Geoje’s response to our e-People petition asking to shut down their dog farms 9/30/2021

Application No.: 1AA-2109-2451918
Application Date: 2021-09-21
Gyeongsangnam-do Special Judicial Police Team: We strongly request that the illegal dog farm in Geoje be investigated for animal cruelty, inspection, and all illegal matters.
경상남도 특별사법경찰단: 거제시에 있는 불법 개농장에 대해 동물학대 행위, 점검과 모든 불법적인사항에 대한 수사를 해주시기를 강력히 요청합니다.

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Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 경상남도
staff in charge 옥혜수
contact 055-639-3263
processing date 2021-09-30
result 1. 안녕하십니까? 시정에 적극 참여해주시고 발전에 기여해주셔서 감사드리며, 귀하께서 국민신문고를 통해 신청하신 민원에 대하여 다음과 같이 안내드립니다.

2. 귀하의 민원은 불법 개농장, 도축장 등에 대한 단속과 전반적인 제도개선을 요구하는 것으로 이해됩니다.

○ 먼저, 귀하께서 제기하신「식품위생법」제4조(위해식품 등의 판매 등 금지)에 따른 식품은 유전자변형식품 등이므로 귀하께서 제기하신 민원내용과는 상이함을 알려드립니다.

○ 또한 식용견의 경우「식품위생법」제44조(영업자 등의 준수사항)에 따른 가축의 범위에 포함되지 않으며, 개농장 운영에 관한 사항 역시 「축산물 위생관리법」상의 도축장이 아니므로 법적인 처분이 어렵습니다.

○ 음식물류 폐기물을 재사용과 관련해서는 「폐기물관리법」 제46조에 따라 폐기물처리 신고를 득하여 사료화하고 있으며, 적절하게 발급받은 수집·운반증을 소지하여 음식물류 폐기물을 운송하여 재활용하고 있음을 확인하였습니다.

○ 「동물보호법 위반」,「건축법」상 위반 사항 역시 발견되지 않았으며 향후 위반사항이 발견될 시 「건축법」제79조 및 제80조에 따라 행정조치 할 계획입니다.

○ 앞으로도 불법 개농장·도축장 등에 대한 지도·단속과 동물학대 근절을 위한 홍보를 강화하여 귀하께서 염려하시는 상황이 발생하지 않도록 지속적으로 관리해나가겠습니다.

3. 귀하의 신고사항에 만족스러운 답변이 되었기를 바라며, 답변 내용에 추가 설명이 필요한 경우 거제시 시정혁신담당관 사회협력팀 옥혜수(☎055-639-3263)에게 연락주시면 친절히 안내해 드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.

붙임 1. 민원신청서 1부
2. 답변서(번역) 1부. 끝.
petition result.docx 다운로드
End date
2021-10-06 23:59:59

Translation by Google translate:

Guide to Petition Handling Results

1. Information on Civil Petitioner
No. Date of Application

2. Civil Petition Results
Summary of requested petition
A crackdown and overall system improvement of illegal dog farms and slaughter houses.
Results 1. Hello! Thank you for your active participation in our city administration and contribution to city development. Here is the guide to your civil petition presented through e-People.

2. We understand that your inquiry is regarding crackdown and overall system improvement of illegal dog farms and slaughter houses.

○ Because the food on which you have raised a problem under Article 4 (Prohibition of Sales of Harmful Foods) of the Food Sanitation Act is genetically modified food, it is different from the details of your petition.
○ Dogs for food are not included in the scope of livestock under Article 44 (Compliances of Operators, etc.) of the Food Sanitation Act, and the issue on the operation of dog farm is not the slaughterhouse under the Livestock Hygiene Management Act and so legal punishment is difficult.
○ Regarding the reuse of food waste, we have identified that they obtained waste treatment reporting and made the food waste feed under Article 46 of the Waste Management Act. They also have a properly issued collection and transportation permit and transport and recycle food waste.
○ Any violations have not been found under the Animal Protection Act and Building Act. We will take any administrative action in the future if any violations are found under Articles 79 and 80 of the Building Act.
○ We will continuously manage any situation you are worrying by consolidating guidance and crackdown of illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses and PR to eradicate them so that such a situation will not occur.

3. I hope you will be satisfied with our answers to you inquiry. If you need additional explanations on our answers, feel free to contact Administration Innovation Official Ok Hye-soo at Social Cooperation Team (☎055-639-3263). Thank you.

Attachment. A copy of your petition. END.

Organization Geoje City
Department Policy Innovation Officer
Date of processing 2021. 9.
Staff in Charge Ok Hye-soo ( [email protected] )

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