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KARA: Paju Factory Dog Support Project

Four years ago, the guardian started raising four dogs at a factory. The dogs grew to more than 100 in four years by mating and giving births. In the meantime, infectious diseases have killed dogs, and sensitive dogs have bitten and even killed each other.
KARA launched Paju Factory Dog Support Project to help the dogs. ⠀
KARA activists have visited the factory to check the population and their health condition. As we approached, the countless dogs barked against activists, but the factory dogs were quite gentle. The guardian says he has tried to get the dogs vaccinated, but the uncontrollable growth of the population was too much for him.

In our first visit, we identified the total number of dogs, age group and gender to figure out the size of the problem. It was never easy to count dozens of animals in a small, dark space without any isolation devices.
An experienced activist and the guardian worked together to find about 70 dogs that could be neutralized, and about 20 puppies. The total population is estimated to be about 100 because there are mothers who have given birth to babies about 10 days ago, and hiding dogs from every corner of the factory. In addition, there are a couple of dogs that are nearing maturity or in early and mid-term pregnancy.
While we were talking with the guardian and looking around the scene, we heard a lot of dogs fighting. Some dogs were bitten on their foreheads, and some dogs were running around with their heads down. The guardian said that the dogs were often bitten and killed while fighting with each other.
If the dogs get pregnant again and give births again, the number of dogs will be even more out of control. The only way to solve this awful space, created jointly by the incompetence of the guardian and the irresponsibility of the local government, is through spay and neuter surgery and adoption.
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KARA is looking for a volunteer who can take Nana,
a rescue dog from a dog farm, to LA.💌

Nana was rescued from an illegal dog farm in Beolgyo. If you are about to leave from South Korea to LA, please take Nana with you!
All you have to do is to come to the airport 30 minutes early on the day of departure, and we will proceed all the procedures regarding Nana.

As well as LA, you can inquire about U.S./Canada mobile volunteer. Raise your hand if you want to accompany KARA’s rescue dogs on their way to meet their family!👐 ⠀
✔ Regular recruitment
✔ Arrival to: United States (New York, Virginia, San Francisco, LA, Seattle) / Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
✔ Anyone is welcome, regardless of nationality, status, or occupation.
✔ You can apply here 👉
✔ Contact: [email protected] / 02-3482-0999
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