Barbados Olympic Association speaks out against cruelty! And we sincerely thank them!

Following a letter sent by Francie to the Barbados Olympic Association we received an encouraging response saying that they will be contacting the IOC about the (in their own words) “intolerable situation” of the dog and cat meat trades in South Korea, and they hope that the IOC will, in turn, interface with the South Korean Government.

We want Steve Stoute, the President, and his associates, in the Barbados Olympic Association, to know how much we appreciate their positive response and action; it is inspirational to hear that an island nation is willing to speak out against unacceptable animal cruelty in a foreign country, particularly as Barbados is a country that may not traditionally participate in the Winter Olympics – and many other larger nations are doing their best to keep a ‘low profile’ by saying nothing.

Thank you Barbados Olympic Association, on behalf of all the animals involved in, and those opposed to, the dog and cat meat trades!

Barbados Olympic Association speaks out against cruelty!  And we sincerely thank them!

Barbados Olympic Association speaks out against cruelty!  And we sincerely thank them!

Call for action

Steve Stoute, President of the Barbados Olympic Association, said in his letter: “it is our hope that in some small way, we can help to eradicate this cruelty”. Special words, because many small actions amount to an enormous impact – so click HERE to keep writing to other members of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) urging them to speak out, and to boycott the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Seoul Gyeongdong dog meat market

Photo: Seoul Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market where dogs are slaughtered while you wait. SaveKoreanDogs.

  1. Maria
    MariaNovember 20,16

    This short letter is SO MUCH better than long sheets of paper other countries waste to explain that they don’t care! Thank you, BOA!

  2. louise despointes
    louise despointesNovember 21,16

    thank you Barbados! you are the only ones that have done something for cats & dogs meat countries such as korea, you are the olympic winer of the games as i am concern

  3. Séverine
    SéverineNovember 21,16

    Thanks a lot, Barbados Olympic Association!

  4. Charles Gordon
    Charles GordonNovember 21,16

    Thank you! God bless you Steve Stoute.

  5. Cheryl Valenti
    Cheryl ValentiNovember 21,16

    Thank you SO much for being willing to speak out and helping the dogs, cats and animals of South Korea.

  6. Lioba Multer
    Lioba MulterNovember 21,16

    There must be animal protection laws throughout SE Asia esp. regarding dogs.

  7. Judith Arisman
    Judith ArismanNovember 21,16

    Thank you so much Barbados Olympic Association!

  8. Hollie Hollon
    Hollie HollonNovember 21,16

    Animals must be protected from this horrific torture and cruelty now. Life of all be it human or animal must be respected ………….that is the only way the world moves forward instead of being a barbaric,vile and cruel like it is now. WE MUST ALL TAKE A STAND AND TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE INSANITY NOW!!

  9. pymcat
    pymcatNovember 21,16

    for being such a little country you have spoken up were giants havent. thank you

  10. Lynn J
    Lynn JNovember 22,16

    Barbados Olympic Association, YOU ROCK!!! God bless you all & thank you so much!!!

  11. Cleo shelby
    Cleo shelbyNovember 22,16

    Well done Barbados!

  12. Sandra García Martínez
    Sandra García MartínezNovember 22,16

    Adelante vosotros podeis parar esta barbarie

  13. marge scott
    marge scottNovember 22,16

    Thankfully not every one looks the other way. god bless

  14. Neville Bruce
    Neville BruceNovember 22,16

    Honest and worthy! How unlike the many political replies that state they have no jurisdiction, which we know, and omit any mention of overtures or questions being raised. Thank you Mr. Stoute, the Barbados Olympic Association, and Barbados. : )

  15. Eileen
    EileenNovember 22,16

    Thank You Barbados!!

  16. Cheryl Brown
    Cheryl BrownNovember 22,16

    Bravo Barbados !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for letter noting your concerns over the sickening,heartless,evil,barbaric dog & cat meat trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we need to get the other countries to step forward & speak what they know they should speak!!!! Please do NOT put your heads in the sand & ignore such a inhumane & down right disgusting dog & cat meat trade.We must ban together & STOP this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The poor innocent dogs & cats can NOT speak for themselves BUT we can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let’s speak loud & STOP the torture of these beautiful dogs & cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jan Jorczak
    Jan JorczakNovember 22,16

    Thank you so much Steve Stoute and the Barbados Olympic Committee. You are the Olympic Winners. With your help and others, hopefully soon, the DMT will come to an end and the suffering dogs and cats will be suffering no more and will also be the winners.

  18. Ulla Johansson
    Ulla JohanssonNovember 22,16

    I wish the Finnish politicians would show as much bravery as Barbados.

  19. jim taylor
    jim taylorNovember 22,16

    Thank you Barbados Olympic Committee for your stance on this horrible trade that is going on in South Korea. The treatment of cats and dogs by these animal traders and their supporters just has to stop and you have done a grand job by stating your opposition to this barbaric trade . All decent humans in this world support your action.

  20. Elizabeth Evans
    Elizabeth EvansNovember 22,16

    Thankyou Barbados, wish that more Counties would stand up to the Korian authorities to wipe out the cruelty there.

  21. Elizabeth Evans
    Elizabeth EvansNovember 22,16

    Big Big Thanks for sticking up for the dogs.

  22. Vickie Kidwell
    Vickie KidwellNovember 23,16

    Thank you for speaking out about this barbaric and inhumane practice. Please take any steps necessary to end this “meat market”.

  23. Heidi Hürlimann
    Heidi HürlimannNovember 23,16

    Bitte bleibt weiter dran um diese barbarischen Taten schnellstmöglich zu unterbinden, danke

  24. Heath St john
    Heath St johnNovember 24,16

    Whilst no country has the right to insist that a foreign country change its traditions, none-the-less, we can all still beg for mercy. Thank you for so doing, and for listening with your heart.

  25. marga terstal
    marga terstalNovember 24,16

    November 24

    Thank you SO much for being willing to speak out and helping the dogs, cats and animals of South Korea.

  26. Lilianne Emily Joanne van Doorne
    Lilianne Emily Joanne van DoorneNovember 25,16

    To the Done! our email went out to all European organizations

  27. dana macina
    dana macinaNovember 26,16

    Thank you so much! We need that institutions speak out against cruelty on animals!

  28. Salvatore Privitera
    Salvatore PriviteraNovember 27,16

    Thank you BOC!

  29. Veronique Peere
    Veronique PeereNovember 30,16

    Barbados Olympic Association, you are wonderful . GOD BLESS YOU !

  30. Gaby Strasser
    Gaby StrasserDecember 15,16

    Great job! Thanks to the Barbados Olympic Association! Hoping that there would be MORE organisations like YOU!

  31. junghoon song
    junghoon songNovember 3,20

    I’m a Korean and a former dog owner. I never hit or even scolded my dog. I didn’t impose my will on him in any way. I cooked him chicken drumsticks for meals while I’m mostly vegan. I’ve never eaten a dog or cat in my life. I think the practice is dying out with the Korean boomers. Their rather coarse lifestyle and mentality is disappearing, hopefully. They themselves were worked to death and could be seen slaves in a lot of ways.

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