South Korean government continues its lies …

Photo: Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA). South Korea’s dog meat farm.

“Controversies regarding dog meat in Korea have been raised for a long time. Recently, as the population of raising pets passed the 10-million line, people of Korea have cultivated the awareness that dogs are a part of families, not mere properties, and as the general awareness for pets has been enhanced, more and more negative opinions regarding dog meat consumption are spreading. However, as dogs are not listed as livestock by Sanitary Processing of Livestock Products Act, the appropriate laws for slaughtering, processing, and selling of dog meat are not applied. As the dog meat industry has remained for a long time in Korea, it is difficult to enact prohibition laws in short time. This is a task of Korea that must be solved step by step through pan-governmental policies and negotiations.”

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

For the nine years we have been campaigning against the dog meat industry, we have received this type of response from all levels of the South Korean government. We have to wonder why South Korea continues to dismiss our efforts to stop the horrific cruelty inflicted upon millions of our beloved animals. Their indifference and inaction are an insult to our intelligence; if they really meant what they have been saying, the dog meat industry would have ended years ago. 😿🐕👎🏼

Do not be fooled by their lies about how they are working to protect animals. As long as the dog meat industry is allowed to operate, millions of these animals will suffer agonizing torture and death every year.

Some cities and counties claim that there are no dog farms or slaughterhouses in their jurisdiction. Can we trust their claims? The answer is “No.” Even though the Korean government would obviously be aware of any dog meat businesses operating in their cities/counties/provinces, they could claim there are none because there are no government records, regulations, or oversight for dog farms in Korea. But local dog meat businesses would obtain dog meat from dog farms large and small or homes that breed few dogs to make money. In reality, all levels of government in Korea callously turn a blind eye to the dog meat industry, and there is no one to protect dogs from cruel abuse and slaughter.

When you receive the response to your e-People petition, please don’t forget to complete the very important next step – the satisfaction survey on the petition handling process. Be sure to let them know that you are very dissatisfied with their response and that your issue has NOT been resolved.

In the comment field, you can copy and paste the text from KARA’s blog post: The summarized English translation of this post is here:

Many Korean government officials are not providing an English translation of their response. In the satisfaction survey of the petition handling process, ask for an English translation if your e-People petition was submitted in English. If the response you received was not in the same language as your petition, make sure you ask for the translation in your language.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to file the petitions. If you haven’t yet done so, I ask that you spend 10 minutes of your time to file the e-People petition; it is a simple, worthwhile exercise, especially considering your actions can help save so many of these innocent animals from unimaginable suffering.

I am posting the Korean government’s responses on our website as quickly as I can; click here to read them: I will try to keep our website going as long as I can so it may be a witness to the Korean government’s profound indifference to the unimaginable terror for millions of sentient animals.

But I need YOU to add your voice to this very important effort.🙏 Imagine what we could accomplish if there were 1 million of us sending e-People petitions to the Korean government!
Thank you!🧡

Video: Dog farm and slaughterhouses in South Korea (Daegu), Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

  1. guy benech
    guy benechSeptember 28,20

    sale race

  2. John Farnan
    John FarnanDecember 13,20

    End this atrocity inflicted on companion animals.

  3. Larry Carradine
    Larry CarradineOctober 21,21

    Raising dogs for human consumption must end now.
    Dogs and cats are loving companion animals.
    End the torture of all animals.

  4. Jane
    JaneNovember 21,21

    Thanks so much for operating this site and helping us through the petition process. I’ll do as much as I can on this. I am still shocked and horrified by how widespread this evil and cruel trade is in South Korea. I can’t look at products from Samsung and LG without thinking of this.

  5. Margarida Valadao
    Margarida ValadaoMarch 25,22

    How can a country that considers itself civilized still sanction and allow this to go on?!

  6. Shelley Buckley
    Shelley BuckleyMay 31,22

    Please come into the 21st century and stop treating defenceless animals so horrendously. All they want is kindness it’s not too much to ask is it! I just cannot imagine the type of ‘person’ that continues thes crimes against helpless cats and dogs!!???

  7. Elizabeth Spiegl
    Elizabeth SpieglJuly 5,22

    What in God’s name is wrong with ALL of those liars?! This madness must STOP! Period! End of story!

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