
    Roberta PettinauJune 14,18

    Verissimo! Un vero inferno. Qualcuno li aiuti 😣

  9. Dani Trickett
    Dani TrickettJune 14,18

    It should of never happened in the first place these places are places of pure evil pure hell on earth how anyone can cause such immense suffering to a living being is beyond me and I hope more people get put behind bars….these people aren’t normal they enjoy the suffering and torturing it’s just not normal…glad this poor dog hasn’t suffered without someone being held responsible as so many other dogs lives have been ended without anyone paying for the suffering they’ve caused 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  10. BJ
    BJJune 15,18

    So good to hear! Hope that other municipalities do the same! Many thanks to all those who made this happen!

  11. Mary Kelly
    Mary KellyJune 16,18

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” includes animals. These people are real sickos who commit these atrocities against8 dogs and cats. Whatever punishments the law heaps on them are much too kind iin comparison to the unthinkable acts theyy commit against these innocent animals.

  12. alessandra
    alessandraJune 17,18

    Ho apprezzato quanto è finalmente successo, si denota comunque che queste persone mancano completamente di umanità nei confronti di creature viventi indifese, penso che sono molte le persone, se così si possono definire, che non provano un sentimento di pietà per questi poveri animali, dovrebbero vedere quello che fanno i cani nel nostro paese che aiutano i disabili, la polizia, il soccorso alpino, i cani bagnini e molti altri servizi senza chiedere nulla in cambio, fate vedere tutto questo a questa popolazione

  13. alessandra
    alessandraJune 17,18

    Facciamo conoscere ai coreani quanto fanno questi animali per aiutare l’uomo, cani poliziotti, cani guida, per il soccorso alpino, cani bagnini e antidroga e molte altre attività

  14. Nerissa
    NerissaAugust 2,18

    Thank you Lord at something happened to protect those helpless animals
    I hope that they will also tie and drag that evil man and then hang in public for people to see what will happen to them

  15. Anonymous
    AnonymousSeptember 4,18

    And so will he commit these crimes again? When no one is watching. Are steps in place to keep watching his actions? I don’t trust him or what he claimed he will not do anymore?

  16. Lay lay Vastenhoud
    Lay lay VastenhoudOctober 19,18

    Close down the dog meat market.
    This people who eaten dog meat are not human , heartless .

  17. Lena Rousk
    Lena RouskJune 4,19

    Barbarian people! Burn in hell!😡😡

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