‘Hopeless’ Eyes Of Dogs In Cages, Inside South Korea’s Dog Farm (Part 2)

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We cannot get used to the gruesome scene of the dog farm. The dogs with hopelessness in their eyes break our hearts, but we have to bear the pain of watching it as responsible human beings.

This dog farm is in Gimpo, South Korea.

00:00 Miserable lives abandoned like trash
00:04 and dogs called ‘Doggie’,
00:07 not knowing when death will take their lives..
00:11 It’s so-called ‘Dog farm nail house’
00:14 For ‘Compensation’,
00:21 Lives turn trash upon death.. and the survivals are priced
00:26 “I’ll keep you here for a week”
00:28 “Eat your own feces because you’ll get nothing for food”
00:34 I felt it went like this..
00:35 ep02. The ‘Value’ of Doggies
00:41 ‘Pedigree dogs’ take up the majority in the farm
00:46 How did you bring them?
00:48 Farm owner: In spring and fall, people from Seoul ditch them on the roads here
00:53 They just threw them out. I could pick them up as many as I could
00:57 Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Chihuahuas, Poodles, and so forth
01:01 He claims all dozens of them are stray.
01:07 In-Seob Shim, Animal Protection Group ‘Life’ : Such claim was making nonsense
01:12 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist: Dog shelters are operated by the city government, and many are running privately nationwide
01:16 Pedigree dogs are barely seen even in those shelters
01:20 All of them are mutt or mixed dogs
01:22 Moreover!
01:24 Capturing or selling stray animals for profit can be accused
01:31 Farm owner: Could you tell the officials that dogs bred over and over themselves
01:35 Regarding the sources of the dogs, the farm owner keeps making excuses
01:39 Yet!
01:43 Other than barren cages, each cage is in different forms
01:46 Moreover..
01:50 As the additional violations begin to surface..
01:53 Farm owner: Sigh..
01:54 Farm owner: Sigh.. Those breeders, who went of the industry, had to pay for disposal..
01:59 But I could get them for free
02:02 That’s why I brought them here.
02:05 Breeders had overdue rent and money for dog food
02:10 It clears their overdue payments if I bring their dogs with me
02:14 See, the cages all look different. Those are all from different breeding farms
02:21 In tiny cages..
02:24 They live like a breeding machine,
02:28 and when they lose their ‘Value’
02:34 they’re pushed out to a hell-like place..
02:40 And!
02:42 On top of nightmarish reality where they thought it came to an end..
02:45 Another report that left us shocked is!
02:48 About 30 ‘Frozen dog carcasses’
02:54 How much more had happened in this place..?
03:01 In-Seob Shim, Animal Protection Group ‘Life’: What was the purpose of keeping all these carcasses frozen…
03:08 Unlike other dead bodies abandoned like trash..
03:14 The dead ones are kept frozen
03:18 Farm owner: I was going to ask someone if they’re doing cremation later..
03:25 Why did you put dead bodies underneath the barren cages then?
03:30 I put those underneath the cages because they’d get swarmed with maggots during summer
03:38 So you placed the badly decomposed bodies underneath the cages..
03:42 and you kept ones which aren’t to cremate them later?
03:44 Yeah, I stored ones that looked fine in a freezer
03:48 Didn’t you say you disposed of them? (after the pictures were taken)
03:51 Farm owner: I buried them
03:52 Don’t be so harsh on me anymore. Take pity on me
03:57 The farm owner avoids answering to the question about the disposal of carcasses
04:00 Soo-Jeong Lee, Professor of Criminal Psychology: While making a statement,
04:05 particularly when he talked about decaying carcasses underneath the cages
04:10 he’d have had to become emotional, if he has to,
04:13 but his emotions went up and down while elaborating his oughts (burying dead bodies on the ground)
04:16 This is reversed, from the concept of common sense..
04:20 His demeanor deserves suspicion that something’s unclear..
04:26 Implausible..
04:29 A reality one wouldn’t want to think of, and..
04:33 the ‘Farm owner’ in the center of it
04:37 However..
04:41 Dogs roaming a hell-like place
04:46 Villager: I guess he releases them when they’re diseased. That’s why they all roam around
04:51 Although they’re set to be free..
04:59 They couldn’t leave the farm owner..
05:03 They have to run away from the cages to somewhere else as they’re free now
05:08 They have to run away from the cages to somewhere else as they’re free now
05:10 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist: They stay there because they still wanted to believe
05:13 that the owner was a good man for them
05:17 ‘Dogs’ trust humans all the way
05:22 That’s why they could be our ‘Companion dogs’
05:27 The dogs who thought of the farm owner,
05:30 who had put them in dreadful agony, as their guardian..
05:35 However, animal cruelty and regarding violations are identified
05:41 Appreciating the gravity of the situation, the farm owner renounces the ownership
05:47 But the problem is!
05:49 In-Seob Shim, Animal Protection Group ‘Life’: The total number of dogs was expected to be about 40-50 But it was actually more than twice (110 in total)
05:58 Jae-Ung Han, Vet: Since we couldn’t bring them all at once
06:01 We selected ones who need to be treated urgently
06:04 Rescue begins
06:07 Stretching hands out to them, saying “You can come out now”
06:13 But dogs are cluesss…
06:20 They have no muslces on legs
06:23 Jae-Ung Han, Vet: Guess they barely moved in the cage
06:26 Unlock the cages, and
06:34 face dogs in appalling conditon..
06:37 Chan Heo, Vet: Some have irregular heartbeats, and anemia as well
06:43 Every dog he checks
06:46 Eyes are glued shut because of booger
06:50 Jae-Ung Han, Vet: Cornea is melted
06:52 Dogs left in the shadow of indifference..
06:55 Chan Heo, Vet: Both eyes lost sight, and skin disease has developed around the eyes
07:00 Even though they can’t see,
07:04 the dogs feeling touches of people..
07:07 And..
07:10 All right, let’s go
07:13 the ones longing for people’s touch..
07:19 Both are in severe condition..
07:20 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist: Because this one’s condition is worse than others.. Only because it’s worse
07:27 He’d keep saying it, but the number of dogs we can take is limited..
07:30 Jae-Ung Han Vet: Those who weren’t chosen even though who had to be..
07:34 will be rescued later, of course
07:36 but it was distressing to have them left in such hell, even for a second
07:42 A choice we must make with prudence
07:49 Yet so many emergent dogs are coming out
07:52 Let’s take the white dog out
07:56 Can’t just ignore..
08:07 Chan-Jong Lee, Animal Behaviorist: This dog’s so weak.. It didn’t hurt even when this dog bit me
08:11 Close the number of dogs transferred for emergency
08:15 But..
08:17 Chan Heo, Vet: The dog can’t breathe well and coughs because of pneumonia
08:22 Take the dog out
08:23 Jae-Ung Han, Vet: We need to find ways because those in bad shape need to be transferred anyway
08:28 To save as many as possible
08:32 Bringing every connection who can join
08:35 Thank you, director
08:37 Thankfully~
08:39 Angles volunteer for help♡
08:42 One, Two wrapping up
08:47 Check remaining dogs’ condition..
08:51 There was a puppy! / Huh?
08:58 A puppy laid on the ground
09:02 How could this one walk around the ground
09:04 A newborn puppy whose eyes are not open yet
09:07 Where’s this one’s mom?
09:09 Where’s this one’s mom? I guess she’s the mom
09:12 Lives in crisis born in the dog farm!
09:16 Your interest and support are much appreciated

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