The mayor of San Bernadino responds, no active partnership with Gyeongsan.

San Bernadino Mayor R. Carey Davis

San Bernadino Mayor R. Carey Davis

We have received a response through a Facebook message from Mayor R. Carey Davis, of San Bernadino, California regarding our campaign. We asked them to take action over the dog-meat trade in Gyeongsan, South Korea. We are grateful to the mayor and his office for responding to our concerns. However, it would have been more effective if the mayor had addressed this issue with their Friendship city, even if they no longer have an active partnership. His opinion on the cruel and illegal practices would have helped to alert the city of Gyeongsan that the world is watching them and are appalled by their horrific cruelty and indifference.

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Response from San Bernadino Mayor Davis 031117

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