Watchdog shutting down a factory-style dog farm in Hoengseong! 10/6/2021

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

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In this latest video, Watchdog raided a dog farm in Hoengseong, where more than a thousand dogs were kept in inhumane conditions. We were informed that they were also slaughtering dogs inside, out of view from the public.

Factory dog farm. This is the rancid, rotten food that was being fed to the dogs using an automated feeding machine. We will show you this in the video.

Other atrocities were discovered by Watchdog and we will take steps to end all of them.
Please help Watchdog continue our efforts to abolish dog farms and slaughterhouses!

Watchdog members are currently serving on a volunteer basis. The goal of the organization is to raise enough donations on an ongoing basis to enable them to hire full-time paid activists to expand and carry out their vision of the complete elimination of dog farms and slaughterhouses. With a dedicated full-time paid staff, Watchdog will be in a position to accomplish even more than they are currently doing.

Operations like this are only possible through donations to CARE. Please help them continue their important work of shutting down the dog meat industry in South Korea by donating today. Click HERE to see the most recent updates from the Watchdog. Thank you!🙏🏼

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Watchdog post in Korean:

<와치독- 이것이 공장식 개농장이다!>
와치독이 이번에는 횡성의 천여마리 이상 사육 중인 개농장을 급습했습니다. 더 깊숙한 내부에서는 도살도 이루어진다는 제보를 받았습니다.
공장식 개농장. 썩은 잔반 급식기계 등 모든 것이 자동화된 시스템. 그 실체를 영상으로 보여 드립니다.
이곳도 와치독에 의해 완전한 불법사항들이 적발되었고 철거의 수순을 밟게 될 것입니다.
함께 개농장과 도살장을 철폐하는 막강한 <와치독군단> 이 됩시다!
🥷와치독 군단 되기 ( 와치독 정회원가입) 🤝회원가입:
⚡️제보문의[email protected]
➡이메일: [email protected]
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