Please support the Korean organization Animal Rescue Korea 119, once again, embarking on a National Campaign to Shut Down the Dog Meat Industry!

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ARK119 raided an illegal dog farm in Incheon Ganghwado, Korea on July 14, 2021. Click HERE to learn more.
ARK119’s Journey to shut down the dog meat industry.

The Korean-registered nonprofit organization, Animal Rescue Korea 119, is once again embarking on a National Campaign to Shut Down the Dog Meat Industry. 🚶🏽🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🏴 Under the leadership of the very dedicated and courageous, Lim Yeong-ki, they had made this journey in the previous years, exposing dog farms and slaughterhouses around the country, filed complaints and managed to shut down many of them. They also conduct rescues of injured, stray dogs and cats and provide adoption services from their adoption center in Seoul, all year around.
They have recruited members to join on this journey for this summer which will begin on July 9th through 24th (16 days).
Their main targets for this journey will be dog farms in the Gimpo and Incheon Ganghwa regions and the Dog Auction Market in Paju.

Video: When the ‘illegal dog dog auction house’ is shut down… Relocate to another city and continuing business, JTBC News, 10/24/2019. (‘불법 식용견 경매장’ 폐쇄되자…장소 옮겨 버젓이 영업)

Below is a translation of their announcement:

We will embark on the 2021 National Campaign to Shut Down the Dog Meat Industry. This time, we will focus on Gimpo and Incheon Ganghwa – the base of dog meat industry, and the Paju Dog Meat Auction House where the dogs are traded.

The Gimpo and Incheon Ganghwa areas are densely populated with large-scale dog farms which are members of the Korean Meat Dog Trade Association, and are key suppliers of dog meat to the metropolitan areas. The Paju Meat Dog Auction Market is the largest auction house, where tens of thousands of dogs illegally bred on dog farms, face butchers in terror, awaiting their slaughter.

Dog meat consumption peaks during the Boknal season. Let’s cut off the breath of the Gimpo Dog Farms and the auction house, which are direct suppliers of dog meat.

Let’s blockade the Paju Dog Auction House.
Let’s bring out our courage and make some good trouble!

Plan Detail:
– Recruitment period: Until June 30, 2021
– Activity period: July 9 – 24, 2021 (16 days)
– Target Regions: Gimpo, Incheon Ganghwa Dog Farms, and Paju Dog Auction House
– Plans: ① Detect illegal dog farms and file complaints after on-site inspections.
② Cut off the clandestine connection between illegal dog farms and “meat dog” auction houses.
③ Work towards the enactment of legislation to ban dog and cat meat consumption.

■ Invitation to the open Kakao Talk room for the journey to shut down the dog meat industry

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to support ARK119’s National Campaign to Shut Down Dog Meat Industry? 🐕

💗 You can donate by Paypal to the ARK119: 👉 [email protected]

Video: ARK119’s Founder/Director Im Yeong-Ki Declaring the 2021’s Long-Distant Journey to End Dog Meat Consumption.

  1. Luc Portron
    Luc PortronJuly 2,21

    It’s so horrible, insane that it’s unebelievable……. Shame on Korea and humanity…………….

  2. Judy Greenfield
    Judy GreenfieldJuly 3,21

    What barbarism, to treat another living being like South Korea treats dogs. Born in misery, living in filth and depravation, to die horrific deaths in terror. Stop farming, killing and eating dogs and cats, South Korea. The world is watching…you cannot hide this barbaric practice.

  3. Roberta Giovannini
    Roberta GiovanniniJuly 3,21

    Basta con queste crudeltà

  4. Marlene Feldman
    Marlene FeldmanJuly 3,21

    No human beings can be so cruel, sadistic and abuse towards these poor animals.
    You are not human! Your cruelty and sadistic behaviors are being watched all over the world.
    Animals have emotions and feelings. They feel pain, sadness, fear and loneliness.
    They are not food but intelligent, loving beings who deserve to be treated with kindness and love.
    The misery that You inflict upon them must be stopped. Close down these horrific murder farms.
    Release these helpless animals from the clutches of horror and abuse!

    actions are being watched

  5. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakJuly 3,21

    now South Korea is compared to China concerning the mistreatment of dogs and cats … this comparison is no longer made on economic development or cultural progress, it is made on the cruelty that exists in these two countries towards dogs and cats … who is worse ? The FIRST EATEN DOG NATION or the most cruel country against the dogs and cats ? the match is null ! they are placed on the same level … shame on you ..

  6. Lona Hansen
    Lona HansenJuly 3,21

    I almost cried when reading about the horrible conditions these dogs live under, and the food is disgusting. Please save the dogs and cats of South Korea, you cannot keep on with this cruelty. I know and read about people who dislike your politicians for not ending this animal cruelty. Stop it now it is enough.

    PETER WALDERJuly 3,21


  8. Susan Lorentzen
    Susan LorentzenJuly 3,21

    This is discusting and cruelty beyond comprehention. STOP

    PAULABLEYJuly 3,21

    These pictures makes me want to 😢 this is stuck in my mind all the time as of yulin in China I have to dogs and we love them to bits there are several Asian countries that do thi and it needs to stop

  10. Charlotte Neumann
    Charlotte NeumannJuly 3,21

    Would it be possible to have a different route for donations? PayPal doesn’t always work

  11. Lyn Clayton
    Lyn ClaytonJuly 3,21

    Absolutely horrific cruelty to beautiful innocent dogs. How these so called humans can inflict such cruelty is beyond comprehension. They are the lowest of the low, and do not deserve to draw breath.

  12. Charlotte Neumann
    Charlotte NeumannJuly 3,21

    It’s happened again. Because I’m in Europe PayPal says they have to send a code to me, in order to log in. But the code never arrives. On other occasions I have tried everything I could to fix this, but to no avail. However, there are donation pages which send you directly to PayPal, and in those cases I get in with no problem and can donate.
    Please enable other ways to donate because I am unable to give anything and I really want to.

  13. CE Vermeulen
    CE VermeulenJuly 3,21


  14. Naseem Mahmood
    Naseem MahmoodJuly 3,21

    This horrfice brutal dog,cat meat trade goes against humanity .I am sickened to the stomach how godless and evil this backwards thinking is cats and dogs are a beautiful creation so loyal companion they bring joy .what sort of monsters does this everyday committing torture on animals burning them alive , blowtorch ,skinning them alive , boiling them alive what the hell is wrong with you people .were is your humanity for a life of dencessless animals .this is happening in China with their horrfic yulin festival, combodie too stop bloody eating cat and dogs .no animal deserve to die in a horrific sensesless torture and suffering .their is accountablety in this world for committing atrocities against a living animals your total disregard for life of animals speaks volumes of violation of life I have already donated to China duo duo project who are desperately trying to shut down these barbaric inhuman slaughter houses and rescueing these poor defenceless dogs and cats heading to slaughter houses .it is heartbreaking and very upsetting how these animals short life ends .the government of these dog and cat eating countries need to put action and force laws to protect animals being treated in dispicable inhuman way.please send me a link to donate

  15. Barbara
    BarbaraJuly 3,21

    This is sick and cruel now. This is a cruelty act now. We won’t stop until we do finally get action and justice for these dogs now and we will. This has gone on long enough now. It is time to free the dogs now. These dogs have suffered enough now. It is time to shut this down for good now. We need to stop this now. Not enough is being done to save these dogs, cats and horses now and we want to know why and we will. We will continue to fight for all animals now and we will.

  16. Fabienne
    FabienneJuly 3,21

    Bonjour , impossible de faire un don
    il y a un problème de liens , de connexion , ca ne marche pas !!!
    quelqu’un à t il eu le même problème

  17. Fabienne
    FabienneJuly 3,21

    Impossible de verser un don ?!
    ON clic et on se retrouve sur une page facebook !?
    Et puis , on fait quoi , il n’y a rien …!!!??
    Ou est le lien pour verser un don?
    Quelqu’un qui visite cette page a t il eu le même problème que moi
    merci de me répondre

  18. Diane Bugliarelli
    Diane BugliarelliJuly 3,21

    Please stop this barbaric practice. So unimaginably cruel and unnecessary. It’s true what someone else said, the world is watching.

  19. Elizabeth Janusie
    Elizabeth JanusieJuly 3,21

    Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who is fighting for poor innocent animals.All of Us need to help them!

  20. Christine PHILLIPS
    Christine PHILLIPSJuly 3,21

    Thank you so much for helping to deal with these monstrous individuals

  21. Lilia Birleson
    Lilia BirlesonJuly 3,21

    You have got to stop the brutal murder of defenceless animals in your Country. It is illegal and barbaric what you are doing to Dogs and Cats. Those that are involved should be prosecuted and imprisoned for there act of cruelty to these poor helpless Animals.
    What are you teaching your children and future generations that this unnecceary killing of innocent animals is acceptable. It is MURDER.
    Dogs and Cats are loved throughout the World they bring pleasure to people company and part of people’s families World wide. You the Korean Government should use your Power to stop this misery and cruelty to helpless Animals. Shut down these illegal farms Now. Do the right thing for these Dogs and Cats in your Country.
    Dogs and Cats were not put on this earth to be tortured and abused by illegal farms Now. They were not put on this earth for human consumption. Dogs and Cats are pets to people all around the World. You the Korean Government have to end this illegal act of brutality and torture to innocent Animals Now. You should not be allowing this to continue in your Country. We are living in the 21st century and this cruelty to animals has to stop NOW. You are allowing these criminals to get away with the brutal murder of defenceless animals. You are suppose to be in control of your Country. End this unnecceary killing of innocent animals NOW. All around the World we are fighting for your Country to end this illegal act of brutality and torture to innocent Animals. Stop this cruelty to animals NOW. Do the right thing and end this Now. Dogs and Cats lives matter too. They were not put on this earth to be tortured and abused. End this illegal act of brutality and torture to innocent Animals Now.

  22. Miranda Burrows
    Miranda BurrowsJuly 4,21

    God created dogs and cats for human companionship and to teach us about LOVE .
    God gave dogs their name , he made them in his light , and reversed the letters.
    The name dog spelt backwards reads GOD!!!!
    Shame on you all and shame on your countries for murdering gods loving precious gifts to humanity!!!
    You will answer to this to the divine himself.
    Stop this NOW!!!

  23. Dora Hardegger
    Dora HardeggerJuly 4,21

    Dreckige verfluchte Bastarde, die solche unbeschreiblichen Grausamkeiten an Tieren praktizieren verdienen die Bezeichnung Mensch nicht.
    Diese gottverdammte, an Grausamkeiten nicht zu überbietenden Hundemassaker, und die vorgängigen Brutalitäten an diesen wehrlosen Geschöpfen
    müssen sofort ein Ende haben und für immer verboten werden. Wir boykottieren alle Produkte aus diesem grauenhaften Land und haben schon erfolgreich zum Touristenboykott für dieses fucking Land aufgerufen. Aber eigentlich kann man Korea nicht als Land bezeichnen nur als ein einziger
    Schandfleck. Glaubt jemand, dass wir auch nur einen $ oder Euro spenden würden, wenn Euer Schandfleck von Naturkatastrophen vernichtet wird.
    Nur die engagierten Tierschutzorganisationen in Korea werden von Animal Life Schweiz unterstützt.
    Alle diese brutalen Schlächter gehören an den Galgen, damit sie dort jämmerlich verrecken, so jämmerlich, wie diese Bastarde wehrlose Tiere
    ermorden. Irgend einmal kommt alles, wirklich alles, auf Euch brutale Mörder zurück, genau so grausam, wie Ihr verdammten Abschaumtypen
    agiert habt. Ihr Dreckskerle könnt Euch jetzt schon mal ein Bild machen, wie es in der Hölle aussieht und wie es sich in der Hölle anfühlt.

  24. Larya
    LaryaJuly 5,21

    Ceux qui font cela sont bon à tuer…!!!

  25. Pauline Collins
    Pauline CollinsJuly 6,21

    South Korean government officials need to do the jobs they are getting paid for, one being their “Animal Protection Laws”, but do nothing to stop blatant, horrific atrocities against innocent, defenseless animals. WAKE UP! South Korean Government, and protect your precious “Dogs and Cats.”

  26. Jette Heck
    Jette HeckJuly 8,21

    S H A M E O N. Y O U. !!!!!!!!! Animals are NOT ours. Boycott this country !!!!!!!!

  27. Dana Orságová
    Dana OrságováJuly 13,21

    help for all dogs and cats !!! please help !!!!

  28. Emilia Ridge
    Emilia RidgeJuly 16,21


  29. Virginia J Stovall
    Virginia J StovallJuly 17,21

    To the sadistic butchers who “enjoy” torturing dogs (cats, too), will eventually croak, and when they do, they will face God Almighty, who is the Judge of All Men. His Justice will be swift: you destroy these wonderful animals He Created….total sacrilege!!! You monsters will go to straight to Hell where you will suffer immeasurably for all time!!! The dogs and cats that you have enjoyed murdering will see another outcome: they will cross the Rainbow Bridge where they will be reunited with their Creator. There, they will be in the best of health, frollicking about and in total happiness free from any pain to ever endure ever again!!! These beautiful animals will live in happiness and tranquility; you butchers will forever live in pure agony in Hell for all time. You made this YOUR CHOICE!!!!…now suffer for it and remember, only the devil can help you out!!

  30. Helena Marreiros
    Helena MarreirosJuly 22,21


  31. Fabienne M
    Fabienne MJuly 24,21

    Quel est le lien pour faire un don à ARK via Paypal ?

  32. poko
    pokoAugust 6,21

    comment on fait pour faire un don?
    how can we stop this horrible act of cruelty?.

  33. Deborah J Moore
    Deborah J MooreAugust 14,21

    Please let these dogs be free. They are gods creatures, stop murdering them.

  34. Lorie hornbeck
    Lorie hornbeckAugust 14,21

    Please end this nightmare for these dogs. They have every right to live life as you do

  35. Emma Owens
    Emma OwensAugust 15,21

    I am very aware of this horrific and gruesome trade and I have donated in the past on numerous occassions and doing so again now. I just sent £40 by PayPal, I hope you receive that. With the conversion rate, it ended up being around £37.67 (something like that). I hope it helps! I have also shared a link to your page on LinkedIn 🙂 I have asked a friend to share the link also on WhatsApp.

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