KARA: Rescue dogs from Yongdu-dong slaughterhouse who have only experienced pain and misery from people

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Liv before and after rescue

It’s been a month and a half since they were rescued from a slaughterhouse. They used to tremble with fear as they heard other dogs being dragged to an agonizing death. Some dogs still cower in a corner, even after being rescued, too traumatized to face the world.

Dogs have evolved to recognize and interact with people. However, those that were never properly socialized with humans until later in their life, or even worse, those that people abused, can become extremely afraid of humankind. This was the case with the rescue dogs from Yongdu-dong slaughterhouse.

Fortunately, we have found that no situation is ever impossible, and no dog is beyond the hope of eventually having a normal and mutually beneficial relationship with people. Starting with gradual positive interactions, the dogs we rescue eventually experience more frequent contact with people. Eventually, they can overcome their fears and transform into normal, happy dogs to form positive relationships with people. To this end, KARA continuously visits and socializes dogs such as these. Those that were once dragged to a place of constant torment and pain, forced to eat rotten food garbage, and witness unspeakable cruelty were naturally terrified of people when they were rescued and first entered our foster center. After coming to our care, they gradually lose their fears and eventually become more comfortable with us, slowly starting to act as a healthy dog should. We are committed to making this change happen, regardless of how long the process may take. KARA will never give up on these unfortunate dogs until they can finally live normal lives. We sincerely ask you to support us and join us in this long journey.

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Brad before and after rescue
Walsh before and after rescue
Red and Miranda
Kate and Deedee
Bigo and Peter
  1. SeongKyung Graham
    SeongKyung GrahamJanuary 3,23

    Hello, I have written to many Korean government officials (President, Prime minister, several ministers of different departments) as well as Korean embassy in US, but no reply yet. When I wrote Seoul Mayor department this is the reply I received.
    “The issue of dog meat consumption in Korea has long been socially controversial and debated because it is unclear whether eating dog meat is legal or illegal. In fact, according to the current Livestock Act, dogs are considered as livestock, but the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act does not include them as livestock, so it is not possible to clarify the application of the law to acts such as slaughtering dogs.
    However, the Animal Protection Act strictly prohibits killing by cruel methods such as hanging, killing in front of other animals, and killing without justifiable reasons. Violators are subject to imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine of not more than KRW 30 million.
    Seoul has become a dog slaughter-free city upon declaration by the Mayor of Seoul since October 26, 2019. Consequently, slaughterhouses have disappeared in Seoul and the SMG consistently cracks down on cases of animal abuse and inhumane slaughter with civic animal protection watchdog groups.” I followed up with more questions, but not sure if I will get a reply. I did file the e-file already, but I will file it again. I didn’t realize this was still going on until I saw the news in December about horrifying environment of a dog meat farm. I am trying, but not sure if what i am doing will make difference. In the meantime, more dogs are slaughtered. Even if the business gets shut down, they can move and open another in some other place. I will do my best, but there is specific person that I need to target. Thank you.

    • team teamJanuary 3,23

      Thank you for taking action, SeongKyung. Please continue to file the e-People petitions and take all the actions you can.

      Seoul continues to deceive and mislead people into believing that the dog-meat industry no longer exists in the capital city, falsely congratulating itself on being a “Dog Slaughter-Free City.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Seoul’s massive dog-meat industry is alive and well and continues to operate with impunity, without any restrictions or enforcement from the Seoul government. Seoul government intentionally left the Staff in charge, and their contact information blank, so it’s difficult to further question their lies. We refuse to permit Seoul’s shameless lies to go unanswered.

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